Let’s Play UnderMine | Enter the Gunmine | Part 1 | Full Game Release Gameplay PC

Let’s Play UnderMine | Enter the Gunmine | Part 1 | Full Game Release Gameplay PC

Let’s Play UnderMine – Part 1
hello everybody and welcome to a brand
new series undermine I have been told I don’t I’m going into this game relatively
blind I don’t usually do this but I’m really excited to do it today I’ve been
told this game has elements of Legend of Zelda it’s a roguelike that has out into
Legend of Zelda a little bit of stardew valley I heard I don’t know if that’s
true and I heard even some enter the gungeon so guess what Color Me
titillated I don’t office use the word titillated but titillated I am so we can
go for this there’s a squirrel looking right inside my window this is quite the
intro here let’s play let’s play the game here we got a profile with six
seconds in with this guy it’s got a red outfit here we’re gonna figure things
out as we go here people you out there peasant I have an important task for you
as you’ve noticed this mine is plagued with terrible earthquakes I need you to
delve into the mind and find the source of the tremors and there’s another thing
our blacksmith has gone missing and without him the Forge lay dormant if we
are to delve deep into the under mind we will need someone to forge new equipment
find the blacksmith and the source of the tremors now off with you you hasn’t
take this key and unlocked the entry of the mine do not fail me I almost failed
you immediately I almost forgot the key what’s going on here pick up okay
artifact discovered press return to open the journal okay we got ourselves a
little bit of a menu we unlock the menu hell yeah peasants pickaxe vest mitts
weight counter weight bomb a peasant sack okay keep that journal with you
refer to it if you ever seek to in answer a question bang alright
let’s do this people peep looks like a merchant stand okay oh oh we can jump we
can jump this to point it’s 2.5 D I guess all right here we go
I am quite excited I’ve been I mean here great things I mean the pixel art is
just you know like clean clean clean clean
like pixel art can be used as whoop as an excuse or as something that makes
things better this is a this is a scenario where I feel like it’s doing a
really good job what’s this right shift right shift to attack that doesn’t sound
right I’m using the mouse man you kidding me right shift can we jump over
eat a drop a bomb all right I see I see we have infinite bombs what happens if
we bond this skeleton Oh can’t peep can’t peep what has already blown up
right control to throw a weapon or we can also just press right click oh we
guns in now we do this as much as we want we can indeed oh is this gonna be
my preferred method of attacking I feel like it will be others adorable I hate
it die did I would you please stop stealing
all my stop stealing all my money that isn’t unheard of rude rude they are
thieves here beware of pilfers they are thieves meal ticket free food at the
shop right now okay free food at the shop right now
good luck peasant I feel like that was what the tutorial level right there and
now we are gonna try to actually get some action done so I believe this is
indeed a rogue light in the sense that I mean you know first of all let’s not
let’s not get into that but it has rogue light elements you know the first game
to use the term rogue light being rogue legacy I often you know say rogue light
for me the big thing is permanent progression
I believe this game does have it so we are gonna be collecting all this gold I
know we can get stuff that will permanently help us in the future
ah barrel meat okay Oh first hit of the run okay so we definitely do more with
melee but it’s easier to hit with the range me uh of course we cannot use our
melee if the thing is out all right lunch after the blades we don’t have any
any keys here explosive barrel explosive barrel we have in invincibility frames
in the air question mark be a pretty important to know seems like maybe
tossing and tossing and jumping is my oh okay so if I jump and then toss in the
air it doesn’t hit the enemies because I’m tossing it in the air oh man
alright took a one-shot Bop get out of town my guy yeah out of town so I hate
that these guys are stealing all my money where’d it go okay so we could get
down here this strikes me as Bominable domain uh okay two bombs seems like it would
just take me into that room anyways though there’s another bomb sitting
right there we need a key for that it looks like boo
I guess I’ll double check here nope my god that was a mistake but I found a
