12 thoughts to “Microsoft Edge with Internet Explorer Mode – PRE09”

  1. "M1¢r0$0f+ is working on better Incognito Mode privacy for ¢hr0m3 and 3dge" …I say So [email protected]#$ing what! Like anyone trusts m1¢r0$0f+ any more than we trust g00gI3.

    m1¢r0$0f+'s windows 10 itself IS spy-ware. You can not turn off [email protected]@ in the OS and all of the windows tracking features are baked into the system making some of them impossible to disable. The tracking settings that you CAN disable on w1nd0w$ 10 are not easy found by novices like me either, nor does m1¢r0$0f+ provide a full comprehensive list off ALL tracking features, or how to disable them.

    Every time i install a new OS I have to find out from pro users forums who take the time to comb through the latest W1n OS updates to find the latest changes to the system, and what new tracking abilities m1¢r0$0f+ have hidden so that we will be detoured. Pro users doing what m1¢r0$0f+ will not, thanks.

    I strongly oppose paying for a product that I do not have the ability to fully control. These products sit in my private home, in my pocket, on my car dashboard, on my desk at work, in my kids back packs, in my wifes purse, on my tvs and on my wrist 18 hours a day. Collecting the private and personal data on my family and there internet habits and physical locations, can anyone explain the logic of US paying THEM to collect and use our data?

    The only communication I want between my purchased product and the company that made it is product and security updates, period. W1nd0w$ 10 OS is intrusive on a private and personal level no matter which device. I say [email protected]#$ both g00gI3 and m1¢r0$0f+ and their claims of "keeping us protected".

    Who the [email protected]#$ is protecting us against the protectors? Start with a reputable vpn kids. Opera is a great alternative browser to ¢hr0m3 and 3dge and is just as fast. DuckDuckGo is a good alternative to ¢hr0m3 for a search engine as they claim that they do not track us or collect data and the interface is similar to that of ¢hr0m3.

  2. Thanks for this development, will come in handy for me. What about programs, which run on IE will they be able to work with this mode?

  3. You guys lie so much. When you launched Edge, you called it a BRAND NEW browser developed from scratch. Now you're calling the current Edge IE 11, and re-launching Edge as a BRAND NEW browser once more.

  4. I can't see how it is MS' problem that some businesses refuse to update ancient webcode.. listen, if you dont make enough money as a business to update these things yourself. Close please.

  5. It's insane that Internet Explorer is going to be supported until 2029. It's like a chicken/egg paradox in reverse. Enterprises won't modernize their applications because IE won't die. IE won't die because enterprises won't modernize their applications.

  6. So the EdgeHTML engine 100% dead, but its predecessor, the Trident engine from IE11, will be kept alive?

  7. i'm still using IE11 as my main web browser and i am still more then satisfied. i only use Firefox for internet banking. ( im am on the latest build of windows 10 )

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