macOS Catalina 10.15.4 is Out! – What’s New?

macOS Catalina 10.15.4 is Out! – What’s New?

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
yesterday Apple released Mac OS Catalina 10.15 .4 this came out alongside
iOS 13.3, iPad OS 13.4 four and watch OS 6.2 all of
which I’ve covered in separate videos now this update brings new features and
bug fixes and some updates and so we’ll talk about that in a moment but the
first thing is this took quite a while to install it took probably thirty
minutes to install and depending on your internet connection that will vary a
little bit but let’s take a look at the new features so the first thing is if we
go into finder and if we click on iCloud Drive we now have iCloud Drive folder
sharing so if we right-click or option click on a folder we go to share we now
have an option to add people so if we click on add people we can now add
people to collaborate within that folder so that they can actually download maybe
modify a file and you can send that information to them through mail
messages copy a link or airdrop if we click on share options you can change
who can access it based on only people you invite or anyone with a link also
you can give them permissions to view only or make changes so it’s a nice
little update that goes along with what we have on iOS 13.4 let’s go
ahead and take a look at the next update which has to do with screen time so
we’ll close this out we’ll go to System Preferences and then we’ll go to screen
time now under screen time they’ve added a feature we’ve had for a little while
on iOS so if you setup family sharing and you have some children you can
select them here and let me select another person on the Left we have
communication if we go into communication we now have communication
limits for who your children can communicate with and be contacted by
throughout the day and during downtime so maybe they shouldn’t be contacting
someone while at school you can turn that on otherwise you can leave it open
to everyone it’s just up to you as a parent you could set this up for anyone
though that you have in family sharing now they’ve also added additional
controls to allow for access to things like music videos so you can restrict
access to it or allow it based off music profiles or if we go into stores here
your TV shows app and everything else so the music videos
have been added to this and it’s just something new that gives you a little
extra control now they’ve updated music with the lyrics feature that we have
already with iOS 13 so it’s really nice we’ll wait for it to open here and go to
for you and if I click on a song here I have my volume down but I’ll click play
and in the upper right you’ll see we have a lyrics button and the lyrics are
in real-time and we can click on any lyric to jump to that part in the song
so if I click down here let me go ahead and click on this one you’ll see the
song jumps up here if I want to go back to the beginning of the song it will
jump back so you can now have that within music on a Mac so it’s a really
nice feature that we’ve had on iOS for a little while but they’ve added to the
Mac and it works with any song that’s in Apple music that has lyrics not all of
them have now there’s some new updates within Safari or a couple extra features
so let’s go into Safari and if we go to file and then go down to import from we
can select Google Chrome and we now have the option to import passwords so we can
import any of those passwords into your iCloud keychain for an easy autofill of
your information so that will work across all of your devices so that’s
really nice now they’ve also added controls for
duplicating a tab and for closing all tabs to the right of the current tab so
we want to open this here and a new one click a little plus and we can
right-click or option click and close tab or close other tabs so we can close
this tab you’ve got a couple different options as
well so we can close them all at once so we now have those options and now Safari
also supports HDR playback on compatible computers for Netflix content so if you
have an HDR display you’ll be able to see that now there’s been some updates
to the App Store and the first one is Universal purchase support now I mention
this with my iOS 13.4 video and what this allows for is maybe you
purchase a finicky designer well the developer now has the option to
give you that same app on your iPhone iPod Touch iPad Mac and Apple TV for one
price now they don’t have to do that but there’s that option now so you’ve seen
this a lot with iPhones and iPads but now it carries across to the map the
other update is with arcade and if you subscribe to our cade you’ll start
seeing the options of games that will carry across different devices so for
example if I try this new game spider I could start playing it here and then
I’ll have the ability to continue playing that on an Apple TV iPhone iPod
Touch iPad or Mac so depending on what device amount I can just continue it
where I left off on the other devices so it’s a nice little update now there’s an
update with the new Pro display XDR so I don’t have one of those this is an iMac
Pro I’m recording this on but the pro display XDR if we go to that will go to
Mac and this is their 5000 to $7000 display depending on which one you get
but they’ve added customized reference modes that you can tailor to specific
workflow needs so you can select things like color gamut and things like that
so if we go to displays for example we have our normal options but we have
different options for color gamut and things that will show up under color if
you have a pro display XDR there’s a new accessibility option that’s been added
for controlling your Mac as well so if we go into our preferences then we go to
accessibility then we scroll down to pointer control under pointer control if
we click on alternate control methods we now have an able head pointer and this
will allow the pointer to be controlled by your movement of your head captured
by the camera as it says here so if I click on options you can see there I am
in the camera and I can turn this on and it’s a little tricky to get it to use
but if I turn on head point it says head pointer on I should be able
to control my pointer by looking at the screen using the control of my head and
you’ll see the pointer is moving around now it’s not incredibly fluid on how to
use it it will take some time to learn how to use it but the option is there if
you want to use this so it’s nice that they’re adding accessibility options for
all sorts of controls now the next update was a big one for me or at least
I thought so until I tried to use it and that is display support for HDR 10
compatible third-party displays now Apple had only supported HDR on things
like iMac Pro if you were watching specific movies but now they’re
supporting it with third-party displays if you have an HDR 10 compatible display
the catch is it only works over DisplayPort or HDMI for some reason now
I have a 5k by 2k display that I use with my Mac Pro and you have to use HDMI
or display port but the Mac Pro only has HDMI and the resolution is not correct
when I’m doing that now it looks good but you don’t have the options like you
do here such as scaled where you can scale text and things like that if
you’re not using the thunderbolt connection
so hopefully Apple enables it to use Thunderbolt that you do have a new
option for HDR if you have an HDR 10 compatible display and you’re using
those specific connectors now they’ve added a couple things that are pretty
quick to go over ooofff Afeni keishon support with Outlook calm they’ve also
added Cal dev migration support when upgrading to iCloud reminders on a
secondary device now they’ve resolved some issues where a text copied between
apps may appear invisible when dark mode is active they’ve also fixed an issue in
Safari where CAPTCHA tiles may not display correctly and they’ve resolved
issues with reminders not sending notifications for completed reminders
and then finally they’ve fixed an issue with screen brightness on the lg ultra
fine 5k display after waking from sleep so those are the bug fixes that they
mentioned and then there’s also over 20 security updates that they’ve mentioned
as well and I can link those in the description so you can take a look at
them but they have to do with everything from the kernel to Bluetooth and other
features as well so a lot of things should be fixed in this update and it
should be more secure that’s it for Mac OS catallena 10.5
15.4 if you found anything else let me know in the comments below but really
the big changes should come up with the next version with that live stream of
WWDC or whatever happens with that so expect 10.15.5 a
little later on in June at least a first look at it or sometime around that but
let me know if you found anything if you’d like to get your hands on this
wallpaper I’ll link it in the description as I always do if you
haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and if you enjoyed the video
please give it a like as always thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you
next time

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