Marco’s Set-Up – Computerphile

Marco’s Set-Up – Computerphile

If I don’t have headphones on I’m not working and if I’m going to wear headphones all day I want the best headphones in the world and those are the Hi-Fi man [Hd6] So what’s good about these is first of all well first of all they’re open they’re open backed So if you play music the entire world will hear a tinny version of your music pretty loudly So if you are if you’re working in an office with other people you can’t wear open headphones Please don’t please don’t be that person and that includes everything from great. Oh, sorry great [oh] people, but if you’re working in an office alone, you can do open and boy the sound quality is amazing [what] do you listen to I’m sorry [I] listen to fish mostly fish lots of fish I have 34 Days worth of fish this is most of their albums and every live show they’ve played since 2009 what I like about them is that they are pretty consistent the music Just I like the music to begin with and they [release] every every concert they do and they tour a lot every concert They do they release it on their website, and you can buy it for like 10 bucks So that’s where all this came from and so [it’s] like getting a [new] album from the band You like like 10 times a year or more it’s it’s great [so] they so then I can [well] I’m working I can put one of these shows on. I don’t I don’t do shuffle I just play straight through I can put one of these shows on and Then I don’t have to think about my [music] for the next 36 days. Tell me about your keyboard. This is the Microsoft sculpt ergonomic Desktop Keyboard Microsoft yeah, the Microsoft makes the best organ on keyboards they have for years If not ever they really you know if you want the kind of split design Basically in my first few [years] of working sorry, but the dirtiness [I’d] in my first few years of working professionally as a programmer my Sarah develops wrist Soreness And I was afraid of RSI issues And so I made a couple of minor changes biggest one was I switched to a split keyboard And I haven’t that was 10 years ago, and I haven’t [have] any problem since just normal yeah. Yeah, it rest Oh, no, you can’t. I mean that’s kind of [subtle] my elbow on this sometimes. That’s why it’s all crunched up I’ll often sit like this. I can if I’m thinking about a problem or if I’m browsing something online. It’s nice and comfortable there It’s kind of spongy bullet-time. Yeah, it’s like a little like you know it’s it’s you know. It’s a fake leather Pad You know it’s fine, and you mouse there you got normal normal mouse. Yeah the apple Magic mouse nothing special I like the inertial scrolling on it. Yeah, and a piece of gold or something there. That’s [it’s] on Yeah, it’s this crappy teflon Pad that just it makes it glide really easily as a dolt. It’s just a sheet of teflon So it’s yeah I don’t know it’s I order from some crazy internet supplier for like 10 bucks at some point in the past look Pops is up high Hubs Temporarily oh hey goes good boy. So you what evil computer you running here. This is the 5k imac From last year, it’s the [one-year] old model, and I love it. It’s the best computer. I’ve ever owned by far Absolutely love it. It’s fast the screen is gorgeous. It’s huge everything. I want I’m editing podcasts I’ll have like Adobe audition running or logic than what I’m doing Probably logic actually and then most of the time if I’m doing overcast work, then I’ll have xcode running And then this is the ios simulator running here, and so when you’re making ios apps Apple gives you this little simulated window here, so you can actually run the whole app right here in a window And it’s it’s just like just like having a little iphone on your computer, so it’s great so Over here is all the source code, and there’s this giant list of all the all the files this isn’t even all of them It’s overcast as a lot of files and a lot of lines of code [because] this is one file over here You can see how long it is and this is granted a pretty important one a pretty big one But what does that want to do? This is the main streaming player? this is how the streaming player works of like you know getting the data from the source and putting it through the decoder and Decoding mp3s into sound decoding you know M4a ETC and then being able to stream it without having the whole file downloaded So that’s all that’s this is part of that this isn’t even all that is part of that They’re really there any two things you need to make a cool app. You just need those two things That’s it really basically I mean you can you can go into you know? Graphical programs to make the assets for it to make the icons and so it’s stuff like that But most of the work is right here It’s xcode [and] a simulator that’s most of the work and there was things like service and let’s sort of stuff What do you need for that? It depends. I [mean] you need like a terminal window basically you need like terminals – I always have terminals running you know terminals running here and You know monitoring your stuff, but most apps don’t even need servers anymore. [you] know for the most part people don’t really use Most apps except for like you know big web services those will use servers of course But I don’t think a lot of people use servers anymore. This is basically audio stuff So this is a headphone amp. This is it’s by a company called shit yes, and on there It’s well. This is their logo it’s Sch iit. Okay, right, but it is pronounced shit So this is my shit headphone amp and this is the Dac I’m still not entirely sure I believe in audiophile [dax], but I got one anyway just in case And then over on this side. I have my Podcasting setup. So I have my podcasting microphone the [noi] [minh] [Kms]. 105 a shit word Yes, use the uSB filter. I have [a] whining dog and this is my my microphone interface the USB Pre – On top of a Mac mini home server and a blu-Ray reader for some reason I bought the blu-ray reader thinking about be ripping all my movies and [converted] them so I could watch them You know on an ass and watch on [my] apple TV and in practice I have not done [that] because it’s a pain in the butt. I am not a hard worker. I do a lot But I [don’t] have I don’t have a lot of consistency in my hours [I] don’t have a ton of discipline like when when or where I do things I just kind of do things whenever I can and whenever I’m up to it And I have to kind of tackle problems With that in mind so like I won’t tackle a problem that requires Constant input from me or you know tons of dedicated scheduling or tons of other people [to] be involved I don’t hire other people I don’t have any employees because I would be a terrible manager of other employees And I would probably do less work than them and that would be weird [I] generally just do what I can with my one slacker self Are you a good model in should people think that’s the way to do or you [you’re] terrible role model All I’ve done I mean I did terribly in school and everything like all I’ve done is found a way That I can take my slacker self and earn a living [I] have no idea it will work for other people and That’s on a screen called nitpicky details every time I do things like this [I] think it’s a risk and I think maybe it’ll turn off some people and every time I work But no one really notices my job. I look back on it kind of the way. I look back on college. It’s like it’s something

