Logitech Gaming Software On Windows 10 Won’t Install – And How to Fix It!

Logitech Gaming Software On Windows 10 Won’t Install – And How to Fix It!

hello everyone is Paul from Paul-Irvine.com sure
from calm here thank you so much for joining me in this quick video regarding
your Logitech Gaming software installation issues problems our woes
nightmares and headaches I’ve just spent two hours on the phone to Logitech
regarding my new c920 webcam the absolutely refused point blank to
install onto my computer now I’ve gone through everything and as you can tell
I’m recording this with my c920 and everything is working fine as this on
Windows 10 yes as this on Windows 10 anniversary
edition yes is the answer to your problems inside this video absolutely
so let’s go and join me on the desktop and I’ll show you how to solve the
problems okay so the issue I was having once I received my c920 webcam was when
I was trying to install the Logitech software the logitech gaming software
there’s an eight point eight name which is the latest release every time I try
to install it and got the splash screen welcome thank you but as soon as I
clicked on next boom why’d you take installer has stopped working so you
click on close program and then it happens again I mean it just kind of
disappears off the screen now I’ve been doing tech support for Windows for the
best part of two decades now I’ve been inside the system of one installed
software I changed the settings I remove the Veii
sees that everything a possibly could and every time I launched it I kept
getting that error message and it was only during a call with logitech that I
thought no hang on I wonder if it’s something in the system tray that’s
causing the issue causing a conflict I went through them one by one and as it
happens and again a half distress this is just with my system it could be with
yours it may not be but it was a program called easy settings box
by Samsung which is part of my dual screen setup and my office if you
right-click on that and then kill that program and then try and run the
installer but this thing when you click on next
haha look at that the Installer appears to be working as it should be so we
click on next and the software now successfully installed on the machine now why was installing in the background
here’s some things to check if you’re having the c920 webcam issue or another
webcam or even just Logitech hardware in general make sure that you care will all
the system tree programs in the bottom right of your screen you can do this on
most of them by highlighting the app right-click and then choosing exit the
other thing to check let’s click on the speech bubble go into all settings and
click on check for updates and make sure your Windows 10 is fully up to date and
has all the patches required now if you do both those things then you
should be able to successfully install the software now we’ll just wait for the
some store to finish there we go thank you for installing and it just
asks you to restart your computer okay so this is Paul from Paul – Arvind come
here thank you for watching remember to Lake click on subscribe and stay in
touch leave a comment below if this has helped you

83 thoughts to “Logitech Gaming Software On Windows 10 Won’t Install – And How to Fix It!”

  1. I installed it like 5 times and i cant even find the program on my computer, its starting to piss me off

  2. I never even get to the install screen. I get a pop up that says LGS is incompatible with my OS. I tried it on 2 different OSs, but nothing.

  3. well i can install my program but it just wont run it says logitech gaming framework has stopped working i tired every thing i searched internet every where but just cant fix it do u belive it might be cause of some other software>?

  4. Someone should Sue them for this problem , I just paid 110 pounds for Logitech G910 and I cant install software and drivers WTH ? Logitech you are useles

  5. Wow, totally fixed it as I just brought a new samsung monitor. I never would have thought of it as I even did a clean reboot. Thanks!

  6. Im really nervous atm i just finished downloading this and when i started my computer said ”Restarting” and then some sort of error code popped up then it disappeared again why

  7. Man ! You're a real life saver !!! I love you !!! lol. I was getting ready to spend weeks to solve this through Logitech´s support ! and Voila ! Wild Paul appears with the solution ! I happened to recently buy a new Samsung monitor and it clearly seems that EasyBox is the culprit ! Liked and Subscribed ! Kudoz! I forgot the big THANK YOU.

  8. un-effing-believable. i've been pulling my pubes out trying to get both my webcam and setpoint installed and it was my friggin monitor software all along. many thanks.

  9. I don't have any software running in background that would stop it.. just bluetooth and AMD video control,…… when I start my LGS it starts to install then reaches the point on installer progress bar right about 3/4 the way then my sys (fresh Install win 10 64) crashes.. I mean just locks the F up.. I have to reboot.. now after the first attempt I now get an error message when starting up win, says Lcore error can't find some Qt platform something or other.. So I think the real problem is either Win 10 or Logitech's installer…

  10. I didn't even make it to step 0, my .exe for the installer won't load up no matter how many versions or compatibilities i try, it just does nothing

  11. My problem is when it finishes installing it wont restart and i even searched the software on the start menu it wont appear

  12. im having trouble after the overwolf promt during actual instal it force restarts my pc i do not know why this is happening and its annoying

  13. i have tryed everything now including running in safe boot and trying to install.. nothing has worked and my logitech 910 spectrum keyboard is stuck in rainbow mode..i really want to be able to change the color scheme but now im stuck i have already bought and returned a keyboard this week and i bought the new 903 light mouse and charge pad now im reallyy scred cause they all logitech, and now i cant download and use the software and customer service people never answer posts so wtf logitech fuck u guys

  14. Just bought the G933 surround headset and had the same issue, got frustrated thinking to myself that it is shit software, bumped in to this video and you saved me (i got the 49inch gaming monitor from samsung) felt so lucky because the usual forums didn't help. Thank you for making this video!!!

  15. Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I followed the steps to install it. But after it says to restart my computer, I restarted it and nothing happened. my software didn't install and it wasn't there. Please help

  17. Hello i know im a little bit late but i want to ask you something.I have the Logitech g102 Prodigy and i have downloaded the software.But there is a problem when i play a game Fortnite.For example when i choose to have a specific color it automatically changes in game but it doesnt happen in other games.Pls Help me because i do not know the reason and the solve of it

  18. disabled all system tray apps i could, then it worked, was freezing my computer when trying to install. version LGS_9.00.42_x64_Logitech

  19. Dude, I had mulitiple logitech apps that wouldn't work on this new rig, with my new 49in Samsung. I even returned a G29 Steering controls because of this. You're the man. Now my Webcam works on this new rig. You're the man! I can't thank you enough.

  20. It is Jan 2019 and same bug. At first I searched for a solution in forums and stuff like this. But this video showed me the solution. Oh boy 😀 Thank you

  21. I wish my issue was this easy, i know i should be on the logitech forums.. i did 3 different clean boots(not install, a clean boot) disabled all services and antivirus but hey there was just a windows update so maybe i can blame that https://imgur.com/Y5mT25y i dont even ever get to click next
    Edit: this is a 2.5 month old install with literally nothing besides steam and discord on it

  22. i download the software and when i click open, it just wouldnt bother, it changes my cursor into a loading sign for a few seconds then nothing happens, please i need help.

  23. thanks a lot mate, glad to have found this video! i wonder why the hell easy box settings kept me from installing!

  24. I just uninstalled it because the icon wasnt showing the G it was just a white paper icon, big mistake i can not reinstall it again it opens the installer, and when i agree it instantly says locked and loaded and that it is installed, it is no where on my computer and will not install ive been trying different things for over 2 hours and i cant fix it and get it to install and open

  25. THANK YOU! I have the 502 HERO Gaming Mouse and was unable to install any Logitech Software until I found your video! In my case was the MSI Afterburn software that was preventing G-HUB from installing.

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