LG 24MP59G Gaming Monitor Review: Don’t Buy It? [Read Pinned Comment]

LG 24MP59G Gaming Monitor Review: Don’t Buy It? [Read Pinned Comment]

So we are going to look at a 1080p gaming
monitor today, which has an IPS panel with a refresh rate of 75 Hz. And I thought that it was really great to
have a monitor like this available at this price point. But it turns out that it was actually too
good to be true, and this monitor does have some serious issues. Hey guys, I am Siddharth, and this is LG24MP59G
review. So the assembly of this monitor is pretty
simple, just take it out of the box, fix this part into the base of the stand, and then
fix the stand to the monitor. You get a power adapter which does not have
a brick at center which is nice, an HDMI cable inside, and this clip for cable management,
you also get the drivers in a CD if you have an optical drive. The overall look of this monitor is probably
the best thing about it. It has a very smart and sleek look for a gaming
monitor, and it doesn’t look boring or cheezy, so it’ll also for very well in an office. It is fairly thin, but it doesn’t have a
bezel less design that some other monitors in this price range have, which I don’t
mind, but thinner bezels do look nice. This monitor doesn’t support VESA mounting,
which sucks because the stand doesn’t offer any kind of adjustment whatsoever. And being able to adjust, at least the tilt
angle is something I consider necessary. For the inputs, you have VGA, HDMI, and DP,
so you can run it with older and newer computers, you of course have a port for power, and you
also have a 3.5mm jack for audio with headphones or speakers. This monitor doesn’t have inbuilt speaker,
which is what I prefer. The monitor is controlled completely by the
joystick under the panel, and LG has one of the best ways to control the settings on your
monitor, so this system works really well, and you also have the LG software to adjust
the settings if you prefer that way of doing it. This is a 24 inch full HD IPS display, which
is nothing special, but it does have a refresh rate of 75 Hz, which wasn’t available in
this price range earlier. 75Hz is a decent step up from 60Hz, it is
very noticeable even when moving your mouse on the screen, and while gaming it also makes
a difference, and you do get a taste of higher than 60 Hz refresh rate, without spending
much, which is a nice trend to see in newer full HD monitors, and it also doesn’t require
a very powerful GPU. But you cannot overclock it, even a little,
it just shows that the display signal is out of range, even at 80 Hz, and I used to frequently
overclock my BenQ 60Hz VA panel to 75Hz while gaming, so 75Hz refresh rate is not that special. This is an IPS panel, which covers over 99%
of sRGB color gamut, but out of the box the color accuracy was an issue, and I had to
calibrate this by adding 10% to the blue channel, and reducing 3% of the red channel to get
rid of the warmer than neutral color tone on the display. So this can be used for content creation,
but you’ll have to know how to calibrate the display, and have a reference point like
my 4K IPS monitors at the back, but most people buying this wouldn’t have that, so you can
just try my settings and see if it feels more neutral. But after doing all of that, the colors do
seem to be pretty nice and saturated, and it does deliver to the expectations of an
IPS display. 250 nits of brightness is plenty, and I keep
it at around 30%, and a 1000:1 contrast ratio and very good viewing angles, which this monitor
has are typical for IPS panels. It has a 5ms of grey to grey response time,
which is fine for gaming, and it also has a 1ms response time mode with motion blur
reduction, which makes the display visibly flicker, and also makes the games and moving
objects on the screen look worse than how they look with motion blur, so that is useless,
and there are other gaming features like black stabilizer which brightens the darker parts
of games which I personally never used in 2 years with these monitors at back. But this monitor allows you to display a crosshair
on the screen, so if you want to take those no scope shots in games, you can cheat without
using a marker or sticking something on the monitor, so this is the only gaming feature
that I think can actually be useful. And it also supports AMD FreeSync, which you
can take advantage of if you are running an AMD GPU. And now lets come to the biggest issue this
monitor has, and that is the terrible backlight bleed on both of its sides. Now, IPS panels are known to have some IPS
glow, but this is extraordinarily terrible, and it is pretty noticeable whenever you have
anything dark going on the screen, and you do notice it while playing games or watching
dark scenes in videos, and I really didn’t expect this from LG. It is not noticeable in general desktop operation,
and it is also not visible when you don’t have dark scenes in games, but it is disappointingly
bad when you see it, and this is something that you’ll just have to get used to, if
this is going to be your primary monitor. There’s also two bright white spots on the
panel, and you also see faint vertical lines in orange and blue colors, which doesn’t
bother me, but it is noticeable. And all these issues are not because I received
a defective unit, because if you check out the reviews of this on Amazon, you’ll see
that other people are also facing these issues. One issue that does seem to be present on
my unit specifically, is a dead pixel that I noticed one day after the return window
was closed, and while you can get dead pixels with any display, I’ve gone through around
8 or 10 monitors including 4K monitors, and none of them have had a single dead pixel
out of the box, so take that as you will. So overall, I don’t know if I can recommend
this monitor. While I think that it offers good display
quality and features for the price, and 75Hz refresh rate on its IPS panel with its sleek
design are nice, you will just have to consider whether the issues I talked about are something
that will be deal breaking for you. If this is going to be your primary monitor,
then I would recommend searching for alternatives, and see if you can get the same feature set
without these issues. This could be the best value monitor for someone
who wants to do some content creation alongside gaming, but I haven’t done much research
on monitors in this price range, and I would really recommend going for higher resolution
monitors, if you can afford that, because now the prices are not as bad as they used
to be. So that was it for this video, if you did
decide to buy this monitor, I would recommend doing that with my affiliate links in the
video description, give this video a thumbs up I it helped you understand the pros and
cons of this monitor, subscribe to the channel with bell icon if you haven’t already, and
I will see you, in the next one.

