100 thoughts to “Making of Metal Gear Solid 4 – Hideo Kojima’s Gene 1/4”

  1. Wow.. this guy.. so he basically play the game all day and tell people what to fix.. he doesn't even need to code.. I envy him. I wanna boss around team members too. Developers must be living in fear that he may stop by their desk with bunch of note and tell them fix what's on this note before I leave for today or something. A real slavery begins.. But who cares about developers living in fear? As long as I get the game I like, fuk them and their work/life balance. 😀

  2. It's interesting that even though this was supposedly the end, mgs 5 was still made. And it didn't turn out too well, even as a prequel. Maybe it should've ended here

  3. look at konami destroying their legacy one game at a time…. their only big ip right now is pes… im wondering if they still have their old devs there anymore…. pes used to be with a japanese dev called seabass tsubasa?? or something like that off the top of my head, he seems to have dropped off the face of the earth… dude who did castlevania not with konami anymore, that contra rogue corp is an abomination, anyone interested in a proper contra like should check out blazing chrome and other 2d indies

  4. I totally respect Hideo Kojima and his passion for making video games. I'm happy that his MGS series was super hit, But TBH i never enjoyed playing any MGS series. I don't know maybe it is just me. I thought something was wrong with me but till this day I still never enjoyed any part of this game.

  5. mgs4 was wayyy better than mgs5 and mgs3 better than both. but mgo was fked up, mgo2 was the best and both konami and damn kojima ruined mgo3

  6. MGS 4.
    A game that needed shorter cutscenes and waaaay longer gameplay.
    And we need that fucking multiplayer back!!!
    MGS4 online was endlessly fun.

  7. Не ебу что они говорят, но уверен что то типа "Сегодня мы покажем виновников того, почему MGS скатилась после тройки, гении пытался их вразумить, но шакалы не поддавались "

  8. It's so inspiring to see all those masterminds and talented people behind the scene working on one of the most popular games ever created. Just amazing 🙂

  9. If they (someone) hired me as the software game developing manager, it would be the #1 all time best game.

    Like hands down, no competition.

  10. This is so sad Konami and Kojima Productions are now separated…
    I dreamed of a MGS 6, but since they've fired Kojima the MGS game became so shit, look at MGS Survive… Looks like a Ps3 game

  11. アマチュアレベルの完全自己満オナニームービーを贅沢な予算で作ったエゴの塊みたいな作品

  12. 小島がもっと納期守れる技量があって、もっとコナミに余裕があれば5は駄作じゃなく神ゲーになったのにな・・・

  13. 未完成な状態でMGSVをだすよりちゃんと完成した状態で出てた方が儲かってたと思うんだけどな〜

  14. The funny thing that I killed that Boss with first try using bug. There is some point inside building where rockets cannot reach you.

  15. コナミは何故、小島秀夫と言う大事な人材を切り捨てたのか。そのせいで、他のスタッフがコナミから立ち去って行ったのは事実無根なのです。小島秀夫様に代わりうる人材を探るなどとは、コナミは無謀な手段に過ぎません。小島秀夫様は、もうソニーコンピューターエンターテインメントに移籍しましたし。コナミの復活の確率なんて、あまりにも低いでしょう。小島秀夫様とは合わない言葉ですが、「ANUBIS ZONE OF THE ENDERS グラディウス ときめきメモリアル」等で築き上げたコナミ。特に「グラディウスⅥ」は、開発中止になりましたですし。コナミの残された道は、スポーツクラブしか他はありませんでしょう、

  16. That's what all these filthy tyrants at Ea headquarters, and Bethesda, and Ubisoft, they should test their own ffn game 24/7 until it's right or get the fk out of the industry, kojima is the standard to what games need to go through before they are shipped, and that includes square enix and lastly Activision.

  17. I was expecting their office to be a lot more fun.
    Not just a drab building with cubicles. Looks like a boring desk job.

  18. 本当に尊敬します。



  19. The problem with Hideo Kojima is that like snake his genes are so unique his legacy cannot be passed on, in terms of future metal gear titles there won’t be anything on a similar level to this, Kojima for all intents and purposes is infertile.

  20. Seeing how much of their life is put into making the game should make you have more appreciation for it. I'll be playing it. It's available on PS Now.

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