Microsoft Windows : How to Create a Folder

Microsoft Windows : How to Create a Folder

Hi, my name is Michael Burton with
located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We’re talking here about how to use Microsoft Windows. Now
I’m going to teach you how to create a new folder in Microsoft Windows. This is probably
one of the most easiest tasks to do and I’m going to show you a couple of different ways
to, to achieve this. Let me start off by saying that Windows XP is a registered trademark
of Microsoft and I am in no way affiliated with Microsoft. Probably right off the bat
one of the easiest ways to create a new folder, especially if you want one on your desktop
is just to right click on your mouse and scroll down to new. This is your new drop down menu.
You can create a lot, you can either create new shortcuts or you can create new folders,
new briefcase, new documents, new whatever you want. Here’s your, you know your drop
down list. All we want to deal with, all we want to deal with right now is creating a
new folder. So we’re just going to select new folder. Bam! There’s our new folder right
there. We can title it whatever we want. Let’s title it, our, oops, our wonderful new folder.
There’s our wonderful new folder that we can place anywhere on the desktop. We can even
open it and see that there’s nothing in there. We can, for example, take this file HP opener
that I have on the desktop and drag it over and drop it into our new, our wonderful new
folder and there you have it. We have a brand new, new folder. Another way to do this, let’s
create a wonderful new folder part 2, by, let’s go down to the start menu. You open
the start menu. Let’s say we want to create a folder within a folder. Let’s try the my
documents folder. Here are, well, my documents. You can see that there are already some folders
in here. If you notice up here on the left, there’s some text, share this folder, publish
this folder on the web and make a new folder. That will make a new folder, not on the desktop
but make a new folder right here in our my documents folder. Then we can label this whatever
what we want. Let’s try our wonderful new folder part 2. So there’s our wonderful new
folder part 2 and again, we can double click on it, open it up and see that there’s nothing
in there. We can put whatever we want in there. There’s our wonderful new folder part 2. The
other method to do this on under the my documents folder is not to just come up here and click
on the tab, make a new folder. But we can also right click on the my documents folder
and do the same thing that we do on the desktop where we scroll down to new and then click
folder. Again it will create a new folder for us that we can put as many documents in
it as we would like.

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  1. @Boggle1994 lmao
    this is because the name of the photo you are trying to put is already
    try to change the name 😀
    WTF u are soo big noob 😀

  2. @Boggle1994

    You already have picture(s) with the same name in that folder. Rename it to ex. "Picture_2" instead of "Picture".

  3. holy shit how the fuck did u do that please elaborate!! i dont get it when i right click on my desktop, i dont see the folder called our wonderful new folder!

  4. hey guys you gotta listen this one here it goes:My friend says that he can make folder when i was 6 i got my first PC.And i he says you don't know how to make folder…i say i learned that when i got my PC,and he says no i can make MEGA folder…he is so stupid

  5. i tried to do it with the first method where u right click and go to "new" and just create a new folder, but i dont know how, today i tried to do that, but the folder wasnt there. what i mean is i tried to create a new folder and went down to "new" but it wasnt there.
    what do u think is the problem and how can i fix it?????????

  6. when i right click to new i dont see new folder and it wont make a folder when im in my documents when i click new folder

  7. I am in the same boat as s s hog. When I right click I do not have a folder option only a brief case option.  Also in my documents at the top I have a place that says New Folder but when I click on it nothing happens, I use to get a new folder but now…nothing…can you help. 

  8. Thanks, Michael, for the help. I thought I'd tried this before with no success. Now I can, finally, clean up my Documents file and put all those Word documents in their place.  😀 P.S. I've subscribed in case there are other things you can tell me that I don't have the time to look for right now. Thanks again.

  9. thnx michael i tried dis for 1hour den i watched dis and it worked keep up da good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀


  11. I was googling how to add a new folder shortcut to group folders…

    Dear Google, i know how to create a folder, please, i have serious ADD issues and am easily distracted.
    I'd appreciate it if you didn't lead me to video's like this one.

    In all seriousness, I have no idea how i ended up here, or how people manage not to be able to create a new folder, and do manage to somehow look it up on YouTube.
    In any case, if this video helped, congratulations! 🙂

    Cheers from… Someone who's lost…
    Where was i…

  12. feel ashamed i have to watch this especially since i have computer training and even designed websites and software, but its been years and years since ive used one and forgot how to create a folder. I remember how to do the other stuff but some reason forgot how to create a folder and move files.

  13. Is there a way to move a deletion protected folder into the recycle bin for storage in that location? I would like to place such into the recycle bin so that I can then in turn cut and paste anything in the recycle bin that I want to further delete, into that secondary folder, within the recycle bin; thereby avoiding otherwise over cramping the recycle bin window itself, over time with, thousands of items – while not having to permanently delete those same items from the recycle bin, itself . . . i.e., by storing them within the deletion protected folder, that'd be placed in the recycle bin – in case I ever need to refer back to any of them again . . . thereby bypassing any potential need to otherwise have to use other recovery methods or recovery software – which generally doesn't do very well at recovery of items, once completely deleted and overwritten. Thanks for any help you may be able to avail in this regard.

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