Lou’s Safe Place: “Billionaires Shouldn’t Exist” —Millionaires | We The Internet TV

Lou’s Safe Place: “Billionaires Shouldn’t Exist” —Millionaires | We The Internet TV

Income inequality is a problem. And if you make more money than me, then you’re part of the problem. So stop it.
Stop making more money than me. Or at least send me some of it.
I’m all for that kind of economic justice. Actually, I don’t have a problem with people making more money than I do. Every time I look at my paycheck,
it’s a reminder of the choices
I’ve made in life, and how my mom used to
smoke cigarettes and drink beer
when she was pregnant with me. If you think income inequality is unfair,
I suggest you go to a strip club and compare the day shift dancers
to the night shift dancers. When it comes to class warfare,
no one’s talking about
greedy-ass strippers. It’s all about greedy-ass billionaires. Poor people talking about
greedy-ass billionaires, the middle class talking
about greedy-ass billionaires. Even greedy-ass millionaires are
out there hating on billionaires. Which I find…interesting. So interesting, in fact, that John Cusack and I had a little Twitter ruckus over it. Johnny Cooze tweeted at me,
“You sure you wanted to be a
shill for billionaires greed?” Nah man.
I wanted to be John Cusack. Hollywood heartthrob. Star of some of my favorite
80s movies. And worth fifty million dollars. John Cusack is worth
fifty million dollars, and he’s three inches
taller than me. I’d pick that any day over being
a shill for billionaires. Plus if I’m such a shill, why don’t you
just pay me to change my mind? You can afford it. I told John, until he shares his
Better Off Dead dough with me, he’s just another millionaire
projecting his greed onto others. You can make this right though, John! DM me. Then venmo me.
Buy this shill, baby! I’m for sale! Do I need to stand outside your
window holding a boombox playing Peter Gabriel,
singing my venmo address? Because I’ll do it, John.
I will do it. I’m not going to force you
and call for the government to
tax your fifty million dollar estate. I’m not a shill for the government. See how easy it is to call someone
a shill when they don’t agree with you? I’m a shill for billionaires.
You’re a shill for government. Bill Gates is a shill for…
fighting malaria. Bill Gates made his billions by making products that people want to buy. And the man has done a ton
of philanthropy. He even went ahead and made
a toilet that turns human waste
into fertilizer, which could save millions
of lives around the world. The guy seems pretty good
at investing his wealth. The same can’t be said for the people who want to take his wealth away. After all, he’s the one
who’s worked it. And you don’t give night shift money
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100 thoughts to “Lou’s Safe Place: “Billionaires Shouldn’t Exist” —Millionaires | We The Internet TV”

  1. John Cusack is just another over-the-hill hollywood dope who is trying to revive his career by virtue signalling on Twitter.

  2. See Billionaires are just better than you
    Some are born that way too
    Wealthier and better
    Get back to work
    Know your place, trash

  3. I think when you have multiple billionaires at the top of a major company while the lower employees are on food stamps/government assistance, you have a huge problem.

  4. Some say billionaires shouldn’t exist. I say welfare recipients shouldn’t exist. There are jobs every where right now. And if there aren’t any in your neck of the woods you can always pack up and move to an area that does have jobs. People do it all the time. I work in Human Resources and I will honestly tell you I have worked with thousands of healthy people that refuse to work. They just wanna lay on their fat asses and collect a welfare check and complain about how shit is unfair. You know what I tell them. Yeah shit is unfair. It’s unfair that the government pays their rent , pays their bills, gives them a free phone, free health care, free food, free day care for all their kids and cash every couple weeks. And I have to pay for it. That’s unfair. I bust my ass and welfare recipients in nyc can live better than me. That’s bullshit.

  5. The people who support redistribution of wealth NEVER REDISTRIBUTE THEIR WEALTH. if Bernie Sanders wanted to help he could give away his millions of dollars.

  6. This was perfect. I’ll agree, i grew up a fan of Cusack. I won’t hate him, but i don’t agree with him either. I don’t like that he stoops down so low as to call people names. That causes me to lose respect for him. Robert De Niro crossed the line big time. Was my favorite actor, but I will never watch anything with him in it ever again. Not because I disagree with him, but because he is acting like a low class punk crossing the line way too much. Look at it this way, half the country stand behind Trump, and maybe more now, so you guys are willing to damage your position with over half of America just because you lost a political battle? Live to fight another day or die on not so moral supposed superiority high ground – not really, but that’s what you guys think. Really stupid. Wait 8 years. It might have only been 4 years if you guys hadn’t been so incredibly stupid. John, you are part of the ones to blame for Trump being in the White House for 8 years.