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  1. I would like to get your opinion on a monitor that I wanna buy am looking for 27 inch 1440p at 144hz monitor. Thanks

  2. Bro Can u suggest a tv below 50" with good refresh rate.I planned to buy mi tv but ur gaming review on it made me change my decision, especially when u showed the lag between mouse click and shoot

  3. I am using same. R u too having blue and orange colour pixelation problem. ?? Means both colour looks more pixelated than other ???

  4. just get your monitor replaced stop complaining about a defective piece. me and some of my friends has the same monitor, and it works superb, beside that you can't overclock it even a lil bit

  5. Pls help. I am an editor. I can calibrate my display. That 99% sRGB color is a great think for me. What else can u suggest at this price point. Pls help. 🙁

  6. plz suggest me a monitor under 12k… 75 hrz would be great… i was checking this monitor in amazon and the spects looks quite good so i tried to find a review in youtube… if u can plz suggest me another good monitor in this proce segment.. thank you

  7. Great video fam you just saved me! I was gonna buy this Monitor but after watching I have changed my mind 😀
    So, I have found this lg 25 inch ultrawide monitor any thoughts on this? Should I buy it? (I mostly do gaming)

  8. Why don't you make a video on Amazon who is sucking us… If you complain to Consumer protection they will take less money from you. You didn't know right? Heh.. It's a crime if someone charges more than the actual money…

  9. Hi, I bought this monitor and got it today, but I really can't find the best settings. Could someone help me by sending the best settings please?

  10. Bro should i buy this monitor over BenQ Zowiee 24inch 1ms jus for the looks? I need a monitor for my ps4 slim & was wondering that if this is worth it?

  11. Wow your monitor has lot of issues i had same monitor and there is no issuer like backlight bleeding and pixel dead i think your monitor is broken

  12. My Acer VG240Y also have that vertical lines on orange & blue. Its very noticeable when I compared it to my Viewsonic Va2419-sh that doesn't have those lines. No backlight bleed or other issues, just that damn vertical lines. Another monitor that have this defect is LG 24mp68vq.
    Low end budget monitor from LG & Acer is dissapointing. My next monitor gonna be either Samsung or Viewsonic.

  13. i did buy 2 years ago, still use, but my eyes very very fast tired, too hard play in dark room in dark games, and fking ips glow, all other thing does not matter i buy him only 150$ and guys one more thing G-sync work true on this monitor from dp

  14. Bro i think you get defective. Product.. I also have same moniter. I dont face problem. Like this. Its perfact working. For me

  15. Hey man, thanks for your review but my Display is just fine, you have serious bleeding and i would change it. Trust me, iam so so happy with this Screen, its a shame that you have those problems :(. I would recommend this Display 100% , i dont have any serious backlight bleed or pixel errors.. Btw. Whats your Brightness and contrast settings? Thank you 🙂

  16. Which 24 inch IPS monitor would you like to recommend..? For Audio and Video production.. With a perfect RGB Balance.!!

  17. 4:45
    Does gsync support adaptive or not?

    I do not understand why they mention this picture and have not said anything.

    You tested, can you tell me if it supports gsync?

  18. Buddy, you did receive a defective unit. The thing is, for this model the QC or manufacturing is problematic and more people are getting defective units than normal. If you are running a review channel, at least use some common sense.

