Legendary lost game found on Team17's Amiga!

Legendary lost game found on Team17's Amiga!

Hello Chip Dippers Thanks for joining me again on the Tube of You Well when I published that first video Exploring my Team17 Amiga 4000 developer machine that was found in a shed The community manager Ashley Not Ashleyfractic I have worms! This time Ashley Day He said that he noticed a few things Things that, indeed, I'd spotted to Now, along with remnants of other abandoned games such as Allegiance, P.I.G, PIG, and X2 for the Sega Saturn There was a workbench drawer that shared its name with a legendary cancelled Team17 game… Witchwood! Well, these games were thought to have been lost to time And whilst, we may not have time to explore them all in this recipode.. Don't worry.. we'll get to them soon But for today at least, why don't we return to Witchwood Oooo.. Welcome to Retro Recipes! Come on! Let's go! We're going to Witchwood! So, Witchwood is, by now, quite legendary as an ambitious and much publicized action-adventure game that had been in development for two years from 1994 Before we dive in, I think it would be interesting to see if none Retro Heads have even heard of it Hi! Cinabits? Oh, no, I'm good, thank you. I'm just wondering, have you heard of a game called Witchwood? Which wood? Yeah, Witchwood. Which wood? No, not, no, I'm not asking which wood. The game is Witchwood. Which wood? Yeah, Witchwood Which wood? Well, this went on for several minutes and it turned out That she was actually one of the original developers on the gam… No, I'm just kidding of course She was about minus three when it was made Well, anyway, originally slated for the Amiga, warning signs perhaps, started to show When that release was scrapped and development and moved only to machines Including the troubled Atari Jaguar and the Sega Saturn Until recently, the blurry VHS demo you're seeing was all we had So first up, let's run a Directory Opus Scan of the hard disk for the word, Witchwood While this is fascinating.. Out of respect for Cris Blythe, who donated the machine, I'm not going to show this full letter But it's clear that there was some partly worded concerns about not having the right tools to complete such a complex render And that probably refers to what was in the rest of the game You know, those legendary Team17 cutscenes that must have been in the works What about music and voice acting? And what if we could find those assets somewhere And create a mock-up of how the game would have really looked? Well, let's start by opening just one of the Witchwood folders I also found on the Team17 Amiga You thought it was gonna be empty didn't you? Yeah, me too But here we have a map from the top and some trees Is this where the saying 'you can't see the Witchwood for the trees' comes from? Uh.. Let's try to load it up Okay, that's something but I'm having little luck getting these to read properly Hardly surprising after 23 years Okay, let's try another folder I found This one was alongside the worms LightWave scenes that we recreated in HD in that recent video Okay. Wow! That seems to be an actual cutscene location So to dig deeper, I'll need the assistance of LightWave Genius, Mat Ricardo again Say hi. Mat! Hello Chip Dippers! Hello! Let's see if we can load this up Oh my giddy aunt! There it is! The cutscene! Just as Cris Blythe left it when this game was abandoned A quarter century ago I wonder if that empty block is where the tree goes from the other folder Okay, we've got to run a disc repair now and get these back After all trees don't grow on ..trees Alright, let's try again and we'll start with that map from above And there is it! A map from above! But this reminded me of something I'd seen by user Hallfiry on this forum He'd recreated the map from the demo of the game And it looked like it might fit perfectly over our map There it is! User Recreation, fitting perfectly with the developers own work in progress I also asked Cris Blythe about this And he said it was right at that chicane
looking in this direction And you can now see how this whole world would have come together And let's try again with that tree Hey, look at that! A tree! Well, trees don't grow sideways so let's see if I can fix that I asked Cris Blythe who donated this machine about this tree And he said he photographed it in Scotland for Witchwood If you live there, let's see if you can hunt it down Should be pretty easy.. So, let's see if it fits in that hole Tree-mendous! Okay, well a static preview is fine, but this cutscene was surely meant to be animated So I asked Cris what he'd had in mind Rather than tell you, let's just show you! But first, were also missing music So I reached out to Team17's Bjorn Lynne And it turns out that he'd completed an albums worth of music for this game With each track meant to accompany a different, as yet undesigned, game location See the recipe ingredients below this video to grab a copy And for the intro, he suggested using the 1996 track 'The Fairy Woods' Fair-y enough So, ladies and jelly beans, for the first time ever Is the fully baked Retro Recipe of Team17's Witchwood's intro sequence Based on the original developers vision and using the original LightWave scene And..original music Okay, well, that is cool! But he also told me that that little pixie would say 'Welcome to Witchwood' So, let's see if Ladyfractic can provide the voice for us Uh, yeah, no, you're very keen but I said Ladyfractic not Puppyfractic Sorry! No point in begging! Welcome to Witchwood! Welcome to Witchwood.. Welcome to Witchwood. So, this is Retro Recipes, Retro with a Twist So I don't even want to just stop there With Mat's help, let's also bring the original scene file up to date As it might have looked if the game was finished today And, I also just discovered that an intriguing MS-DOS gameplay recording was leaked by… Well, we don't know who .. Um, but this gives us a much better look at the gameplay But you know, first, if we're updating the intro to HD and showing the gameplay… What about the music? Well, Bjorn Lynne to the rescue again He kindly sent me an updated version of his track 'The Fairy Woods' to match And the modern LightWave render you're about to see Took four high-end Overclock PCs to generate it But if you're looking for high-end PCBs, I recommend PCBWay Because as we all know, PCB stands for Passed Computer Games.. brought back to life Doesn't it? But literally, the moment we finished the modern render, Cris Blythe emailed me And said that Team17 had suspiciously just started work on a brand new game And they were calling it.. 'Return to Woodwich' Luckily, it turned out he was pranking me Although, I really appreciated that he'd gone to the trouble of finding something where the Team17 logo on it.. That looked just right (dramatic sigh) Thanks Cris! So this meant that we could proceed with a final render And here it is ..just for you! Welcome to Witchwood! And these directorial notes were actually found alongside that code And, you know, I thought about doing the voice acting for myself But I felt it would be nicer to leave some things to the imagination But I don't know about you, seeing all this digital archaeology come to life Man, I really wish that I could play this game for real And it had been released Who knows? Maybe there's someone out there that has the source code And can help me put the rest of it together So, why was this game really cancelled? Well, according to Team17's CEO Debbie Bestwick "Overnight, nothing mattered but Worms." We really thought we were Superstars and everything we touched would turn to gold, but the reality was a lot of money was wasted on games that were never released." And co-founder, Martyn Brown, had this to say He said it was "A promising fantasy RPG That rolled on and on before it was clear that the team was never going to finish it. It was very disappointing actually.." But he too said that it quote "Suffered since Worms got all the real focus and looking back it's fair to see why." And I'd agree with that But the good news is the company's definitely learned from these understandable mistakes And it's much more true to it's roots today Speaking of roots .. That's about all from Witchwood and me But I'll be back really soon as there are those other cancelled game workbench draws to explore And I've also worked with Jason Scott of the Internet Archive To put that DOS test demo online So you can actually boot it up and play it through your browser Check out the free public Patreon link below Don't worry .. no charge But on that note, a quick but important Thank You To my supporters including my latest top tier Patron, Mr. Storm Knight (thunder storm begins) Uh.. thank you so much for your support.. …Storm (thundering) Well, I better go.. I'm not feeling very good Maybe 'Armageddon' Worms Either way from me and Witchwood and Puppyfractic.. hiding back there Comment below and Cheerio! (loud thunderstorm) Welcome to Witchwood!

