Lie Detecting Software

Lie Detecting Software

Please listen and respond to each
question truthfully, please answer clearly and loudly, please try not to
move your head and shoulders during the interview so that the sensors will not be
affected. What does a lie look like? It’s hard to
tell if you’re human. On average, people don’t do much better
than a coin flip. The researchers at Michigan Engineering are
banking on computers to help sniff out deception. They’re building unique lie
detecting software. They’ve already identified some common tells: liars
tend to scowl or grimace more than truth tellers, they talk with both
hands, they often distance themselves from the action with words like He or
She instead of I or We and, a bit counter intuitively, lying liars look their
questioners in the eye a bit more often than those presumed to
be telling the truth. You can make a note of these things for next time you’re at
the poker table, the researchers though have bigger ideas. Deception is an important prevalent phenomenon in
everyday life and I think it also has important application in law enforcement
security. Imagine you have police scanning you when they have like a body camera, they stop somebody
and the machine will tell you there is a 75 chance that this guy is lying to you…how useful is that To make their prototype software, the researchers trained their computers on a
set of a hundred and twenty videos from actual court trials. They did that for a
couple reasons, for one, they could confirm who was lying based on trial
outcomes and also the environment showed real behaviors when the stakes were
highest. Gestures such as lip and head movement as well as speech patterns, even
individual words were analyzed to create modalities or information channels that
they could then compare. Now they’re adding another layer, they’re testing
thermal imaging cameras and sensors that can read a subject’s breathing rate and
temperature from their forehead, face and upper body. A mixture of a hundred male
and female subjects from different cultures will be tested using the new
setup. Are the lights on in this room? Yes. Regarding that missing bill do you intend
to answer each question truthfully about that? After all the sensors are connected,
the researchers hand the subject a $20 bill. She could either pocket it or put it back in a
concealed box. No one else will know where the money is hidden. It’s up to the
software to decide if she’s telling the truth. Let’s say you steal 20 bucks then
you can keep the 20 bucks if you don’t get caught, if you get caught – you don’t
get the $20. In your case, I think you’re saying the truth…yes I am. While they’re aiming for an
even higher hit rate, so far the software can pick out a phony 75% of the time… honest. However, if you have optogenetics then
you can genetically modify neurons in a way that some specific target cells
are only responding to a wavelength…different colors. So we are developing the next generation…

3 thoughts to “Lie Detecting Software”

  1. Something odd here. "Truth" is determined by the trial outcome, and that is determined by the human judgements of the judge and jury, who are here supposed to be infallible.But a second group of humans apparently did worse than the computer. Why is this not a paradox?

  2. 1:02 Okay, I imagined I have police scanning me, and it saying that there is a 75% chance I am lying. What about that 25% chance that I am telling the truth, you fucking assholes? Cops are going to be grinding your face into asphalt and limestone someday with their knee pressed into the back of your neck. I hope you enjoy it, morons. Get the nice librarian lady to tell you what "dystopia" means and see if they will lend you a few books of stories about it.

  3. this is fucking terrible. i just watched a video where manchester university are developing a similar thing with 90% accuracy, but even that's less acurate than a polygraph with 95%. and they're talking about an iphone app and a world where nobody can lie ffs.

    have fun when your five year old asks 'where do babies come from', then points their iphone in your face. plus santa and the tooth fairy are gonna be out of work pretty soon.

    also best make the most of giving your loved ones surprise parties, gifts and trips now while you still can.

    and if you want to have fun winding up your pals then better do it right now.

    the future leaks real bleak.

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