Make Any Speaker Wireless with $3 Bluetooth Music Receiver

Make Any Speaker Wireless with $3 Bluetooth Music Receiver

Wireless speakers have been around for quite
a while now, and have made things a lot easier. If you have one of these, well and good. And,
even if you have one that uses wires, theres no need to buy a wireless one. Here, I have a bluetooth music reciever, that
can turn any speaker into a wireless one. These things have become very popular, and
I found them to be very useful. Most of these cost around 15-20$, but the generic one I
have here costs just 3 bucks. Of course, with the lower price, you get a
lower build quality, but everything besides that is pretty much the same. Music quality
is great and its range is fairly descent. Now, how do you actually use it.. It’s simple,
just connect the adapter to a power source, and the aux cable to the aux port on your
speaker. After that, head over to bluetooth settings
on your phone and connect to the device. Now, you’re paired and ready to stream audio
to you speaker. If you want, you may rename the device to whatever you want Is it worth it? Totally. If you already have
a good set of speakers, it’s a rather smarter move to spend 3 bucks to make it wireless,
than to spend on a new set of speakers. Plus, being so cheap, you won’t lose much if in
case you break it and have to buy a new one!

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  2. On Amazon scroll down the product page there are other sellers selling these for $1.49 USD, the link he used is selling at $6 USD.

  3. Check out the NCS tracks on YouTube, you can use them for speakers and just put the required commonwealth license description and links to the NCS youtube channel, in your video description. Then you can use the tracks to play through speakers showing how they sound.

  4. What if my speaker doesn't have aux port, just USB port? Do I have to mandatorily use the aux cable?

  5. Hey Mine is working good but it is not loud enough is my defected or its not loud enough due to cheep

  6. can i connect the bluetooth device to the usb port(available for pendrive music play) available in my music system in order to supply power to the bluetooth device rather than connecting it additionally to powerbank or external sockets??

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  8. so not only do you have to buy a Bluetooth adapter you have to have a way to plug it into a USB that has power so that means that you can't just use any computer speakers like you said you have to use ones with an output or you have to have a separate output

  9. Does this Bluetooth receiver go into sleep mode if it doesn't receive a signal for some time or is it always on? i have a Bluetooth speaker that powers off if it doesn't find a signal

  10. So if you're using two speakers for stereo sound they're gonna have to be connected to each other in some way, right?

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  12. Hi there! I can use this only for music. When i make a call, the phone operates as if its not connected to bluetooth. Do you know why this might be? Using xiaomi redmi note 2

  13. does anyone know how to reset this thing? mine doesn't recognize or detect on my android phone. but the blue light blinks fast then slow but none of my device is connected. pls help..

  14. I brought a new Samsung smart tv which contain Bluetooth audio streaming. I have a Samsung 2.1 wired speakers, if I would use this device means if it can be discoverable on my TV while searching???

  15. I test it and this model sucks! quality lowest, no bass ! Dont buy! Buy more expensive model with bluetooth 4 (like Ugreen)

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