MATH MODE on Casio Calculators

MATH MODE on Casio Calculators

Hello and welcome to Maths with Jay. If you’re going to be using your
calculator to do mathematics then you’ll probably want to set it up so that it’s
working in MATH mode, so let’s have a look at how to do that. Press the SHIFT key first of all, so that you can
see the “S” appearing on the display, then the SETUP key. And to get into MATH mode, just key in “1” and then you will see “Math” appear on the
display, and that will stay like that when you switch your calculator off and switch it
back on again, it will still be in Math mode – unless you want to change it back
again, and you’d have to go through the setup routine again to change that. So the advantage of having your
calculator in Math mode is that you can get answers in fractions and you can also work in terms of, for
example, π (pi) which can be very useful if you want to, say, find the area of a
circle or the circumference of a circle and you want to leave the answer in terms of
π (pi). Later on, as you do more advanced work, you might want to work with the
letter e so you can get answers in terms of e. And also this calculator will work in
terms of surds, so if you’re doing advanced mathematics it can be much more accurate
to get an answer, for example in terms of √2 (root 2) instead of a decimal that goes on forever in an unpredictable kind
of way. So for example, if I key in the square root of 8, once my calculator’s in Math
mode and do equals, instead of giving me the answer as a decimal, we’ll get 2 root 2, but if
we want the answer as a decimal, we use this little key here, which will convert
from standard to decimal, and back again, so if we use this key, it will give us the
decimal value of root 8, and we hit it again to go back to the 2 root 2. The same sort
of thing will happen to fractions: so if for example, we key in three quarters and
just do equals, that would stay as three quarters, but if we press the S-D key,
then it will give us the fraction as a decimal, so a very useful thing to do, to
have your calculator in Math mode.

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  1. Uhm…I have a Casio fx=CG50 it doesn’t have an equal sign….it only has execute. When I click that, it says no Variable.. helppp

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