Learn portrait lighting with 3D software.  Studio Lighting Tutorial with set.a.light 3D

Learn portrait lighting with 3D software. Studio Lighting Tutorial with set.a.light 3D

46 thoughts to “Learn portrait lighting with 3D software. Studio Lighting Tutorial with set.a.light 3D”

  1. Hey, double discount until 2 Oct. They are offering a Photokina discount bringing the price down to $119 and then your 15% coupon brings it to $101. Yeah Joe, downloaded and installed. Super!

  2. You produced an excellent video on how to use this awesome software. I had the opportunity to use it during the free download. It is addictive for your creativity. I hope the gang aquire it to improve their creative lighting and improve their skill set. Thank you Joe for sharing your expertise. LOL 👍😎

  3. Joe: I have had this software for about 2 years now. It is really awesome. I use it for lighting diagrams and experimenting with new lighting setups that I want to try. I save every portrait setup as a project so I can go back and be remind of my various setups. Oh yah, they give free updates for life.

  4. Excellent video Joe as always, Thanks! Does this software apply to continuous lighting environment? maybe to test some setups for video production within a studio. Adiós from Mexico.

  5. This seems like a derivative of the 3D modelling program called Poser that's been around for many years. I spend almost three decades doing 3D modelling and speaking personally, I'd rather use a mannequins head (cheap at $20 on eBay) and do real world light modifications rather than play with computer modelling software which quickly becomes a bit boring, to me at any rate.

  6. I've thought about software like this for a long time, but my programming skills aren't this advanced.  Great find!  And as someone else mentioned, with their current sale and your discount, the studio version comes out to $101.91.  Thanks also for your videos; I've been into landscapes for ages but portraiture is new to me.  Your tutorials have been a tremendous help.

  7. Thank you for sharing this great find and providing great info about the software. The price may be a little steep for the pro version but I think it's worth it. Always appreciate your excellent videos and advice on on how to and DIY stuff. Thank you Joe.

  8. Hi Joe, I recently downloaded this software and LOVE it. You probably already thought of this, but you (as in you, Joe) could create an instructional lighting set-up using this software and then make the project file available for download to everyone watching your videos. It would be super-cool for us to be able to download a diagram/project and fiddle around with it in conjunction with watching an instructional video.

    You could even create, retroactively, projects of past shoots that you have done and include those as downloadable projects. This might take your instructional videos to an even higher level.

    If you consider doing this then please put them on your website in addition to facebook (or other social media) for those of us living in a non-social media world. THANKS!!!

  9. I've been using this for a couple of years now and totally agree with Joe – it's fantastic for someone like me who doesn't shoot that often – and as I'm usually hiring venue, MUA, model and buying outfits, accessories etc, I need to be fairly sure my lighting ideas are going to work before I turn up with a truck load of gear 🙂 Set a Light allows me to test out various sizes and shapes of light beforehand and the PDF sheets look really good and give the rest of the crew confidence in my ability to make it work 🙂 (It doesn't yet output all the shots in one PDF so I use a $10 utility to stick all the PDFs together). Also great for blogs 🙂

  10. Another great video Joe. I've learned a lot from you. I appreciate the channel and FB Group. Looking forward to getting to one of your workshops eventually!

  11. this is amazing!! I'm definitely going to look into this this will help me for my clients and Studio set-up as well

  12. Thanks for teaching me how to use the software. I'm trying out the demo now. It's so much fun! And what better way is there to learn something, when its even fun? This will really help me to grow as a photographer. Elixxier, shut up and take my money!!

  13. OMG…As an Art Director/ Master Graphic Designer, I've been using various 3D programs like Poser for several years. However, I'm on this fo' sho'!

  14. Here's a question. What do you do with all your old film negatives? I have about 5-7 years of film archives. I got a Canon PIXMA MG8220 multifunction printer/scanner which can scan negatives and slides – but only up to four or five frames at a time.

    I want a solution for digitizing my entire collection, but one that won't take me hours and hours of manual labor. Thoughts?

  15. OMG Joe, I'm not even kidding when I say I've been wishing and dreaming for something like this for so long! You're a mentch for sharing this.

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