100 thoughts to “LENOVO ideapad 320 unboxing”

  1. Ye laptop ka screen move kaise kiya jata hai ye bataya hai
    No detail of specification ,feature,price,quality description

  2. bhai lenovo k saath hmesha mera khraab experience hi rha hai, mere dosto ka b, aur shayad sbse ghatiya care center b isi k hai

  3. I have also bought this laptop and cant explain you reality…. Totally wastage of money and time….I have not received proper service from Lenovo….after 8 months of using…it became very slow even notepad was going to not responding….I have sold this laptop at Rs8000….now what is reality I have said with my personal experience with this

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  5. Bro loved your video. But can you just confirm that its the heat vent or not? Just feel if the hot air is escaping from where you said.

  6. I change os, that time Dolby Atmos will be deleted. I install again. Just 1 month working. After that asking to buy. Please tell me any solution for install permanent Dolby Atmos..

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