  7. I seriously have one question. Who pays for these? Like you guys definitely don't have enough views for this to be on youtube ads. You don't have another platform other than facebook and you have many on screen personalities, high budget equipment, paid for ads, and actual sets. I just. Like who pays for this stuff?

  8. Just be glad we live in the U.S.A. and we can do very little, or work hard and have great wealth. Wealthy people are high-achievers for the most part unless they were born with money.

  9. Taxation is theft! You should keep all your money and decide how you use it. We could fund the country on a national sales tax alone.

  10. ouch!!! watched most of your videos for the past 6 months and went back and watched heaps of your old ones, and as an Aussie none have offended me Iv just laughed a lot

    But you finally got me 🙁 Good job lol

  11. You can pretty much swap John Cusack for Mark Ruffalo here:

  12. You're seriously trying to defend a class of people that use their wealth to control the government, oppress people, and further benefit themselves? You are a schill.
    Bill Gates is a thieving pile of garbage, who stole other people's ideas and profited off them. He hides his money overseas to avoid paying taxes. The only reason he donates to charity is because it's tax deductible and it keeps his wife in BJ mode.
    Normally, I like your videos. This, however, makes me question you.

  13. If I had billions, I'd be Elon Musking shit up: a new company per year, doing some crazy sci fi shit to get us all the ability to get off this planet and colonize the solar system. Let's go, fusion drives!

  14. I don’t think Mr. Poosack had a clue who he was calling a “shill” for billionaires lol. I guess he doesn’t realize that acting virtuous is not the same as actually being virtuous.

  15. Bill Gates had millions to start with since his Mommy and Daddy were rich lobbyists and made sure their son got many government sales.

  16. Pretty fucking disgusting to see the likes of Cusack and Ruffolo spew their anti-Capitalist rhetoric in the name of “the Little People” (no, not the oompa-loompas, the poor and middle-class) after making millions milking our Capitalist system for all they possibly could. Hey, if you can become extremely wealthy getting people to pay you millions to pretend your somebody else, or to grimace musically or shake your booty or even build a social media platform where pure Narcissists can endlessly compete for bragging rights and actually get paid to do so — more power to you. But don’t turn around and suggest I’m evil because I own a successful business. I don’t “oppress the worker”, I provide jobs to good people and pay them a fair wage in exchange for an honest days work.

    So fuck you John and Mark you moronic hypocritical Socialist ass-clowns.

  17. A lot of the Northen European countries have more billionaires per capita than the US and UK. Sweden also has no minimum wage yet wealth inequality is very low compared to other nations. It's not specifically billionaires I hate it's when billionaires exploit their workers and exist in a country with high wealth inequality. I don't really buy much into the left's anti-billionaire retoric, it seems to lack a lot of nuance. I saw a Nuance Bro video on this subject which was quite enlightening.

  18. Bill Gates is a modern day Thomas Edison taking other people's shine or inventions and doing inhumane things to destroy competition and creating monopolies through the federal government.

    His foundation knows that sanitary cities were the cause to better health and curing eventually the measles and other diseases until his vaccinations were released. Samoa is under mandatory vaccinations atm. Measles were perished by the 90s and it miraculously returns! They blame herd immunity, we blame vaccines! Go watch VaxXed 2 and the truth of the live stream of all the vaccine injured victims. It causes autism and other rare illnesses and we have the data to prove it. They tried to delete and manipulate reports from the CDC but thank God for internet! We still have copies of the real reports

    You don't believe vaccinations are harmful and it cured whatever disease during that time and I'm just plain wrong. Fine, we don't care about the hypocrisy but don't you force mandatory vaccines on me or anyone who is also vaccine educated. Your definition of herd immunity has been twisted and if you believe that government should have complete control of your body.. If you let the government regulate what vaccines, drugs, and food you should put in your body then you're totaling missing the real point on pro choice and pro life.

    An incredible testimony by an AMERICAN SANITATION WORKER exposing the corruption of #Vaccines, the MA SWAMP & the truly insidious not-so-obvious-establishment which abuses the emotions of Mothers to mislead them to legislative hell, & keep them from building a mass movement!


    Epstein didn't kill himself


  19. Everyone concerned who “saved” the most wealth (stuff). But nobody ever concerned who “paying off” liabilities (loans for stuff). Infinite loop. Debt crisis in the USA…no wonder. ¿Maybe the answer is LESS STUFF?