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  1. it's kind of funny that he'd use an ergonomic keyboard together with one of the least ergonomic mice available ^^ (not hating or anything, if he likes it who am I to disagree?)

  2. "Most people don't use servers anymore." What kind of apps are you building that they don't need a server? In my world, pretty much everything uses a server these days. (Whether it be native apps or web applications.)

  3. Programmer with Mac. This logic doesn't make sense. 404 logic not found.

    But he is a nice dude. So I forgive him.

  4. Imma let u finish /pauses video/ but 99% Invisible is the best podcast of all time.
    (not really, but it's damn good, and awesome to see it here. (if only he made an android version of the Overcast app, I'd totally get it.))

  5. He's got some nice Schiit on that desk. I was thinking of getting some entry level Schiit for my HE-560…

  6. I love the audio set up, the mouse gave me aids(subjective) and the keyboard is meh, I prefer mechanical. I got a filco majestouch 2 ninja with a wrist rest. Nice computer but why not multiple screen.

  7. You have the same speakers as me, the el cheapo faux wooden 3 speaker set you can get for a couple of dollars.

  8. I find my gungnir does make a huge difference to sound quality. I'm well jealous that that mjolnir 2 though, so sexy.

  9. Reviews for that pair of headphones sound good. Maybe…
    But how can one work with only so little desktop space? I work with 3 monitors two of which are stacked on top of each other 21:9s
    That mousepad looks like it is worth a try.

  10. >"world's nicest headphones"
    >shitty microsoft membrane keyboard

    Get a proper mechanical keyboard (or topre) with a wrist rest man.

  11. I seriously can't write code in a white background. I didn't think anyone still did this? At least not someone who has been coding for years.

  12. I've always been intrigued by this material. I have a double major in Sec. Math. Ed. and Mathematics with a minor in physics. I love/know my math and I know html, python, and C++. I'm currently looking for employment and I would love some experience in programming. Does anyone know what I would be qualified for?

  13. I completely understand the issues that come with being self employed with an irregular schedule (and not wanting to hire employees because I would suck as a boss) It is difficult when you don't have enough self discipline or regularity of schedule to plan things out too far ahead. Add health problems that include insomniac to the mix, and some days it is almost impossible…

  14. His investment into audio listening experience is quite impressive: $3000 in total.
    HiFiMAN HE6 headphones – $1299
    Schiit Mjolnir 2 headphone amp – $849
    Schiit Gungnir DAC – $849

    My current setup is barely $700.

