Logitech z533 vs Logitech X-230 Review and Sound test (4k)

Logitech z533 vs Logitech X-230 Review and Sound test (4k)

Wlcome to the comaprison and review of the
Logitech z533 vs logitech x-230 hi guy’s today i’am making a review of my
old and new speakers the old one are the x-230 of logitech that i have bought about 8 years
ago and the z533 bought 2 month ago comparing how they sound
i wanted to make an upgrade in sound quality and also in power
i bought the z533 having twice the power rating and alo more connections
on the back side you can see that my old Logitech x-230 have only an audio line jack and nothing
else the new Logitech z533 have also a gaming console
and 3.5 mm port all two versions are very well made with woodden
sobwoofer and mid range tweeters the new one have only a pair of mid range
tweeters but they are larger and sound better than the old ones
the z533 have also a control knob with subwoofer power, aux, earphone connections and they
are more versatile for gamers with bigger mid range looking aramid fiber twitters the
overall sound is an improvement in all sound ranges
these are some spec compared to each another i have made a sound test recorded with my
dslr internal microphone to give you an idea of the sound difference
the settings and the volume of the speakers were the same
tell me below wich speakers you prefer and also if you liked the video subscribe, like
and comment. thank you for watching

35 thoughts to “Logitech z533 vs Logitech X-230 Review and Sound test (4k)”

  1. my x230s wont play loud anymore without breaks in the output, every 20 secs or so. the x230s have been great for kids parties though. the z533 seems expensive replacement if they're not much better?

  2. X-230 have a much better high end. They were the best speakers you could get for the money back in the day.

  3. Got the Z533 yesterday, absolutely shit! Sending them back hoping I just got a faulty pair but if they aren't faulty then they come standard with a constant static noise that's very loud! Hopefully the 2nd set I get won't have this problem.

  4. I have both systems and I really need to tell all that the old X-230 sounds WAY better.. It is also dead silent. With the Z533 you have white noise and when it goes in stand by you have a ringing high pitch sound, there are tons of complains about that, and in my country alot of Z533 are sold second hand. People want to get rid of it. Soundwise the biggest problem are the speakers in Z533. I put the subwoofer out, it is a pice of crap, not good enough for that large box. The little stereo speakers are more like tweeters, there is a huge frequency hole in the low mids, that is why the system sounds too high, flat and wrong. Now you need to realise that the X-230 was sold back in the days (2004 to 2010) for around 40$ and it is really solid and good. The Z533 costs almost TWICE AS MUCH and trust me, built quality is a piece of shit. Dont get fooled by the nice design, get a second hand X-230 for almost nothing and enjoy..

  5. Well i have the x530 (is a x230 but 5.1, and the sub is more bigger) and the z533… In highs, the z533 is a lot better than the x530, in mids the x530 wins because the high filter of the subwoofer is so high and reproduce the 150hz – 250hz range. Both subwoofers are very good but the z533 can go more deeper than the z530, in another hand the x530 is more louder.

    Here is the frequency response of both speaker (i meassured both):

    x530 = Subwoofer: 43hz – 181hz Satellites: 223hz – 16Khz (-3db)
    z533 = Subwoofer: 39hz – 157hz Satellites: 197hz – 18Khz (-3db)

    In terms of sound quality, both are bad, but for the price…

    (sorry for my bad english)

  6. So I have the X-230 (recently broke) and when they were working they were fantastic. A solid 9/10 system. So since I live in a third world country I cannot get them repaired. Replacing is difficult due to the lack of parts here. I am getting the z533 due to their look and from what I understand it’s pretty similar to the x-230.

  7. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16836121202 is the z533 for only $41 and it’s refurbished

  8. While I love my Z533 system, I love my Z-2300 system to the point of never replacing it lol. Logitech couldn't produce a system like that today with all the energy saving bullshit they have to contend with these days.

  9. I've had the x230 since it first came out and the sound quality it produces is better than most latest speakers under $100 today. I wont change speakers until it no longer beat a sound lol. Long live X230s!

  10. I am not sure what you are demonstrating here, because the impression of the sound experience is dominated by the sound system the viewer has at his PC while viewing the video. In my case it is the Logitech X-230 with which I am very happy and the sound of your video sounds much better if you demonstrate the recording of your X-230 sound, the Z533 sound comes across as very poor. Maybe things would be the other way round if my sound system is a Z533. In any case, the X-230 was a bargain.

  11. hello nice video. a question: to logitech z533 change between the two sources connected behind the subwoofer com are you doing? can they play together? thank you very much if you can answer me

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