LGR – Thrifts [Ep.36] Playing Koi

LGR – Thrifts [Ep.36] Playing Koi

Greetings and today on LGR foods we’re gonna make an awesome sandwich that- Wait, this is thrifts. Let’s go thrifting! I’m in the wrong store. So we’re gonna start off the day at a Goodwill because of course we are. And right as soon as we get inside there are some Goodwill cookies! For 99 cents these Lady Sarah vanilla cookies of dubious quality. I don’t know about Goodwill edibles. Anyway, over here though is NCAA Final Four for the Sega Genesis. The cartridge inside of the case. Not something I need or want. But there you go. Over into puzzles and board games I almost wasn’t interested in anything but then I saw this MSI motherboard box and inside was a bunch of cables and adapters including one for AT to PS/2 keyboards. That’s actually quite useful. I don’t need anymore right now. But yeah, that’s a thing. Ah, here’s one of these monsters. I always like taking a look at these big stereo consoles. This one was $35 for a mid-century Magnavox micro-matic. Made in England! It’s got a record player, radio, knobs and switches and things that I like messing with but I would probably never put it in my house, because it’s huge. Also happened to see the remains of a Pioneer stereo system over here including these pretty sweet speakers. Or, they look sweet at least. CS-F7001’s nothing I’m needing here at all but, I mean, I just like looking at this stuff. Look at this receiver! Look at all these inputs and outputs. Just imagine, all of the things you could I/O! There’s a lonely Xbox over here But that doesn’t really have my attention like this Noma Ad-A-Lite 7-Light set with safety plug from Westinghouse or, it’s got Westinghouse lamps in it. More mid-century weirdness. I don’t think there’s really anything “safety” about this, at least in modern terms. But, it’s amusing to look at. As is this gigantic CRT projector here. This is an Electro-Home ECP 3100 What a beast! I’ve never seen a projector like this at Goodwill. Speaking of Goodwills, onto another one. And inside the glass case up front are a couple of fascinating Star-Trek toys. From Next Generation we have the Starship Enterprise and a shuttle craft for $25 and $15 respectively. I was kind of tempted. Also kind of fascinating, if only for their quantity is a bunch of Pepsi and Coke bottles older collectibles, at least I assume they’re collectible. You know, they’re here and I’m sure someone will be able to tell me if they’re actually worth $3 each. Not something I’m interested in I was, however, kind of sort of interested in this Casio. A CA-110. Not to buy, but just to touch for a second. Look at that, I touched it. I always like looking at things like this right here. Check out this friggin’ mixer. A Yamaha EMX2300 with some lovely VU meters $125 and it was gone the next day so I guess somebody thought it was worth it. Ah, man, remember when 3D TVs and glasses were… a thing? Yeah here’s a pair of pairs for $3 each. Some LG AG-Something or other 3D glasses. Yeah, I’m glad that trend died. It was not comfortable for me to look at. Over in the electronicals, I found something that almost looked like an MSX at first but no, this is a Panasonic word processing unit. The electronic typewriter. The R430 model and Panasonic did make MSX computers around the time that this thing was made. So it kind of makes sense that it looks sort of like those. Some design language is shared. But yeah not something I’m going to get. It’s just a word processor. Nearby that is a VCR with a top loading unit right here. This is a Sanyo model. Really interesting design. I was actually kind of tempted to get this. I didn’t. But, old units like this quite amuse me. I’ve got to say, it’s one of those little plug-in remote control Model number VCR-4400 It just makes me sort of happy to see these things show up every so often This caught my attention, for being rather different to what I normally see at Goodwill A Videonics Edit Suite. An A-B roll edit controller and then beside that was pretty much a Sony version of the same thing An RM-250 editing controller. Look at those wheels and jog shuttle controls and all that. This is a pretty sweet little deal if you wanted to edit some analog video, which you don’t. But that’s interesting. Checking out the puzzles and board games because you never know and I did find some board games that were of slight interest to me in here. These are some Avalon Hill Bookcase games. This right here is Outdoor Survival A game about wilderness skills and football strategy. A game about strategic football-ness. These are from 1972. Pretty old, and also kind of beat up and missing some stuff, so I didn’t get them. Checking out the CDs and whatnot These do not look legit whatsoever. Found someone’s pirate movie collection here They tried, right but it’s just burned DVD’s there you go. Yarr matey. Around the corner though And ah man, this is my kind of thing right here check out all these PC games in big boxes! Rails across America Battle Blitz 4 in 1 pack. World War III Man of War 2, Civilization III Marine Sharpshooter 2 in a small box Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter, okay. Traffic