staircase I can only assume why it takes me down like I hate bees they get out of
here you stinkers I can only assume it takes me down a floor so I do want to be
slightly careful there all right mom and run bombing run hello there ah hey there
friend the name is Weiland and I’m the
blacksmith it was just down here picking up some mushrooms when one of those
quakes caved an entrance in it’s cool I got a prescription from the apothecary
for these really appreciate you blasted feet who was not expecting that
really appreciate you blasted me out of here drop by my voice you ever find
yourself up top I’ll catch you out and all the best gear I can also craft you
any blueprints you find laying around you may even find one in that chest over
there free of charge alright see you soon pal daddy you buy the wave you can
afford us to just find that pickaxe on the rack of it I did a fine job on that
one okay see you again soon so I believe that’s gonna be our first permanent
progression item right weapon upgrade increase the swing damage all about that
new okay so we got a blueprint for Whelan’s boots can we break spikes take
names steel toed and steel sold and not to be confused with Toadvine the steel
sold steel-toed requires crafting okay break spikes take names ah it’s still
early enough in the game for me to not really know what that is so we’ve spread
oil there can only imagine we have a way to like that a blaze in some situations
as well okay without a key just double double
check here without a key we can’t do anything with that
was there another room up north here indeed what the hell is your problem huh
what wait oh it’s a shop okay good scare protein shake drop some protein drop
some protein what my guess is that is a potion effectively but it’ll just drop
steaks on the ground restores a small amount of help
I’ll do it nobody got over here free food
cool from the meal ticket thing I like it I like it I like it I don’t love my
Sikh mustache that kind of looks like me in a way it looks like quite hold on
quit you looks quite a bit like me hold on guys I’m gonna get mom went when did
I get put in a video game mom did you sign my my life rights away you told me
you were bringing me to a Disney Channel audition oh it went exactly like that oh
my god please I don’t want to die like on the first floor okay so
hopefully these staircase does stay does indeed just double check and make sure
we can’t do something like break it like that all right
we’ll go down this one first just in case we can come back up spelunker
achievement toughness increased maximum health it’s a blessing that’s gonna do
jack lickety squat for us if we don’t heal up though because it just increased
our Maxine didn’t increase our current with us with it with it though down down
down to the bottom of the minds we didn’t die on the first floor I’m a pro
gamer mom hey the shop again free food on every
shop is gonna be quite handy though keyring full of keys full of keys how
many keys full metamorph boom mitem orphan transmute a carried relic
dropping any object into the shifting liquid will quickly mutate it into
something familiar but different so is this kind of like d6 and Isaac or
whatever like take your item and throw it throw down the weird liquid and
anything you put in the liquid gets read rolled into something similar weird like
I’m digging this already it’s got you know you can tell like usually pretty
quickly with a with a roguelike if it’s got that that you should that is eunice
a qua that you know that’ll something something that makes it like extra
polished and I’m digging this one so far I’m digging it so far but we’ll have to
see yep York I could do without these suckers though hello you don’t you can’t fit out I guess it’s
a little mean seat a little rotund I do suppose oh oh
didn’t mean to oh okay didn’t realize I was fighting a boss
didn’t realize I was fighting a boss not getting a lot of progress done here oh
oh oh I was really hoping really hoping this is stinking oh we are getting to
die he’s giving us bombs really makes me think that bombs will be a great way oh
we’re so screwed to do damage to him alright we missed with our hit there and
we’re dead and we’re dead just like that goodbye meal ticket
goodbye gold son of a gun we got a little bit done immediately found a boss
or maybe that’s not even a bus it’s probably not a boss at all is it bled to
death internally live to the ripe age of 32 so we got to keep 57 so I’m wonderful
that’s probably not enough to even get anything however the blacksmith is back
up and save we’re gonna get stronger and stronger as it is you know we get
permanent permanent progression in here oh hey it’s my bug yeah bit taller now I
