M Audio Keystation Mini 32 MK3 – Mini Midi Keyboard 2019 Review

today we’re going to be opening up this
box right here to review the m audio keystation mini 32 MK 3 I’ll be unboxing
this mini MIDI keyboard and then I’m going to set it up in FL Studio to test
it out welcome to simple green tech I’m Radio
Zane and if you’re new to the channel I do audio tech tips tutorials and reviews
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for coming back in today’s video we’re going to be unboxing this guy right here
it’s the m-audio key station mini 32 MK 3 links to it are in the description
below so you can easily click on it check out the latest pricing and get
some more info after I open it I’ll be setting it up in FL studio and testing
it out but if you need help setting it up in another program please let me know
in the comments below now let’s get opening it alright so here’s the box
there was a piece of tape right there I took that off now let’s open it up and
see what’s inside you have a keyboard here your USB mini
cable here and your software instructions warranty information and
your instructions on how to operate the keystation 32 you have your 32 low
profile keys here these are actually velocity sensitive keys so if you press
harder it will sound different than if you were to play softer on the key the
m audio key station mini 32 connects to your computer via this USB mini cable
this also powers the MIDI keyboard so there’s no other cables needed it’s
perfect for the mobile musician here’s the software that you get with the key
station mini 32 you get Pro Tools first m-audio Edition which includes some
extra plugins that the base version of Pro Tools first doesn’t come with I’ll
be doing another video looking at this software in more depth so be sure to
subscribe and check back for that you also get the xpand 2 software synth
which I already owned and I’ve done a video on that I’ll link to it in the
description below in case you want to check it out honestly I really like
xpand 2 it’s a great workhorse synth however it does come with a lot of other
MIDI keyboards so it’s not really a selling point for me but it is a
definite plus if you don’t already own it and I also got a copy of addictive
keys studio grand it says that it’s a limited time offer so it might not be
available when you get this controller here’s the keystation mini 32 next to
my 15-inch laptop look at that size it’s so nice for mobility or if you don’t
have a lot of desk space now here it is next to my m audio axiom 25 MIDI
keyboard the axiom is a 25 full-sized key controller and it’s much larger than
this 32 mini controller I really love this little thing I’m now going to
connect the keystation 32 to my computer I use Windows 10 and it’s
supposed to just connect install itself without the need to install any drivers
so let’s see how that works there it is now let’s get the
keystation 32 set up in FL studio now with FL Studio open go up here to options
click on MIDI settings and then down here where it says input you see keystation
mini 32 mk3 you click on that if it’s not already highlighted then you
click enable and that’s it close this down let’s open up an instrument and see
if it works there you go this is a very cool little instrument I’ve been a big
fan of my M audio axiom controller which is why I went with another m-audio
keyboard and I can really see this being my quick go-to controller for when I
suddenly get musical ideas to lay down now I paid just $49 for this MIDI
keyboard and I think it’s well worth it I could see myself using the m-audio key
station mini 32 quite a bit whether it’s sitting on the couch and creating some
beats or sitting out my desk and having something to quickly connect to or even
shoving into my backpack and heading out the door the build quality is solid
enough I’m not really concerned about breaking it while traveling with it let
me know in the comments below where you plan on using your MIDI keyboard click
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