Giant, I’ve been wanting that one. Robot Arena, I’ve been wanting that one too. And Vigilance, also been wanting this. $4 each, not bad. Alright onto this Goodwill here. The lucky rock out front but there were some people unloading or loading or I don’t know what they were doing but they were in front of the rock and I didn’t want to disturb anyone. with my activities. Anyway lots of Halloween cheapo crap inside because it is that time for cheapo crap time of year. time… time… year time…? And look at all these crafting supplies Man, that is a lot of supplies for crafting. Including a vintage box of Super Sculpey That’s interesting, I like Sculpey. I was curious to see if it was in any kind of decent shape inside. And it looks like I wasn’t the only one Some people had been doing the same thing I was doing and bothering the corner of it. But yeah, it seemed to be half decent. What a weird color though. Speaking of weird, check this out. This is just some restaurant, unloaded their signage. This is like their menu, the whole thing is still on there. I guess they just like, “Yeah we don’t need this menu anymore. So give it to Goodwill.” How does this happen? They didn’t even erase it. It’s just bizarre to me. This is pretty cool, check out this freezer, refrigerator, something or other here. This Coca-Cola woodgrain thing. Yeah, man. This is my kind of vending machine. I’m not really sure how it would work. But obviously it took two nickels or one dime. Needed a good cleaning. You know honestly I was just somewhat tempted by this Cornelius machine. But it was $180. I don’t think so. Looks like they’re finally lowering the price on their overpriced, crappy Dell computers. Not just the CPU, you get the whole computer. I love this background “Buy this, it has Microsoft paint.” That’s a reason to get it, man. It’s worth $69, just for paint. Down below, here, we have a TGI Friday’s mousepad. Those are some delectable late 90’s – early 2000’s folks. Kids of the future are going to ask me about this kind of artwork and why we did it and I’m going to have no response. I don’t know what this was about either. In the glass case we have some interesting things here. A couple of Atari TV systems as well as a couple of original 2600 controllers. And their console games have been all moved into this they’re not for auction they are priced individually between $5 to $10 or so. Not really anything catching my eye here though. On the other side though just the regular media shelving, this caught my eye just because it’s a larger box piece of software Complete home office suite. Don’t care. And Adaptec GoBack. The power to undo PC problems Not something I really want but hey You know, look at it, couple’s so happy that computer’s backed up. And over in the CD section I found this one lonely looking thing with attractive artwork and shiny stickers and stuff on it It’s some sort of VCD package about Koi, just like raising them a whole bunch of things. It was too curious for me not to pick up. I picked it up. Now this grabbed my eye because it looked like an older computer kind of thing at first with this kind of packaging but nope, this is the Collegiate 1000 typewriter 1985. Yep, that’s definitely from 1985. I love the way that looks. Looks like somebody was into little tiny Barneys and a lot of M&M’s collectibles. Yeah. No judgements from me. I collect weirder crap all the time. Stuff like this, although this is not something that I picked up. Look at this old phone, man, a little older than I normally see at a Goodwill this is a Monophone from the automatic electric company, see? Check out the plug on the end of that Like woah man, that’s wild. The thing felt good $25 is a bit much for me for being beat up. Now this, there we go, I’m not going to say no to this. A PC dust cover for large personal computers. A large assortment of classic 80’s computers on the back, there that it’ll fit so yeah, I’m picking that up for sure. 50 cents, man! So this kind of interesting. Over in the electronics section I found a DA-5900 4-speed digital audio CD recorder by TDK. I don’t normally see these kind of dedicated CD copying, dubbing units so that stood out. This Toshiba SD-335 tuner stood out as well. Those are VU meters on the front those are actually the signal meters. It’s just for getting radio. But I love the design, man. Can’t help it. It’s my kind of thing. This is even more my kind of thing. Check this little beastie out, this is a color Panasonic TV from the 80’s. A Color Pilot. 