  20. You tell him, Lou! You're just a shill for logic and … Reason (?)
    Here's something I think you'll like — In his most recent podcast, Peter Schiff put out this hilarious take on douchebag multi-millionaire actors who tweet hypocritical nonsense like the one you got into it with. Have a listen. I got a good laugh out of it, and it's right up your alley.
    Fast-forward to the 45-minute mark: https://youtu.be/-wamx4HHs2w

  21. Oh please. Bill Gates stole DOS from a guy and made a shady contract with IBM, in essence he made billions from other peoples work. This is not unlike everything we see, shady corporations hiring people to do create things for them so the billionaires can patent and profit of other peoples work. The game is goddamn rigged, stopped pretending that the billionaires did this with hard work, they did it through loop holes, and poor business ethics. Wake up, not everything the left is against is nonsense, culture is, but they are right about a lot of capitalism issues, which isn't to say capitalism is wrong or to be discarded, but we need to acknowledge that the system currently is broken. AS GOERGE CARLIN SAID: THE GAME IS RIGGED FOLKS – YOU AND I ARE NOT IN THE BIG CLUB!

  22. I made my money through hard work. No one could possibly work harder or be better than me… Therefore if you make more money than me, you obviously got it by being corrupt and I have the right to take it from you…

    My logic is flawless

  23. I wish I would have gone to acting school so I could have gotten this kind of insight from real professionals instead of hearing it on the street from Lou.

  24. Did anyone see Cardi B RANT and RAVE about how much she paid in Taxes and where did her MuthaFuckin $$$$$ Go?
    It was Gold !!!! She sounded just like a Republican Capitalist……
    Fast Forward to a Liz Warren Presidency when she is taking an extra 5% from all those rich Billionaires and Millionaires….. they will be screaming when it hits them.

  25. This is the dumbest fucking argument against wealth equality that you dip shits can produce right here. That because someone who is wealthy does not share their wealth that they are a hypocrite. THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE PROPOSING! By advocating for progressive ideologies calling for higher taxes on the wealthy and social programs to redistribution of that wealth they doing the best thing to make that idea come to fruition. The government already has the infrastructure in place to implement wealth redistribution.

    I am never ceased to be amazed at the vast volume of dead space between the ears of the average "conservative" voter. In an age where education is literally a few key strokes away we literally have one of the most ignorant populations in the civilized world. Even more incredible 38% of us are PROUD to be stupid! Welcome to the club of the giant ignor-anus Lou. Not only are you stupid, you are also an ashole for using your time to mislead people into your stupidity. (SLOW CLAP) HAVE A PLATE OF TIDE PODS AND WASH IT DOWN WITH BLEACH!

  26. The comments are similar to the comments about Obama's Netflix & #cancelCulture. People love to pile on and turn fair criticism into personal attacks & dehumanizing rhetoric. Check out the Indian two wolves allegory and pay attention to which wolf is drinking your Starbucks Frappuccino ? 🙄👌🏼🕯💫🔥🌱♻️

  27. John Cusak, just another typical Hollywierd libtard telling us regular folk, how we should live… Rules for us, but not for him…

  28. apparently gates made a large fortune by blocking other companies from making products with something remotely similar to something he patented

  29. It’s pretty insane that we are taught to hate people who are smart, creative, industrious, and who MADE a bunch of money, then hung onto it instead of going on crazy spending sprees.

    Maybe we should LEARN from them… and thank them for their philanthropy!

  30. This is so perfect 😂😂😂 So disappointed in John Cusack, and Seth Rogan. They both turned out to be such hypocritical cucks.

  31. “Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.” –Ronald Wright

    Bill Gates is the exception, not the rule with how they use their money. Most of them just hoard it and use it to dodge what few taxes they're currently supposed to pay. And it's awfully generous of you to say that anyone has honestly earned a billion dollars. You only get that kind of money with monopolies, shitty pay for laborers, and land ownership. And that includes Bill Gates, who made his fortune not selling computers, but selling the windows operating system while buying out all the competition and suing the government to keep them from splitting up his monopoly or publicizing the OS like they did with the Fax Machine protocol and telephone systems. And he's the golden boy of billionaires. Most of them are just openly cruel dragons. You can't earn a billion dollars in a human lifetime. You can only inherit it or extort it. Honestly if all we do is tax them a little more in order to improve, if not save millions of lives, they should be thankful.

  32. If I was a billionaire, what would I do with my money? First, I would have a complete replica of the Addams Family mansion constructed to live in.
    Then I find the perfect clone of Morticia Addams and marry her. After converting much of my wealth into three hallways full of gold doubloons..
    I may use the rest to fund a revolution. Search WKUK "It's time for guillotines".