mean you’re definitely not as colorful anyways thanks for giving me a hand out
of that cave I’ve cleaned up the forge and have some new wares on display check
them out all the finest quality I promise if you buy something I’ll supply
to you and all your buds you know just in case you well no you know also I can
craft relics if you come across any blueprints in the mines and bring them
my way okay so we cannot get anything yet except for the gloves range damage
yeah boy that is me hand covers sorry they’re not gloves they’re hand
all right yeah I’m gonna you know the gungeon whoa what is that hasn’t you
returned ah someone knew very well hasn’t I’ve
gathered some special items that may help you in the end of mine feel free to
use the gold do you mind to pay for them they well of course remaining company
property do not fret no your canary will ensure they’re passed on in case you
meet your own neat salt shaker Oh salty like I can pick up gold at a distance
peep the names and health of your enemies cool increase the effectiveness
of food so I imagine this is like you know binding of issac or or enter the
gungeon kind of progression where it just allows those to be added to the
item pool so we have the chance to find those laters my educated guess here yeah
yeah jump over the rats wait can we can we do that can we jump
over them and oh I want to throw it downwards that would be that would be
something that would be some can’t so the jobs do come from this ooh in the
sky what is this unstable concoction gold hits the floor with explosive force
oh I keep on excuse me oh wow I I blew myself up I need to switch the control
so it’s on the same as blanks and actually think gan-chan otherwise we’re
gonna keep doing that all right much better so we’re so
screwed already we are so screwed already can we mind I do not know we do
have to hit with melee Oh explosive force
I wonder if that’ll help me does it hurt me ooh Oh interesting interesting
interesting we found a little exit we just have to be careful around because I
not sure if we can take damage from it or not demolitionist achievement alright got golden here trap yeah honestly could
be way worse it could have been way worse at least it killed all the things
that spawned for me Oh rat rat rat boom boom and then throw the axe when they’re
out of range I’m loving the ranged up damage oh my
god oh stop it get out of here I mean I guess they’re
here here’s my theory for why they’re in the game why they even there is probably
because they don’t want and I can respect this they don’t want people to
just like leave stuff on the ground constantly and I come back for it later
you know they don’t because that is a problem in a lot of for me and a lot of
roguelikes for lights I don’t like backtracking if I can help
it so you know I I can respect it in a way I can respect it we’re doing a la
which left some money but we got to stay in the rooms for a little bit longer
ooh wall meet they’re staying them a little bit longer oh so we know if those those green
slimes are here the ban means we got some kind of gold somewhere have any
kind of extra ball food anywhere we can go to the shop we’ll have enough money
to buy some we don’t get the free meal ticket which is problem moderate amount
of health fish kebab popcorn kernals duplicate all basic items in the room
Wow potentially cool I mean potentially cool for now we’re
just gonna go with the darn fish all basic items I I’m curious
okay so it I don’t know if it’s always meat but it’s been meat twice now oh we
got to be careful what we get locked in place when we melee we get locked in
place unless when we do the arranged attack so that’s extra extra reason for
me completely but this is dangerous extra reason for me to believe let’s see
if we can eat it knowledge what am I talking about
no I’m on to Tanja’s at the same time son of a gun well then cursed items increase your health returns projectiles
with an attack cute increase health all right what does it
do ah big curse minor frailty reduce max
health and lose more lose more gold on death ah not great not great I like the
idea of having cursed items in my games I love the idea of risk reward and
roguelikes it’s a big thing that’s in them that I often consider to be like a
a core tenant of ones I like is having a lot of elements of risk reward I find it
to be fun to be interesting wait so did we just buy increased health and to lose
increased health is that really what happened that is disheartening oh excuse
me ma’am you are a bomb bomb bomb bombs uh-oh that sounds dangerous
