Logitech Z313 Speaker Review

Logitech Z313 Speaker Review

hello everyone and welcome to our video, today we will be reviewing Logitech the 313 we take this out there
our local Best Buy for dirty tolerate for you can get online at Amazon our any idea on like star for the same price
denied the best speaker David a pretty good for a price at thirty dollars ID speakers come with a subwoofer to stereo speakers it control pod Kuki used to turn off and on or you can
park your own your phone to do if you don’t
like disconnect all your stuff and the you kid these things have pretty good base you can mess with the equalizer on
your arm devices TDI child abuse that they serve
booze to travel or anything you I and we’ve been using this for the past
few days and it’s pretty good the we have you run into any show mostly been using it for you music I Mac Mini mid tomorrow for a man how much
time and clear merry band I’m a great man months repair
and upgrade don’t yeah do you do I want the pain but no care

13 thoughts to “Logitech Z313 Speaker Review”

  1. Just bought a set of these. Pretty good little speakers. Need a software EQ to adjust them correctly though.

    They are a bit on the bassy side right out the box. $30 was a great deal on these.

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