48 thoughts to “Legendary lost game found on Team17's Amiga!”

  1. Man, Mandella effect is the real deal!
    Before now, I'd swear I've seen this intro scene before, glowing light, trees, music & all.

  2. As always, great Vid, always love the intro music 😉 and awesome to see this old tech come back to life, can't wait to see what else you find

  3. That intro music sounds suspiciously close to a track from Siege of Avalon. Might have been re-used, though SoA was decidedly not a Team17 game, rather a developer called DigitalTome, whose slogan was, "Played any good books lately?"

  4. I hope they do a doggy mod in the game so that Puppyfractic can feel free to go there and play fetch, chase squirrels, birds and cats and do anything else she wants to do, like bark for no reason. I just hope she doesn't start to bark up the wrong tree and have a spell cast down on her by the Witches of Witchwood. Also, I hope you have trained one of the Robots in the background to give Puppyfractic her dinner. PS, your wife should have her own channel. She is a natural on camera. Even when it is only about 1/4 inch from her face! Man, that WAS an extreme closeup! Waynes World had nothing on you!

  5. Great find! Witchwood has a strikingly similar feel to an old game I've played back then: Ahriman's Prophecy. The music at 12:25 seems to be also used in that game.

  6. Reminds me very much of Speris Legacy (the actual gameplay) the trees look right identical, which was also a T17 game.

  7. 0:25 Oh, StarDust, I remember that one PS3 (Super StarDust HD); it was the first game to get trophy support.
    That game reminds me of Zelda much.

  8. Great work reviving this oldie! I personally would have trashed those old random files as I wouldn’t have known what to do with them!

  9. While I think the new intro sequence is impressive, it somehow feels more like a modern unity homebew than a period correct video. It looks to modern. Just the lighting and texture quality is too high.

  10. Certainly would be something cool that would appear on the switch now. Honestly your voice is to soft to do the acting in that game 😂. Well done yo your wife and puppy 🐶

  11. Looks like a clone of a SNES final fantasy game. Would have had a cult following but it would probably be a time consuming game to create.

  12. So it appears that "The Fairy Woods" was written for this game, then reused for Siege of Avalon and then again for Eschalon II – this tune sure weaves its way through the realm of obscure RPGs

  13. Just a quick question, Peri: have you already backed up that Team17 A4000 HDD? HDD image file, all sectors.

    After that you might even try to fix the read-error sectors if you consider it worth your time. I'd first scan that HDD on MHDD4.2 (PC DOS, bootable CD image available for download) to check if it's mechanically intact or already breaking down. This should tell much about the possible recovery result.

  14. Awesome! So much good humor, unexpected joke inserts, and the effort (the rendering, the cooperation with other fellows) that came into the making of this episode! What's not to like? Cheers! 🙂

  15. Looks like a fairly interesting RPG…
    Honestly not a game genre that I would've thought of in assocation with Team 17…

    … Maybe that's why it got cancelled.
    Who can say really… XD

  16. I have to ask though. Why do you talk like you're trying to seduce me and also announce an upcoming segment on NPR? Is that really how you talk?

  17. Dude, I've been slightly jealous of you for a while. But seeing LadyFractic!!!! No wonder you're always in such a good mood. 😀

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