  19. I bought this monitor, and the backlight bleed issue on my monitor is very minimal, and not so much as your model.
    Nice review tho, and with your color correction it looks better

  20. Excellent review. I bought this monitor a few months ago and like others have noticable light bleed. I am encountering blurry elements in Windows and games though. Tried two graphics cards. Seems it's only on displayport as HDMI on console looks crisp. Unsure if I should buy a different brand.

  21. About the backlight thing I don't know about most people but I thankfully does not have any weird lighting

  22. So I am getting a lot of comments about how my unit may be defective, and I could just ask for a replacement. I didn't think that this video will be getting this kind of attention, so I didn't include the screenshots of the reviews, but if you go to Amazon India page of this monitor (link in description) you'll see that there are a LOT of people facing these issues, and most of the images posted of this monitor have a significant degree of backlight bleeding. This percentage of people facing issues with this monitor, IN ADDITION to other issues like vertical lines on blue and orange color, which everyone having this monitor is facing, has ensured that I wouldn't recommend this monitor. BUT STILL, due to so many people commenting about this problem, I VISITED LG service center, and they REFUSED to take this monitor BECAUSE IT WAS ORDERED ONLINE (Service center in Udaipur, Rajasthan, other service centers might be better). This monitor is being used at my workplace, 125 Km away from my home, so I had to bring it back with me, and be without a working PC for days, just so I could get this monitor fixed/replaced, and the LG service center refused to take this because IT WAS ORDERED ONLINE, the guy there told me that he needs to confirm this with someone, who didn't pick up the call. So I took his number and called him multiple times after every 2-4 days, and everytime it was the same issue, that he hadn't confirmed whether he could accept a monitor that was ordered online. I really don't have time and energy to waste on this one product, as I already don't get time to cover things I already have for my channel, and it was surprising for me to see that LG service would be like this. Keep in mind, that the monitors I use as my daily drivers are two 27 inch 4K IPS LG 27UD68-P, and these monitors are expensive, so I don't have anything against LG, in fact I think that they are one of the best manufacturers of monitors, and I would continue to rely on them despite my bad experience with this monitor. But getting this monitor replaced has been a nightmarish experience, and if it's so tough to get it replaced, then I wouldn't recommend it. Maybe the service center in my city was especially bad, but I have tried everything I could with this monitor, so if you have the same monitor, and you don't have these issues, congrats on receiving a panel without these problems, if you still want to go ahead and buy this while understanding the risks, feel free to do that. BUT DON'T TELL ME that I didn't try to be objective about this product.

  23. I just happened across your review after using this monitor for a couple months and was surprised to see the backlight bleeding issue. So I set my monitor to pure black and killed the lights to see if my monitor had the same issue, since I wasn't noticing it. I guess I got one of the good ones because I have 0% backlight bleeding.

  24. I want a 24 inch monitor for my PS4. Panel should be very good in contrast with deeper blacks. Thank you!

  25. Today I Came To Know That Not Only CPU And GPU, But Also Monitor Cam Be Overclocked.
    Nice Post Thanks For Sharing♥️

  26. So I did buy this monitor because I was looking for a cheap monitor as a second display for my streaming software and such, and I’m really suprised by all the issues your panel had because the colors on mine are indeed off but not that much and the backbleeding isn’t even an issue for me. Maybe I just got lucky judging by other reviews only but idk 🤷‍♂️

  27. Hey can you suggest me a monitor with ips panel which can be overclockable to 70- 80hz i've told that some monitor went from 60 to 80hz

  28. @TechReflex, which is the cheapest monitor with Pivot function? I want to use it as a secondary display. Thanks & great video. Keep up the good work 🙂

  29. Hey im thinking of buying acer predator xb271hu(second hand) it a good monitor but is it worth in 2019? No hdr too

  30. i mean no one plays dark games except if your a batman fan but this is a very cheap gaming monitor so you have expect some issues

  31. Are you doing this thick accent on purpose? sorry to start like this but let's forget about it
    Anyway thank you for the video. I am looking for a new Monitor, I no longer play games, my eyes are dying, already seeing only with my right eye… anyway was thinking of 75hz, IPS 23inch+
    I'm not sure about LG, i have my old monitor LG, from the start it was weird… I sent it to warranty, they said nothing was wrong with it, came back a bit banged up… so most likely not a LG monitor
    AOC 24V2Q
    246E9QJAB or 246E9QDSB, seems like the same thing, except for gtg 4ms (JAB), the difference is like 10$
    Anyone has any thoughts on this matter?

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