Lifeproof Bluetooth Speakers Under $30 – The Deal Guy

Lifeproof Bluetooth Speakers Under $30 – The Deal Guy

Today I’m going to smash and soak one of my
favorite bluetooth speakers! Hi! I’m the YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite! And I am Intern Amy!
We are here to find you a huge deal which is located right under this video window which
is not a paid product. It is a rugged, water resistant speaker. Amy what do you think of
the sound? It’s very good! Should we do a sound test? No! We are going to make people
wait for this! Before we get to the deal which is under 30 dollars, if you want to get any
of my big deals moving forward. And here is your huge deal for today! A regularly 80 dollar
speaker down to under 30 dollars. Great for the outdoors, poolside speaker, something
for the beach and beyond! This speaker is not only ultra rugged with great water resistance
but we were very impressed with the audio quality which you will hear in a moment. I
want to point out that Amazon is selling this item for 40 dollars and again I found it for
under 30 right under this video window! And now, for the audio smash and soak test! So
you are going to play music that deserves to be smashed. But before we play the music
I want to point out that auxiliary and charge port are protected. The speaker has this rubber
shell and then you have the controls on the side and an additional volume control on top.
You can also hook this to whatever you need! You ready? Yes lets do this! (Shake It Off
plays) Okay! Okay! That’s good I think! And then you can pause it really easily! Did I
get you wet? Yes you did! The table is soaked! It’s fine Amy! So this has been put to the
test! I am a huge fan of this deal! Amy what do you think of this? (start dancing) Wow
now I am going to really lose subscribers! Notice I didn’t play UpTown Funk because that
music does not deserve to be smashed! Yeah well we are still going to lose subscribers
because I danced. If you are interested in this deal which is located right under this
video window, feel free to click it! If you want any of my big deals moving forward click
the subscribe button and the thumbs up button! Especially if you like this channel, this
video, Matt, me this speaker or this water. Yes Amy, click the subscribe button if you
like water! Thank you so much for watching!

14 thoughts to “Lifeproof Bluetooth Speakers Under $30 – The Deal Guy”

  1. Great ! product demonstration ! Loved the party atmosphere ! NO DOUBT a great speaker ! Mine is on the WAY ! can't wait !
     Thanks !

  2. Yo Deal Guy, I tried ordering this speaker. How come their not giving me free shipping? Do have to spend $35 to get the free shipping?

  3. thank you so much for this very helpful and funny video, my speakers came in yesterday and am very pleased with it…love it!! please keep the videos coming I have developed a sense of trust with you and your channel…great value and deals to boot nothing but win win wohooo…

  4. Can't expect much for $30.. I noticed you chose not to drop it on the extended knob on the end of the unit..  I was wondering what the narrow side of the triangle dimension is too

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