1983 I believe. $5, absolutely grabbing this. And holy crap, I was not expecting to see these at Goodwill, of all places. These are Roland MA-8’s These are stereo micro-monitors. Computer speakers, made for hooking up to whatever you need but I wanted them because they would pair nicely with something I was planning: the MIDI Mountain. I’ve already made that video, you might have already seen it where I showed these I was just looking at them on eBay and they were $8 here at Goodwill for a pair. Whereas online, at the time, the last pair sold for $84.99. So yeah, I felt pretty good about getting them for $8 Definitely check out my MIDI mountain video if you’d like to see these in use. Alright, one more good will as the sun is starting to set. Doesn’t that look nice? I didn’t find a whole lot here but in the electronics, this stood out to me. This is a Humax VA-3210 satellite MPEG-2 receiver. I don’t know exactly where this came from. But it takes these little smart cards. Or so it calls them, which appears to have given it access to some sort of France telecom thing. Yeah, not really something I would pick up in fact, I would not even have any use for it. But I just thought it was kind of fascinating to see at a Goodwill. Now this I found even more interesting. This right here is a Technasonic Weight-Talker III electronic talking scale if you read Garfield comics as much as me as a kid you’ll know why I found this amusing I always enjoyed the strips with the sarcastic talking scale. And I assumed that it was devices like this that it was based on. I never really thought about it before. I saw a Polaroid bag over here and yeah it was kind of an interesting little land camera inside. Nothing particularly rare or outstanding but it was in pretty decent shape So there we go. Square Shooter 2. Checking out the media and this absolutely caught my eye. We have a little holder here filled with NES cartridges It was $40 for a selection of games that were very honestly not worth that. There’s a controller in there too but yeah, $40. Eh, no. Saw quite a few Playstation 2 games mixed in with the DVD’s over here, including a couple of them that I actually have not picked up yet. One of them being Midnight Club II Somehow I have never played this one. Only like, the first one and the third and fourth. I skipped two somehow so I’m grabbing this. And also Driv-three-R or Driver 3. I’m particularly fond of this series even though this one is not the greatest. But I’m going to get it because I didn’t own it. And that is all for episode 36 of LGR Thrifts. Took a good couple of months or so to find all these things. But it eventually all came together to make an episode out of. Got some awesome big box PC games A few of which I had been looking for for quite a while. A couple of console titles, a weird Koi fish pond VCD thing A dust cover for old computers. And of course that awesome TV and the speakers which are not pictured but I’m going to show you what they look like here. Yes, the TV works wonderfully. I have it hooked up to a VCR here Playing some weird VHS tapes I had found at Goodwill previously. This thing just amuses me to no end. I love this old TV. And then of course the Roland speakers. One of them didn’t work when I got them but all it needed to be was taken apart and put back together and it was fine, really. Just a couple of wires had come loose on the secondary speaker and there you go, plugged in works just fine. And again, watch my MIDI Mountain video if you’d like to see more of these. And finally, I leave you with some footage of that bizarre Koi pond VCD. Enjoy. [Speaking Chinese] Isn’t that awesome? You know, if there’s anything that somebody needs in their collection, it’s a weird Koi pond video CD like this one. Or, maybe not, maybe you wanted to pick up the kind of things like you’re seeing here. You have been sending me all sorts of photos of different thrifting finds over the past couple of months so thank you very much. I’m glad you’ve been having having arguably more luck than me in finding things out there. It’s just been a slow couple of months but that is how it goes because thrifting relies on luck. I don’t just go out there and set things up, I do end up just finding things out of luck. So, sorry it takes a while. But anyway as always, thank you, very much, for watching.

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  4. And yes "some" keyboards just work with dos and some cards. Not necessarily advertised, but it is real… Dude had a rack with 7* on it, it was huge!!! It was the wildest setup I've ever seen with a switch and a rack to control midi eq. Even though it was different doom sounded amazing. It's hard to describe. He moved outta sate some years ago and we fell outta contact. I wish I knew more, but I don't.

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  9. Your Goodwills are so much better than mine. What few interesting items they receive, they immediately stick straight in the auction cases.

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    游姿雄然(and a majestic posture)
    堪称淡水鱼王 (this type lives up to the "King of the Freshwater Fish" title perfectly.)

    ——检漏之神克林特·巴森吉尔(- Clint the Thriftmaster)

  12. You can still get a nearly 1:1 copy of the roland speakers from Behringer, the MS16. Quite a decent set of speakers for ~ 70 euros.

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  23. That weird phone plug you saw was an old 4-Pin phone jack that was used from the early to mid 1900s. Our old house has one in our hallway. Another house we lived in a few years back had the same jack. Again, in the hallway. I guess that’s where phones were in that time long ago.

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    Potion of Poisoning
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