babushka well rest in peace us I suppose get down an extra floor though success
in my books please don’t tell me there’s bombs in those okay yeah yeah all right
good deal is that something this is something I
don’t know I’m sure there’s all kinds of secrets I’ve walked past missed
everything right now that’s okay well drop the bomb rat nest I’m assuming is
what that is okay what is this now savagery serum
temporarily increases crit chance so that’s our drink that’s on e so it’s a
little consumable crit chance up when do I wall when do I want a crit chance up
probably like good when I’m nearing death okay gotta get used to sticking in
the room a little bit longer it’s kind of like binding of issac amount of time
before you can get the item you know stop comparing it to other roguelikes
you ding-dong I know I know it’s hard it’s hard to not requires a special key
don’t bother it’s locked tight I let that wizard bamboozle me need to come
down here and look where it got me oh yeah he’ll be out of here I’ll have
you out – I have some useful skills in being a mom Smith and all interesting
I’m gonna sue me okay so can we could we bomb it or use a key no that’s what the
bottom one looks like they’re worth two keys probably not and probably not we’re
gonna lose more gold on death what is this purple one I feel like it
has to mean something so if we’re gonna lose more gold on
death we can really make sure we spend her stuff discover the secret shop okay
I’m gonna first buy that and then I will buy that I guess okay so this the whole
time this has been the secret shop is what it is
Oh or maybe there’s a two types of shops oculus I don’t know nitroglycerin drops
bombs continuously ah with bomb busca this sounds very dangerous I would like
to just heal the hell up by it fine extra key I don’t know when
in doubt just use your thoughts on uh from other roguelikes
you know you might as well what else you gonna do keys are useful in a lot of
other ones I feel like it’ll be nice to have them and especially like I said if
we’re gonna lose a lot of a lot more gold than normal then the extra might as
well just spend everything we got good I yeah I’m done I’m done for I’m done for
when do we want to okay hold on my bouche got one two okay bomb busca you did it
okay roll one two no you hit my bum booshka prepare to die I’m doing so much
better than I did last I smoked way too soon there babushka Oh was working please thank you babushka you absolute
God Rito the God here welcome to the channel like comment subscribe if I beat
that boss an ordinary covered in scratches dirt and mud all kinds of
purple gems here too and a couple little scrolls I guess that was a boss mushroom
crafted the blacksmith okay Dantas okay well let’s go unlock this
prisoner cell boy thanks for the help friend very glad to change my accent be
out of the cage I’m edit back to the top don’t trust
that wizard but got nowhere else to go make sure to pay me a visit I can
upgrade those firecrackers you caught bombs
it sounds good more permanent progression sounds good to me
although I am a I’m absolutely the best at this video game already thank you
very much I’m so not I’m so gonna die like next
sonic boom throw really fast sonic boom sonic boom oh I’m into it I’m into it I
am into it we should have used our critical up on the boss although I don’t
know if bombs can crit weird hunch out of nowhere says nope yep cool
I’m gonna save my bombs for more precarious situations although I’m sure
we could find good stuff in there was it float potion avoid falling into holes ah
cannot fall into pits music to my ears will be no fall damage here today what
do you get go on shoot should we buy some of this stuff I don’t think I need
the flood potion truly yet though there might be some rooms where it will make
extra sense this is food is the prompt oh is Brom throwing things right now
he’s gonna be really clean because we got the upgraded version of the for the
damage and we’re throwing real fast – ok so it looks like we do not take damage
from the explosion there I’m trying to I’m trying to just so I can find out hello hi lonk bath cat so sir I’m gonna
have to kindly ask you to turn around then it’s off limits turn around
as aunt the dungeons are off limit to plebs okay I won’t go then all you had
to say oh we didn’t get anything oops I was in havoc it’s this year this
is clearly something launched from the other side clearly something I can’t
touch right now one key to get in here was it the cookie golden popcorn Gold
will sometimes duplicate itself in the chests so that we get extra bom-bom Gold
this game is already creating interesting little synergies and I am
