Learn Basic Excel Skills For Beginners || Part 1

Learn Basic Excel Skills For Beginners || Part 1

clearly body and welcome to my evil
itssonline your group and today i’m going to on clout the basics of exhale so the first thing we do not discuss is what as a self of district anglo box that you see uh… which is getting highlighted right
now is called and said an excel it is going to sell it is used
to enter or store of value like i’m storing a pneumatic you can even store uh… alphabet over
here you can even still numbers over here so this is also and it is it has preference address and they still has a unique actress uh… which can be used uh… to trying to former last fall at
the differences like the and that’s what the status e fall he is highlighted and for is highlighted
over here so this is the end result this particular cell column e will fall cmd the address of the said would be g seven next the country what is a column this vertical stack is called a c indeed g patch this is a column you can select multiple columns also just click on your left mouse button scroll so you can select all these together if u this is how you can select us hill
column a column as a vote to go stack right top to bottom a bottom to top you can
reach me and then how to had column uh… wanted to add a column what you
need to do this click on the column header which is the
cdc click here and is complete columnist highlighted and you can do all right click and psa so a new korlam gets added she wanted to see would shoot now
too g dissolved into tears of novels and
economic uncertainty it is now on g_a_t_t_ moved to edge
because a new column is getting inserted in a heresy seem to be going to lead a problem like
this click on the header sardi complete column and click on delete there’s one more week electrical uh…
ayala avenue columbus control plus c central plus and deleting them how to delete a column selective column and just click delete now what is a rule uh… cortisone to stack often tell on values is called idle from left to right because they don’t
the rule so willis six missus uh… role sentences of all you can select multiple roles at the time also simple i’ve taught you how to select uh… using deemed multiple recon you know how to sleep
using d excuse me well select deval this shift and use the adult keys to select either up on down right you can also select using the keyboard uh… struck he controls should be as with select the column and just status would said let d rose shift and spears this together worsening funeral control and stays first together which i think the column you can also insert columns the baby’s
all earlier insert and said there’s another way control bus control you can do lead to those who like this gently control minus what is a range but collection all says is called a
range disconnection of sailors is called and
region on see what is highlighted column c and rules for two fifteen so-called c four to fifty in is on reams uh… means it in just can’t be named also
specifically so as of now uh… i’m not going to get them out at
in my home of the video i have come what what does that mean how to name it and how to use it in your formal called doing so its value now how things of value no sale can be
direct one-two-three-four abcd easily identify tape intruder
bianca and watson was u_s_ and usually do used to denote abusive language right and visual movie how things of value uh… say just much more much more than
just intrigue typing data actual conduct much more for you c eyes to show you something cherry seekingalpha i want to say insert paul letter of the leader but i don’t want to changing humvees uh… members i want them to shift it
down automatically via insert the over here how do it without i click over here right-click and click on and so that and gives the option setting down solo i click on ok these solicits shifted down and i know i
can’t i could be or anything else this is so easy and there is another option to this by right-click it to click on insert and ships sense right so this truly come here this v newcomb here at sea this becomes empty and also effect we planned so that uh… it can insert a complete rule click ok complete will get inserted i can also insert uh… column insert a column okay uh… new column gets inserted i’m pressing controls the to undo board
i have done control lizzy control is the cpr little button seen me uh… begin delete delete using this shifts cell up this through the duly did and deceitful would come up isn’t it going yes it is and loved us as to delete ships since last you did and but like this i’ll bring it back duly and entire role so this completes your number six would
get the latest click ok and it’s gone to bring it back i simply pest control g
america dot remedy ideas and you can delete a complete column
also complete colin has gone c opinion back african-american take everything is
being the mac okay and raise them already of deleting things and see your selected this uh… as you wanted to leave did you go
to click on clear contents off this select this clear contents and the city’s gone so if
somebody says uh… toledo value from a cell
developers and delete so you know know what to do right click on that and press klia contents uh… if you want to do it by using a
shortcut key but i a click and and uh… hold true and symbols leak best
elite and it’ll go like this want to do the uh… corporal simply select overall and we kept conversed controlled minus or simply
delete the company that has gone and how to copy that he bought in an
excel how to copy copying is very easy honestly i’ve selected uh… weekly copies and six write
something first uh… website uh… usual all student you can and criticized by clicking on a hat if you are a good student xo unit and its the old coffee from hair
and ticket correct so view simply go ahead pest control ccd on her
pussy josie destination by clicking the sale
did you want to used it press control v when he got it note that’s escape to uh… on select this again highlighted the cell directly connect and click on copy see again it gets high like that that
means get ready to be copied select deeply as you want to be a state as i click it and click on paste there’s one more layout doing it which s simply control x slick the place you want to play set and
click based see this has gone from enough it draws cut and paste copy and paste is controlled cm control
v content is just going to x and control d so let’s bring it back sowed the smallest cut copy paste hardly did it up whether to edit it and excel uh… if you have highlighted this in
and if you sleep if you think you can edit it right here to some extent related to largest into a
brawl and to start taking something new here the all that i would go away so whom the to doubleclick here doubleclick gives you this bonkers over head and you can type in
civilized life and all closed up so no i was able to detect interval unit all right simply i selected so and go to the standard
bought formal obama and i was not taking anything hw r a good student goat job but i keep it up what did he says it simply doubleclick on this site and up so i was able to edit it like this
others limerick you can simply so that this island press f two described as blunders cursor would come up now you can attitude i have deleted it packing again decide is it so this is how you can edit it out how to insert the comment holdings of the comment you simply so
that you can see all these other comment right click it click on insert comment and study hot and party poder that is the mode of life and study hard and party hotter well resnick come and gone run it is not
going to just mean hidden from direct view you see this that color indication mongolia they know where you holy almost all of
the sale this comment which chill up study hard and baaki hodder you want to
make a visit will permanently you can do that you can simply click on this on this show and it could become
resemble off you want to make it publicly visible you simply click on sure height comment so now it is their
you can even resize it say uh… i can be sorry is it uh… c in too to a different location rachel’s children it is linked to do so and i can even edited right-click the
sandwiches containing the comment and click on added comment you can type in said an exclamation mark i want to hide it again so that it is
visible only upon holding the miles so it is here tonight and sanctity of how to edit a common culture this was our lesson on basic excelled
one they would be another lesson do basic excerpt rule and they will be
covering another a few more basic concepts regarding although i hope you like it when you can
go to events like my yes and authority and you’ll find that they are treating
videos on so many other things also i hope you uh… destroyed the session
was useful to you so onto the next video this is a recently was signing off for
that they have a wonderful day ahead happy loving

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