  33. That was F’ing great! But now, I won’t be able to watch Grosse Point Blank without thinking about what a “shill” John Cusack is for the government. Although, in the movie he did utter the line “A psychopath kills for no reason. I kill for money, it’s a job.” I guess he’s taken in the role of social justice hitman. “An idiot tweets for no reason. I tweet to virtue signal, it’s a job.”

  34. Most billionaires do not have Scrooge McDuck vault that they luxuriate in. Typically, most of their worth is shares in the engines of the economy. Only if there is value in their products, do they have worth. Some sell some shares, but most have a lot of their initial shares till death.

  35. I guess where I'm dubious is the presumption that billionaires made their wealth mainly by the products that they delivered, rather than by either gaming the system or by being beneficiaries of others gaming the system. Of course, there is also a fair share of frustration of those who gained dis-proportionally either directly or indirectly, from hairless apes making typical hairless ape irrational decisions. My primary candidate for those gaming the system: Jeff Bezos. My primary candidate for those benefiting for other gaming the system: Elon Musk. My primary candidate for those who gained dis-proportionally for directly benefiting from hairless ape decision making process: Steve Jobs. My primary candidate for those who gained dis-proportionally for indirectly benefiting from hairless ape decision making process: Bill Gates.

  36. I personally like day-shift strippers. They're in my league! 😆😆😆

    They're out of my league. I'm lying. 😭😭😭

  37. You guys are great! Even the one I didn’t care for was still alright! I’d love to see something on national priorities maybe “why impeachment is priority over human sex trafficking” or “why all the missing people, always! And why no one speaks about it”… just throwing it out there 🤷🏻‍♂️

  38. The tone-deaf hypocrisy of the millionaire celebrities who love socialism and call for hate on billionaires- and millionaires who are actors/singers/friends.
    Let’s take all the Hollywood millions in the name of social justice and see how they feel about it.
    God knows Bill Gates has done more for civilisation and the progress of humanity than John Cuscal…FFS.

  39. I hate the Rockerfellers but even I understand that what they did in the petroleum industry increased the living standard for people around the world. The cost of kerosene was 87 cents a litre through his resourcefulness they reduced that cost to around 8 cents a litre and as a result more people could afford to read at night but the light of kerosene torches and the by product they were creating was gasoline so after WW2 when people started to have access to cars he made money shipping by the tanker rather than the barrel, even tho the barrel is still used today as a measurement. Most people that are billionaires created something the world needed or revolutionised something the world needed and in all cases increased the standard of living for everyone. People are just petty and jealous that they are to dumb or ignorant to find something that they could do for the world that makes them rich.

  40. You expect this from Hollywood types. The real hypocrisy is our millionaire politicians. Especially the socialist/communist ones.

  41. i am afraid bill gates didnt invent the toilet that converts human waste into fertilizer. the military has used these type of toilets since the early 80's. i remember being on the rifle range and receiving a safety briefing and they said not to put any trash i.e. mre wrappers in the toilet. the reason they gave was that after they are full they move the toilet, cover the waste and let it sit for a while, then come and remove the waste that has magically been transformed into fertilizer!

  42. That was freaking awesome! But… why doesn't anyone talk about the fact that it's against the law to tax any group of ppl more than another? Where's the equality in taxation??

  43. You gave one of the very few examples of a good billionaire… Musk is another good example of a billionaire who invests responsibly/intelligently and who has the best interest of the world at heart I believe. Unfortunately most billionaires are not… They are greedy and prey on the weak to enrich themselves and their investors. Please do not be brainwashed into thinking billionaires are great people. A lot of their philanthropy is done to curve public opinion and evade taxes of course. Firefighters who make 65 to 80k$ a year should not pay a higher tax rate than most billionaires.

  44. When all the billionaires are gone they will go after the millionaires.. amazing how stupid virtue signaling makes you

  45. I love it when millionaires use their priveledge and power to project their own greed, by convincing normal folks that we gotta ask the government for more control.

  46. Dude his toilet is the perfect delivery system for his extra "prizes" in his vaccines. No schooling or "schilling" needed. Just look it up. Just not on bing. His search engine nobody wants. Use start page.You are hilarious man!

  47. Sigh, the problem is when money is used to buy politicians to make the rules favour the wealthy in the economy. So though your twitter feud is cute, the message of there shouldn't be billionaires is a nice click bait headline, the meat of the argument is that government is currently favouring the wealthy and thus increasing the wealth gap rather than giving fair opportunity for those less wealthy to increase their wealth.

  48. Bernie used to rant against "the millionaires and billionaires" in 2015-16, now only against billionaires in 2019 – wonder why? he is now a millionaire!

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