LOCKED TREASURE CHEST!! Adley swims deep to find a hidden mystery safe!  (what’s inside)

LOCKED TREASURE CHEST!! Adley swims deep to find a hidden mystery safe! (what’s inside)

– [Man] Kay let’s go get that treasure! – Let’s go for it!
– [Man] One two three jump! (water splashing) Do you guys see it? – Yeah! – [Man] Where is it? – I saw it under there.
– [Woman] You saw it? (bang) – Welcome to A for Adley!
– Woohoo! – What do you wanna do
for your video today? – Um I don’t know. – Should we get cereal and think about it? – Yeah dad give me my cereal. (boing) – What?
(tape screeching) – What is that? – What is that? – Open it. – I think it’s a map. (gasping)
– Yeah it is a map look, it says where to go the
directions North West right there. (gasping) And look there’s a bowl of cereal, that must be where we are look. – Yeah we’re eatin’ cereal.
– That’s the bowl of cereal. And then where does it say we have to go? – Follow the trail to the fridge. – Is that a fridge?
– Yeah. – I don’t think it’s a fridge. There’s like a screen and buttons. – It’s a computer! – Could it be a computer?
– Maybe. – Downstairs? – Let’s go look for more map.
– Let’s go! – Weee! – Goin’ to see if it’s a map. – Okay it says we have to go over here. (boing) Now over here.
(boing) (boing) Then it says go by the computers. (boing) Do you see it? – No where is it? – Look at the map it says
it’s by the computers. (gasping) Looks maybe like it’s
behind the computers? – I know it could be under here somewhere. – I don’t see it. – It maybe can. – Wait this doesn’t look
like mom’s computer. That looks like my computer. – Is it dad’s?
– Maybe. (gasping)
– Found it! (ding) – What okay. – [Woman] Open it up open it up. Does it match? – Here put it down. – [Adley] This is the bottom. – [Woman] It fits!
– [Man] Okay. So that goes right there
after the computers, where do we go? – [Adley] Now we gotta go
down here (gasps) what’s that? – [Man] What is that?
– [Woman] What is it? – [Adley] Let’s see. – [Woman] What do you
think that looks like? – It looks like the Tesla. (gasping)
– [Man] It is cause the doors! That looks like the doors. – Do you think it’s in my car? – Yeah! – Let’s go!
– Let’s go check! – I’ll bring the map. (boing) (boing) (laughing and screaming) (boing) – [Man] I bet it’s in the Tesla. – Fly! – Okay it says to go over here. – Hi Tesla. – There it is. Alright everyone look. – I’ll check in the front. – [Man] I’ll check in the very back. – I know where it can be! – [Woman] Where?
– [Man] Where? – In here somewhere. – [Man] Maybe in there. – [Woman] Is it in Nico’s car seat? – Yeah I bet! (gasping) – [Woman] I think I found it. – Where? (gasping)
I found it! (ding) – [Woman] Good job! – Let’s open it and see. – [Man] Kay that goes right there and then this goes right here. We have the whole map! – Follow the Tesla to a treasure! (gasping)
– A treasure! Where is the treasure? – [Woman] Hmm. – A swimming pool! – Maybe the treasure’s in a swimming pool. – [Woman] Who do we know
that has a swimming pool? (gasping) – Don and Cindy! – Maybe should we check their pool? – Yeah! Is the treasure really there?
– Maybe! You should get a swim suit on in case you need to get
wet to get the treasure. – [Woman] Let’s go! (swooshing) – Kay we’re here let’s
go find some treasure! – Yes!
– [Woman] Yeah! – I brought the water camera
just in case it’s in the water. – [Woman] Yes! Do you guys see it? – It’s maybe in the
backyard by Don’s pool. – Yeah probably in the backyard. – No.
– [Woman] No. – [Man] Maybe it’s in the grass. – It’s maybe under the fence. No. – [Woman] It’s not over here. – [Man] It’s not over here. – Let’s check by the pool! – [Man] Maybe it’s by the pool
– [Woman] That’s a good idea! – [Man] Maybe it’s by the floaties. – [Woman] It’s not over here! (laughing) – I found the treasure chest! – [Man] What? – [Woman] Holy cow – Dad don’t fall in there! – Okay don’t fall in
how are we gonna get it? We’re gonna have to dive down. – Yeah with our goggles on. – Mom do you have our goggles? Let’s go over to mom. – [Woman] I got your goggles! – We’re comin’
– Don’t drop them in the water – Don’t drop them in! – Because then they will sink down and we will have to get them. – Okay I got my goggles on. – I need my goggles. – Here we go pull it on. – Dad use the water camera.
– Got it! – Hi water camera! – [Man] Should we go? Kay let’s go get that treasure! – [Woman] Let’s go for it!
– [Man] One two three jump! (water splashing) (upbeat music) – [Man] Do you guys see it?
– Yeah! – [Man] Where is it? – I saw it under there! – [Woman] You saw it? (upbeat music) – [Man] We gotta try and
get it how do we get it? – Can you dive down? – Yeah! – [Man] Do you think you can get it? – There’s treasure map was real! – [Man] We gotta dive down and get it. – Dad you dive down and get it. – That’s hard you can do it I bet. – Mom hold the vlog I’m going under. – [Man] Here mom. Okay we gotta take your floaties off if we’re gonna go get it. – No floaties! – No floaties okay grab the
edge we gotta make a plan. Do you see where it is? – Yeah I see it! – Kay do you think we
can dive down and get it? Big breath. (water splashing) – [Woman] You did it! – I got it!
– [Woman] Good job! – Let’s see what’s inside! – [Woman] Yeah let’s take it over there. – Let’s open it and see what’s inside. – Can you open it? How do we open it?
– How do we get it open? Pull the cables.
– [Woman] Pull it! (coins spilling) – Whoa! – Treasure!
– Look at all this treasure! Holy cow gold ones and silver ones. Look this one’s worth 10. – This one says five and this says 10. – Wow!
– We got so much treasure! – Look at all this money. – I’m gonna throw some under water. – Let’s do it and then we can go find it. (coins falling into the water) – I wish I had a unicorn (laughing) – I wish I had a purple motorcycle. – I wish I had a purple pink motorcycle. – Oh that’s a good idea! – I wish I had a dragon. (laughing) – I wish I could swim all day. Thanks for watching! – Bye!
– Bye! (water splashing) (upbeat music)

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  1. My little sister loves the videos. However now she thinks it’s okay to say “what the heck”. And I personally don’t think it is for a 3 year old🤷🏽‍♀️

  2. Addly my little cousin is abscesses with you and I am talking with a CAPITAL A 😂 she is only 3 but yesterday she found out that you live in Utah she was so happy her eyes lit up she looked at her mom and said I want to have a play day with addly she said just drop me off with her for a week lol anyway that is dream and we also live in Utah is their any way we can drive up there to have a play day with you

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