  15. Skipped right over the desk chair, a crucial piece of any set-up. I think I spied the Herman Miller Embody chair, the Cadillac of sitting.

  16. So basically all it takes to be a developer is a computer (and an endless supply of music that never change). Fascinating!

  17. I love my 27in iMac too. Mine isn't a 5K, its the last of the 1440p models, and it is just the base model of the 27, so 3.2GHz i5, came with 8GB of RAM, now 16, and has a 1TB HDD. But despite not being the fastest CPU available on it, it handles the video editing I use it for very well, and I'm very happy with it. I'm one of those people that usually just lets the browser take the whole screen, but on these iMacs (and even the 21.5 to a point) have such a resolution that if I let the window take the full width of the screen, I just get a literal couple inches of empty space on either side of the content on the page. So this screen is excellent for having a lot of different things open AND visible at once.

  18. Very funny that he cares very much about his keyboard ergonomics but chooses the worst ergonomical mouse ever.

  19. Even though I absolutely love Grady's content, I just cant deal with the amount of wrong in this video.

    The audio part is the only one i find acceptable. Those are indeed some nice high impedance headphones, but with the crappy audio solutions from motherboards (yes, apple uses them too!) you really need that DAC. That is some expensive equipment though. It will make sound so crisp, its miles away from those crappy ''audio cards" and "gaming headphones".

    However, using that eyesore of a mouse for app design and general browing seems like a pain. Logitech makes stuff waaaay better than that, better sensors, better precision ranges, better ergonomics, everything. For half the price of insanely basic Apple peripherals.
    Also, the keyboard. Sure seems healthy, but what if you want to change how the keys sound, or how deep you need to press for them to register a hit? (actuation point) Those 'enterprise keyboards' are made like disposables. Sure they make your enterprise's offices acceptable for health regulations, but are you really gonna replace them when they break? Most probably not. There are a ton of high-grade keyboards and key switches, in a variety of ergonomics designs. Microsoft is also very expensive for the hardware they sell, because enterprise. You just slam a 40% premium label.

    And the software… well, that's up to the taste and needs of the user, but an iMac seems too expensive and close-minded for someone who needs versatility from his machine. XCode is so… niche. Surely he handles many other languages (xml, php, java/javascript, sql, C, C++, etc) but apple's proprietary software stuff is really freakin retarded in terms of security and how you bug-hunt and publish.
    And in any case, you want to make a hardware upgrade on your imac? oh how sad is that! Apple just slams you with insanely overpriced ram prices (ddr3 1600mhz i believe? run of the mill), older generation CPUs, mediocre cpu cooling, nearly no ability to run voltages yourself. Dont even get me started on graphics (not really for games, OpenCL compute power for rendering is more important), which are older gen overpriced GPUs if you pay the extra, otherwise, its just the integrated graphics from Intel chips. Do it yourself? Yeah if you have the tools, oh and also good bye warranty.

    I find this so… rage inducing. At a professional level, i cant really understand why people get so much money doing this job as half-assed as the Apple environment demands you to do it. Christ.

  20. I have the same Microsoft keyboard connected to a Mac. Best of both worlds imo as Apples peripherals are terribly unergonomic!
    However a better companion to the keyboard would be the Sculpt mouse in terms of ergonomics. I use the magic trackpad for gestures.

  21. I use a Linux machine for work as a software developer. I'm thinking of switching to a Mac to get the benefit of a nice looking OS. Would you guys say a Mac is a developer's machine?

  22. I was waiting for him to tell something about the acoustic foam in the background. I've never seen it in that pattern before!

  23. Idk if I could use an ergonomic keyboard. I type the letter B with my right index finger instead of left. It's exactly in the middle and even though they teach left, I've always used my right. Probably to bring the number of letters per hand close to even (14 left/12 right instead of 15 left/11 right). Or more likely – I was a kid and it's probably just what I decided to do.

    Maybe I'd get used to it. Or maybe there are customizable ergonomic keyboards.

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