LGR – IBM Little Tikes Young Explorer PC

LGR – IBM Little Tikes Young Explorer PC

Greetings! LGR here at one of my favorite
spots to come check out every once in a while. I call it “The Oddity Warehouse,” but it’s
really called the Regeneration Station. One of those places where they have a little
bit of everything on offer, motorcycles, old TVs, whatever the heck…
this is… …So I’m wandering around here past all this other cool stuff and ran across something
that I noticed immediately because I’ve actually use one of these before. This is
a Little Tikes IBM computer setup for kids known as the Young Explorer or also
the Kidsmart computer. This is something that IBM actually did with the Little
Tikes company, mostly known for toys and educational stuff to give kids a
computer that they could use. And it actually did feature a proper IBM
ThinkCentre computer in here and had this nice, colorful keyboard and little USB
mouse to go with it. Apparently manufactured by this company called
Chester Creek Tech, hehehe. Yeah, it was just a conglomeration of
companies getting together to make this thing. I actually didn’t run across this
in any kind of educational place. I ran across this in an airport when I was about 16 years old. and I was traveling with my
little brother across the country and since we were underage the airline we
were on had us go into these little rooms in between flights and use these
computers. They happened to have this exact same setup here, Little Tikes things.
I was like, “what the heck is this IBM Little Tikes?” Had a bunch of edutainment games on
there things like Millie’s Math House and some of the Humongous stuff and I think even “Let’s Explore The Airport
with Buzzy The Bee”, which is appropriate. Also originally had this little seat that you
would sit on of course. But you’d open it up and there are a bunch of crayons and art
supplies and stuff you could put in there. Yeah, this setup is super cool. You had a
monitor that would go behind his little protective screen there; the one we had
was a CRT but you can also outfit them with an LCD later on. Apparently they still sell these for
about two and a half thousand dollars but this one didn’t have any of the hardware in it of course.
Underneath here is where you would put the IBM ThinkCentre computer itself just
locked away in this little plastic cubby hole just meant to keep little grubby kid fingers
out of here. This is just something that I wanted to show here because there’s no way
I’m going to buy this thing. Even though 29 bucks for this shell is not really that
bad of a price at all! In fact, I’d like to have those peripherals there but, this is just too
bulky and I don’t have anywhere to put it… Plus, it doesn’t have any hardware in it. Now sure, I could just stick something in here and make it pretty much fully functional again
and I could probably even contact Little Tikes to get some parts, but I don’t wanna do
that! I just want to show it off because I think this is neat and there’s some
weird memories associated with it for me So, haha, yeah! Little Tikes IBM computer system. There you
go, that exists. Thank you for watching!

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  1. I've seen that keyboard on its own in the wild before…. I definitely should have bought it. the irony of doing design work on a keyboard with comic sans on it, lol

  2. i had these back in the kindergarten i used to go to. i remember always watching my friends play hugo games on it, but never playing it because i don't know how to. yeah, let's playing before the age of internet videos.

  3. I saw ones of these last year at a hospital when my sister was being born and I used this and all the adults who based by gave me the stare XD

  4. I remember a Fry's in San Diego that had a few of these in a little game room in the store! I remember playing on one of these; it was so fun

  5. I always remembered seeing one of these as the first computer I ever saw in my life but never knew what it was called and never saw one after that untill now.

  6. I've seen many of these. They used to have them at the YMCA, like ten, twelve years ago…

    I think they were running Windows Machines (but I'm not sure since the computers were locked into the 'edutainment' software that was different from the original software).

  7. I remember when i was kindergarten, they had a wall full of these. Except they had a flat plastic panel that protected the actual keyboard below it, like the one pictured at 1:46. They had some educational software and games laid out across some weird graphical interface that looked similar to Microsoft Bob actually. If i remember correctly, the keyboard was actually in an "ABC" layout without any modifier keys or numerical keypad. Not sure if the hardware would have been original though, in the early 2000's.

  8. If I ever have a kid, I am going to get one of these setups and load in a bunch of emulators and old games I grew up with as a kid, so I can give him an experience I had and loved as a kid while all the other 3 year olds will be rotting their brains out with smart devices.

  9. Reminds me of Antitrust/Conspiracy.com, and that scene in the "daycare".. Not the same type, but still. 😀

  10. I have literally dreamed of this thing more than once, but I never knew this thing actually exeist until seeing this video. It showed up in some weird amusement park in my dream.


    I used to go to a little daycare where this was available to play. We each got to play for about 30 min. I loved it so much.

  12. Wait in the store that you in it was 29.00 Dollars??!?! YOU HAVE TO BUY IT GO BACK THERE AND GET IT AHHHH lol

  13. Since this video was released I have lamented the fact that this went unpurchased. I just can't help but think it was a terrible missed opportunity for awesomeness. Also, I just really want one for myself.

  14. I used that keyboard on a computer back when i was in… ugh difference in school systems… "the first class of elementary school" i guess?
    We had like a weird computer with all kinds of strange games on it, like a game about some kind of werewolf that got horny about red socks or some stuff?
    Weird they only put the keyboard out and not the whole thing tho…

  15. A quick search for Chester Creek Tech shows that they apparently still make the keyboards! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B005FNCAWI/ref=psdc_12879431_t1_B000OCV8X2

  16. I saw one of these in a hospital. In 2014.
    It was running Sammy's Science Center.
    It took all I could to NOT go over there and dive deep into nostalgia.

  17. … THAT IS AWESOME! I didn't know that existed! If I had a little one, all I would need is that shell and I'd have something to put my old $300 tower inside of.

  18. as much as i like your videos, i found it really refreshing to hear you talk normally here! i think you should do it more often

  19. I saw one of these as a little kid once at an airport. Never saw it again, and I wasn't sure if it was real or just a weird dream



    I was in Kindergarten, and I. The back of the room, 3 of these were hooked up and we could use it any time we wanted. However, the middle one kept breaking and eventually, LITERALLY BLUE SCREENED TO DEATH.

    Fun while it lasted.

  21. I wonder if you could buy the mouse and keyboard
    lol just imagine some triple monitor high end gaming Setup with intel core i7 and some REALLY good graphics card and ram and then they mouse and keyboard are from a Little Tikes Explorer Pc

  22. You should put a PC in there with an overclocked Intel Core i9 7980XE and dual GTX 1080 Ti's inside of it, and then install Gentoo Linux on it.

  23. I loved this thing. We had a computer room in our classroom. We were allowed to play what ever we wanted on it as long as we had a parents permission. A kid played doom. His parents would sign anything.

  24. I did not even know that existed! I would have loved to had one for my children.. Just looked it up.. 2699.00!!!! WOW no wonder the page says it would be great for use in childcare facilities and of the like..

  25. My dad said fuck it and bought me an actual Dell computer with a video card upgrade. I was only 3 at the time. :p

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