Megane Scenic 2003 – 2006 Keycard Programmer

Megane Scenic 2003 – 2006 Keycard Programmer

Hi, and welcome to another product from Today we are demonstrating our DIY renault keycard programming unit This particular unit supports the 2003 to 2006 Scenic and Megane models also known as the “pre facelift models” Although new blank cards have been available for some time for these vehicles they usually require you to take your vehicle to an autolocksmith or have a local one come to you This unit from FOBFIX removes that hassle and allows you to program your own cards at your convenience. To make it easy to demonstrate we have wired up on the testbench the ECU , card slot and OBD socket from a 2003 Megane. You can also see we have 2 cards One is the ORIGINAL card that was already programmed to the ECU and one is a brand new blank spare You can hear that the original operates the door locks “CLICK” .. “CLICK” .. “CLICK” But the brand new blank, does nothing because it’s not programmed yet. BEFORE WE START THERE ARE A COUPLE OF DISCLAIMERS ! THE PROGRAMMING UNIT WILL NOT PROGRAM USED CARDS THAT HAVE BEEN PROGRAMMED TO ANOTHER VEHICLE THEY MUST BE EITHER BRAND NEW OR
HAVE ALREADY BEEN PROGRAMMED AND WORKING WITH YOUR VEHICLE AT SOME POINT! THE PROGRAMMING UNIT WILL ONLY PROGRAM STANDARD REMOTE CARDS. IT WILL NOT PROGRAM HANDS FREE CARDS. During a programming session, ALL cards are wiped from the vehicle’s memory when at least one new card is programmed. It is therefore important
to have ALL the cards you wish to add (including existing working ones) present at the time of programming. Right, let’s have a look at this setup. The programmer is a small box that plugs into your vehicle’s onboard diagnostic socket It contains a speaker and an LED to give an audible and visual indication of the programming steps. To locate your vehicle’s socket For the Scenic : Between the front seats are the cup holders and a recessed tray. Remove the rubber textured mat that covers this tray to reveal the OBD socket. For the Megane, below the card slot is a plastic panel firmly pull the recess at the top of this panel to remove it and uncover the socket Now we will describe the programming sequence which goes as follows : The first important step is to make sure there are no cards in the card slot before plugging the programming unit in. There is a small chance that cards could be damaged if left in the slot when the unit is initialising. We insert the unit. The LED will light and 3 ascending tones will sound to indicate the unit is powered and communicating with the vehicle After about 10-15 seconds, a series of tones will be heard and this is our cue to insert any one of our cards that we wish to program As we mentioned earlier, we have to insert our already programmed cards as well If not, they will be deleted from the units memory After 5 low tones have sounded, A high tone tone will sound to signify that the inserted card is now programmed and can be removed. This sequence will repeat 4 times with a gap of 5 seconds between each sequence. You can insert a card at any time during the low tones It will be programmed at the high tone In this demo, we are only going to be programming 2 cards so we can leave the second card in for the last 2 sequences After all 4 programming sequences have been performed the unit will sound 3 descending tones to indicate the sequence is complete We will show you that now. Take the unit .. Thats the 3 tones to indicate that it’s entering programming mode we now insert our original card that’s programmed we insert our new card ..that’s programmed too. You can remove it or leave it in, it makes no difference. that’s the third programming sequence and those are the 3 descending tones to indicate that the entire programming sequence is finished. We will test now that the original card “CLICK” .. “CLICK” .. still locks and unlocks the vehicle and the new card .”CLICK” .. “CLICK” .. “CLICK”. also does the same. It will obviously start the vehicle, if it wasn’t a test setup. Thanks for watching !

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  1. I have sent a message via your website but I'm quite eager to get a reply. do you have a programmer for a 2007 model scenic please?

  2. Is it possible to program chinese second hand Renault II/Scenic II Ph1 3-button key cards (PFC7947) out-of box or is some kind prefab/precoding process needed?

  3. Hi guys. i have bought one of your programmers. Great job.. wat can i do to program used cards wit your device ???
    would appreciate any help

  4. Fab little thing, arrived today with a spare Renault blank key. It does "exactly what it says on the tin". Many thanks FobFix, saved me hundreds of pounds, takes seconds to program and works a treat. Highly recommended product and a really cheap fix. The days of soldering up old cards is over!

  5. Thanks for making this gadget, Worked perfectly. It did take me two goes to realise I had to have opened the drivers door to activate the car's computer. The programmer goes through the beeps without the dashboard being active. Other than that, it was easy to use and saved me money. As well, if I understand correctly, wiping other key cards from the car's memory, that the previous owner 'forgot' to give me.

  6. Just purchased this and I can say I'm over the moon. It worked fantastic. Didn't have high hopes if I'm honest as these things never seem to good to be true. But it worked. No waiting five days at renault or paying stupid expensive prices for new keys or for an engineer to come out. Love it. Highly recommended product. Bye bye to renaults prices.

  7. I have a 2005 espace it has a keyless system. I don't mind inserting a card. And loosing the keyless side of things. Would this still work or is there another programmer for this?

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