Lenovo Smart Display with Google Assistant Review – 6 Months Later

Lenovo Smart Display with Google Assistant Review – 6 Months Later

launched last year the lenovo smart
display was the first google assistant display to come on the market a few
months before google released their own smart display now known as the google
nest hub we’ve had our lenovo smart display for
over six months now so in this video i’m going to go over what are the top
features of the lenovo smart display how the device is held up over the past six
months what i typically use the device for and then ultimately whether or not
we recommend the lenovo smart display let’s dive in when lenovo gave me a
smart display back in february i was skeptical about it i already had several
nest hubs at that point and i didn’t quite know if i needed another smart
display the question I kept asking myself about the Lenovo smart display
was what exactly did it offer that was different from Google’s own smart
display the 10-inch version that I was sent was much larger than my nest hub
and it had a camera those were the main things I knew about the device before I
pulled it out of its box for the first time the build quality of the device was
noticeably nicer than the nest hub the volume and mute buttons felt more solid
and I really liked the bamboo wood backing of the device
the Lenovo smart display can be placed in both a widescreen or vertical screen
setup though most of the time you’re going to keep it in landscape because
the UI of the smart display only works in landscape mode you’d only put the
device in its other configuration for video calling
which we’ll get to a little later setting up the device was very simple
and similar to setting up other Google assistant devices the next thing you
notice when you turn the device on is of course the screen it’s pretty big and
overall quite nice compared to the nest hub though the screen is much more blue
looking especially if the lighting you have tends to be on the warmer side this
leads me to the largest downside of the Lenovo smart displays in that they do
not have an ambient color light temperature sensor like you would find
in a Google Nest hub as well as the Google Nest hub
ambient color light temperature sensors are critical to having a screen look
correct in different lighting environments and it is key to wide the
Google mask table and nest table Macs are the best choices for a digital photo
display connected to Google photos photos are only one of the main features
for the Lenovo smart display now after using the device for over six months I
think for the end user the main features of this device are going to be photos
music recipes videos and of course the Google assistant now unlike photos music
is actually an area where my Lenovo smart display outshines my nest hub the
Lenovo smart display has a great speaker for its price and provides much more
bass than the Google Nest hub there is a caveat here though and that’s the nest
hub max which comes out next month we don’t yet know what the nest hub max
will sound like but it’s safe to say that based on the specs for it it’ll
probably be just as good if not better then the Lenovo smart display with the
maxis stereo speakers and three inch woofer in the back recipes are another
area where the Lenovo smart display really shines the huge screen real
estate is great for viewing recipes and overall Google’s recipe system has
vastly improved since the feature was debuted almost two years ago
now there are lots of sites that support Google’s recipe system when you search
for a recipe on Google you can hit send to smart display then you can go to your
Lenovo smart display and say start cooking and Google will bring up the
recipe on the display the Google assistant on the smart display will
guide you through the ingredients you need to prepare as well as the steps you
need to take in order to complete the recipe and you can save your favorite
recipes by adding them to your cookbook videos are also great on the Lenovo
smart display again the huge screen real estate of the device really makes all
the difference with the 10-inch variant it’s great for playing YouTube videos
especially if you decide to place your smart display in your kit
and need to watch some cooking videos on YouTube do note that in case you wanted
to turn your device into a TV for your kitchen services like Netflix and Hulu
are not yet supported on Google Smart displays the last and most important
feature of the Lenovo smart display is of course the Google assistant the
Google assistant can do so many things it’s hard to cover them all now it can
basically answer anything you type in the Google search bar for cooking it’ll
find you recipes realize you’ve run out of something add it to your shopping
list you can do things like asking it to play the latest news play podcasts music
get you the weather tell you how long it’ll take you to get somewhere add
something to your calendar create reminders control your smart home
devices play games make phone calls etc there is just so much you can use the
Google assistant for now it’s kind of crazy now there is one feature that I
haven’t mentioned yet that does set the Lenovo smart displays apart from
specifically devices like the Google Nest hub and that feature is a camera
both sizes of the Lenovo smart displays come with a camera the camera allows a
user to use the Google assistant to make google duo calls on the smart display
the video quality on the Lenovo smart display is pretty decent with a 5
megapixel wide-angle camera that allows it to do 720p video calling also the
Lenovo smart display has a camera cover which is unique compared to the Google
Nest hub max now video calling isn’t really a feature I use day-to-day but in
my testing duo works really well duo is available on almost every device
imaginable now including Apple devices like the iPhone so for a video calling
solution it’s actually pretty great because it spans across different
ecosystems now before we wrap up this video there are a couple issues that we
did run into with the Lenovo smart display over the past six months that I
do want to mention one issue I noticed right away with the Lenovo smart display
is that its display lags way more the Google nest hub I have now I don’t
have the smaller Lenovo a smart display to compare so this could only be an
issue with the larger Lenovo smart display the second issue I’ve noticed
with the Lenovo smart display over the past six months is on occasion there are
just weird and slight inconsistencies with its UI compared to the UI of the
Google Nest hub the best example of this is when plain media on a speaker group
on the nest hub I can control the individual speakers in the speaker group
from the screen but on the Lenovo smart display I can only control the overall
group volume now sometimes it will show all of the speakers in the group but
it’s been pretty inconsistent with this over the past few months now one reason
for this difference could be that while the Google Nest hub in the Lenovo smart
display while there you eyes look almost identical they’re actually the software
behind them is not Google’s own devices which are the Google Nest hub and Google
Nest hub max those devices are actually built off of a chromecast architecture
whereas all other Google assistant smart displays are built on a stripped-down
version of Android known as Android things the difference between the
architectures could be the reason why there are some slight discrepancies
between the two devices that I’ve experienced over the past six months all
right to wrap things up here’s my take on the Lenovo smart display overall I’ve
quite enjoyed my time using the device and in a world where the Google Nest hub
and Google Nest hub max didn’t exist buying this device would be a no-brainer
but because that’s not the world we live in we live in a world where this device
competes directly with Google’s own offering I think that should give anyone
pause when considering whether or not to get the Lenovo smart display the areas
where I think you’d choose a Lenovo smart display over Google one are if you
want to camera in a smaller form factor with a seven-inch display what better
sound in a smaller display size if you like the overall
all design aesthetic of the Lenovo smart display better than Google’s if you can
get the device cheaper than Google’s offering or if you just in general like
Lenovo products better than Google’s otherwise my recommendation would be to
go either with a Google Nest hub or Google Nest hub Macs especially if you
want the best display for displaying pictures well that wraps up our six
months later review on the Lenovo smart display thank you so much for watching
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well anyways thanks again so much for watching, for 6 Months Later, I’m Josh

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  1. Really interesting to see the flip side of what i could have chosen – i went for the Google version but always wondered

  2. Josh, nice review. I have a google nest hub, I am waiting for for the max to come out. It just makes more sense in my case. But my all time favorite for a basic assistant is my google mini. Small out of the way device for my bedside table. See ya when the nest hub max comes out. Thanks

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    please kindly check and rate itπŸ™πŸ™

  4. HI Josh πŸ‘‹
    Though this Lenovo video was Appreciated, Saying More than,
    I Agree with Your Verdict, would be pointless !

    Thanks for ELIMINATING any personal Judgment on my part πŸ˜‰ !

    Will be looking forward to Your Reviews of the Google Nest Hub Max 😊.

    Have a Nice Day 🌞 Josh,
    JL πŸ•ŠοΈ

  5. Is it easy to switch between recipes and YouTube videos? It would be perfect if I could do one step, watch a video for a bit until I need to move on to the next instruction and then switch back without it losing where I was in the vid/recipe

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