Life in Seoul as Software Engineer  소프트웨어 엔지니어로서의 서울 생활-장점과 단점 [한글 자막]

Life in Seoul as Software Engineer 소프트웨어 엔지니어로서의 서울 생활-장점과 단점 [한글 자막]

Hello My name is Hassan, I live in Seoul.
I work as Senior Software Engineer – Today I would like to tell you about life in South
Korea a a Software Engineer. [Korean] Hello, Today I will be taking about my Life in Korea as Software Engineer. I plan to add subtitles in Korean too – So please watch my video later if its difficult for you to understand my English. South Korea is one of the most workaholic country in the world In-fact it tops the
list among the OECD members. People are so workaholic here that There is general saying here. If you work harder, You can get succeeded. Its also because of the tough competition
here for anything from selling stuff on street to departmental store. Getting right job and seat in Subway or reservation in restaurant I came to Korea in 2011. At that time I studied Masters in Computer Engineering. After my graduation, I started working here because Korea moves really fast. technology rapidly changes You can see that smart phone penetration
is over 120% , and recently Big data, AI, self-driving cars, robots are every where in Korea. Even Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Korea is 3rd largest market in the world Let me share with you some of the pros and cons of working in Korea. Lets Start with pros. 1. South Korea is developing fast so you could get chance to work on latest technology For example AI, Big Data, Robotics and ever growing smart phone app development. This is great for your career growth. You will always have
something to do! You will never get bored. 2. Your English skills can help in globalizing
the company -It can also bring in multi-culturism and diversity in the company – Which is very
important nowadays. 3. If your company is earning profit, you
will get bonus every year. 4. If you work in a medium scale IT company
and you joined it less than 30 years age, you will be exempted from Income Tax for 3
years 5. You could get lots of opportunities to
attend some global events here – Companies Like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Facebook hold lots of events here. They deliver talks in English and Korean.
After studying for 2 years (MS course) and working for 3 years in same company , you are eligible to apply for Permanent Residency Visa – F 5! Which is more than 10 years of
visa to stay here. Lets talk about some of the disadvantages of working in Korea. As I mentioned that people here are workaholic, so you might have to work extra long hours in office. A term called Yagun 야근. You
might get stressed because of that. 2. Here things move very fast. So you have to product results quickly. Sometimes it can be a cause of lots of bugs and errors in the
app which requires more time for developing a stable version. Pay is little less than as compare to some countries like Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong.
4. Korean language is another big issue. If you don’t speak Korean, it will be hard
for you to communicate with everyone in the team or company. It might be okay in case
of a global company. Mostly I have seen that developers hesitate to speak English. Most
of the local trainings and workshops are conducted in Korean so you might have hard time dealing
with them. 5. there are hardly an english speaking tech
communities in Korea. and you won’t find many expat Software Developers here with whom
you can interact. So mostly you will end up meeting Korean developers. I recommend you to learn a bit of Korean so that you can talk with them and make friends.

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  1. i am pakistani student of Ms physics wanted to do research work in exchange programm on nanotechnology… As i done many project on material and nano science in my own country…now looking for exchange programm in abroad… if u have any info …plz inform me

  2. I have recently done my BS Software Engineering from NUML, Islamabad. I am waiting for my result and I want to do MS in Korea. Can you please help me getting Fully funded scholarship in Korea? Thanks in advance for your kind response.

  3. Hello. I want to ask your opinion. If I want to further my master in Industrial Engineering, which university is the best for that course ? Can you give a suggestion to me? Thank You ☺️

  4. hey! i'm in ma final year of computer science engineering, i wanted to work in Korea like Samsung ,n also wanted to do ma further master studies there can you make a video on it n which IT university is best for CSE students

  5. Hi Hassan would you mind specifying just a little bit about the average base salary of a junior software engineer in SK like an approximation would be really helpful thanks !

  6. Hey man, I wanna go there and study and afterwards live/work there. How bad is that “ workaholic “ aspect ? Everyone is telling me that they hate it and it’s a bad idea .

  7. I don't know what course /field should I take in college in engineering… And I want to work in korea.. What best field in engineering can I take …
    My choices is Computer Engineering and CSE Engineering… And I want to get a job like YG Ent. SM Ent…. Can engineering have a chance to enter to those company?

  8. Hi Hassan and thank you for the great video .. I am a student of electronics and communications engineering at Damascus University. Currently I am in the fourth year , and studying at my university is 5 years. I am 23 years old and I am thinking of traveling to Korea to study Bachelor's. .. and the scholarship is accepted until the age of 25 to study Bachelor .. The reason why i am thinking about that is the low quality of education in my university and negligence of the practical aspect as I feel that I did not benefit at all of studying here , and in addition the work is completely different from what i learned the question is If i want travelling Now What are the chances of my acceptance? Do you advise me to travel there now or is it better to complete my study here and then go to study Master?
    and the last question is which is better in korea : optical engineering or computer engineering ?

  9. Hi nice video Hassan, i wanted to know if it's possible to get a job in South Korea before coming there, and if so where can I look?
    Ps. I am a software engineer and i work as a test analyst (almost 4 years experience)
    And last but nit least thank you for the video !

  10. Hi. Im app developer. With 2 years of experience in Native android and iOS. Should I come to South korea for job? Is it really like people(engineers) become ghosts and over exhausted like they do in Japan.

  11. Asalamu alaikum i am working in south korea as a E9 worker . But i am Android developer can i get job. Thanks

  12. Hi
    I did my undergraduate in BCA – computer application and i want to do my masters in South korea
    I searched for IT course masters but I was able to find only masters in computer engineering ?
    Is it possible I can take up the course ??
    If so then how much would it cost totally?

  13. in which unniversity did you study? and can you choose the courses you wanna take or it's decided by the unniv ? because in my case i can't choose.. and is there courses of design and web dev in the computer science major?? thank you sm for this video!

  14. My husband is finishing up his chemicL engineer degree. He just got American citizenship. He is Korean and his family lives in Korea. We would like to move there for a few years to be close to them for a while . Do u know, Are there many opportunities for chemical engineers in Korea?

  15. Hi Hassan, do you have some advice about which websites would be better (as foreigner residing overseas) for applying job in Korea? FYI, I'm a CS master student in Germany, and currently considering to find a job in Korea. Thanks

  16. Hello i'm from indonesia this year i will graduate in august. I want work in korea how can i find and get jobs as programmer in there? How do i start?

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