all about it hut hut hut hut hut yeah I don’t know this is very very melee
focused in a way probably is it maybe I’m supposed to play but I can’t I
cannot throw from a distance anyway to set these on fire maybe but Oh what wait oh you can blow those
up you can blow the spikes up we can set our pickaxe on fire oh he’s mad he’s mad
he’s mad what did I do besides throw something at
you face easy just keep on throwing you keep on the run easy enough
easy enough like it’s hard I’m scared I’m scared
oh that’s it that’s oh that’s a problem ain’t it imbue your weapon with fire hey it’s a
mimic it’s a mimic this game as mimics game as
mimics obviously this game as mimics huh got good stuff from it though alacrity
serum temporarily increased attack speed you know what I’m gonna drink this up
right now and then just go fight the boss what I can only assume is the boss
I’m so screwed ah sweet death whoo okay hit him
can we hit anywhere Oh No okay we bullet-hell boys want to get
these little suckers out of here Oh three 200 you have to mind yourself out
is that what’s up okay so the head is not weak it is only the tail okay only the tail stuck stuck who he
what do I do that for it I was just trying going for the Hail Mary huh oh my god figure this out already
I’m so dead though nice and longer than I expected spoke too soon
well one hit away only hit you need is your
last okay but no you you but moosh god it’s fine
that’s fine I ain’t even mad we didn’t–we better the second time than
the first time and we barely got any upgrades so I can’t really be then and
we got 208 goal in to Chamonix to two blueprints to roll around with bomb up
increase bomb damage from slightly dangerous to pretty dangerous echo blast
upgrade your mom’s to blow up new kinds of rocks okay okay
or we could go with something here which is probably wise or what was I don’t
think we could afford much of anything over here it could be by the classes
peep the names and health of your enemies pick up gold at a distance
crease the effectiveness of food maybe these are permanent
maybe those are permanent and we just get those what do we got here maximum health seems
like a good beginner’s thing to get swing damage range damage throw range
sounds really nice lose less gold when you die I mean unfortunately that sounds
like a very good thing to start with pretty proud of that one thanks you made
that you made that I made that so we’re now we’re off wolf
Wulfric Wulfric but anyways that was our first episode here of undermine and if
you enjoyed it do consider subscribing to the channel because I’m definitely
playing more I really really enjoyed myself I hope you guys liked it as well
if you are watching this later do consider watching it in playlist form
I’ll have the link for that in the description probably on the N screen too
cuz it’s just a nice clean way to let it fly you know why not but that is gonna
do it like I said I stream over on twitch.tv slash reclamation as well and
I do have a discord if ye if you care if you want to talk about the game share
secrets share strategies everything like that I got a discord with the link in
the description there but thank you thank you see you next time

30 thoughts to “Let’s Play UnderMine | Enter the Gunmine | Part 1 | Full Game Release Gameplay PC”

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  2. This game is great, and i kida like it more than the dicey dungeons. If you think so i whouldnt mind switching them.(more of this but keeping the dicey but at a lover pace)

  3. I think that near the "dungeon entrance" (the one with the adventurers), you blew a hole in the wall you could go through.

  4. Hey I think you should try out RAD, it’s a rouge like game where you have a bunch of cool mutations. I think it would be cool to do a series on!

  5. That Selt boss fight was kinda… Well, tough looking. As in, way too tedious. I hope that it won't be one of these "Run into a stone wall until you get 20 more upgrades yay" Roguelites…

  6. I think that the purple items you picked up 18:33 is not cursed, they need a certain currency you didnt have but you could try and take them anyway, and you will be cursed for it

  7. Ok I legit thought this game was made by the people who made enter the gungeon and I got so hype. Looks cool tho.

  8. This game is rife with nibbly bits in the walls. There's gold that so easily missed and if there's a sparkle, bomb it. It pays to really search each room for swag after clearing them as so much crap is so easily missed.

    Pits are very generous in their hit box btw, I hate them.

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