Laptop Battery Test  (हिन्दी)

Laptop Battery Test (हिन्दी)

how to identify where is a clock , data and voltage pin ? so you can search it with digital multimeter set your multimeter switch at 20v dc supply range verify black and red prob connected properly . if red prob show you positive volt then it was a positive line which has connected with red prob so now we check where is located positive volt in the battery terminal also where is data , clock and thermistor pins in battery terminal always positive and negative voltage located at opposite direction when we connect prob in opposite terminal and multimeter show value in positive format then red wire connected with + pin and black wire is a negative pin if reverse the prob then multimeter show me -11 volt so i am checking it in wrong direction so now change prob direction and get value in positive 11 volt That mean red prob line is a positive pin line now here also 11v that mean this both line is common line and both are positive supply line third pin doesn’t show any value no any voltage in any another pins here only this first two pin found voltage last two pin is ground this is a identification for positive supply now we search where is a located data ,clock and thermistor (temp sensor) pin set multimeter rotary switch on continuity range now you know where is a negative supply pin now connect your multimeter red prob on battery connector negative terminal now you also know first 2 pin is a positive pin so we are not connect black prob in first 2 pin now connect your black prob in pin no.3 here we found 729 ohms value now connect black prob in pin no.4 here also 729ohms value found so here pin no 3 and 4 is same value show that mean this two pin is a data and clock pin but we don’t know at present which one is a clock and which one is a data pin both pin show same value always remember red prob connect in to negative and check with black prob .. pin no .5 doesn’t show any value that mean it is a NC (not connected) pin pin no 6 show some value 1.9 kohms This pin is a Thermistor pin here show us continuity so its also negative pin now we use one device its called battery tester attach pin as per our identification red and black is a positive and negative wire one is data and another is clock red wire connect on positive supply and black wire connect on nagative terminal also connect data and clock wire with pin no.3 and 4 brown wire in pin no3 & orange wire connected with pin no.4 we are not use thermistor line or any other pin this tester can charge and discharge battery for discharge process here connect one fan this pin is for charging we attach here external fan for battery discharge process when you want to charge battery then doesn’t need fan so we are not connected here fan need external power supply adapter here meter doesn’t show any value . that mean our data clock line not connected properly or battery is not working may be data & clock connection is reverse so now interchange connection and lets see what happen i should change wire direction now 3 no pin is connected with orange wire and brown wire is connect with no 4pin now let’s check press enter and then after click on charge now it’s start charging data and clock line is connected at proper location 12 volt is a charging voltage ,72% is a status dell battery pin configuration is a different there is a one smart logic signal pin we make it logic high signal to login low signal then after it will start battery charging process

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  1. sir ji mere pash tap tap ki battri 120 shel hai wor hum ush ka bara pawor bank bnana chahta hu wor uska canecshn kar chuka hu ye janna chahta hu ko charjar karne ke leye kitne voltej chahiye

  2. Sir jee destop repiyaring ke barme Jan kari chiya.har ak pes ke barame.kise chak karnge plz sir help kijiya na plz plz

  3. harshad bhai kya mai apne laptop ki battrey ko repaire kar sakta hu mera matlab replace battery

    kyu ki mera laptop ka battrey bohat costly hai me lene soch raha hu agar aap jaise xpert banda meri help ya suggstion kare toh mujhe khushi hogi

    rply mee sir ur

  4. Hi, by which of the 9 pins does the battery charge? Because my asus n56 has a problem that does not charge the battery but I got an external battery charger RFNC6, it recognizes to where it has charge but they spend 4 hours and not load nor 1% … thanks

    hola, por cuales de los 9 pins carga la bateria? porque mi asus n56 tiene un problema que no carga la bateria pero consegui un cargador de bateria externo RFNC6, reconoce hasta donde tiene carga pero pasan 4 hs y no carga ni 1%… gracias

  5. Hi harshad patel i have dell inspiron 1520 laptop it not power on and it no blink power led how to check the problem.

  6. harshad patel i opened battery pack and i was trying to test the output voltage…but it multi meter is not drawing any voltage…i checked all pins no output so can you help me to fix the circuit inside battery pack!…my laptop is detecting that battery is connected but not charging showing battery fully charged.

  7. Is there will be any problem if i replace internal battery with other rechargeable lithium ion battery which have same voltage but different Mah ??

  8. बेटरी के आईकन को शो केसे करते हैं जल्दी से जल्दी you tub पर सडाए

  9. Harshad Patel, for my hp laptop battery circuit board (14.8 V, 2580 mAh and 4 cell), the clock and data pin show 860 continuity reading.
    Also I get a continuity beep sound from my multimeter when I connect the -ve and +ve terminal as you have shown.
    Are both these things normal ?

  10. my laptop is new 1.2 years old its battery was working fine .One day laptop showed notification of overheating & shuttled off it self. next day i opened it & found battery was not getting charged properly & few days onwards it stopped getting charged though it shows charging but remains at 0%. Does this works.?? Or i get battery's inner circuit plate checked which have fuses & other protective function parts.??

  11. sir dell battery inspiron 15 5558 ke cell kaise search karne alibaba se or agar delhi main ko repair karne bala ho to mujhe batayin

  12. Hi Harshad, Nice presentation. I am getting the error "0% charged Connected not charging" (almost one year old and used very less), tried all methods including removal of batteries & devices from device manager, not working. I have unsealed the battery unit ( Hp- KI04 model 4 cell), battery cells are showing fully charged with voltage of 13.4 volts, however there is no voltage between +/- terminals at the connectors and also no connectivity ( resistance of 729 ohm) between data/clock & ground pins. If I test with -ve pin at the ground pin of connector & +ve pin at the +ve end of cell(series of 4) there is voltage of 13.4 also. I think charging circuit of the battery is faulty. How to verify & rectify? If it will be available at laptop repair shops (pulled out from old dead batteries) or any where alse in the market?

  13. should I connect pin 3 n 6 using jumper or to connect both pins n then connect with ground pin 9? kindly explain or post the remaining part in youtube

  14. Sir i need your help.

    I want to externally use a laptop battery. I have found out the
    +P D C -P pins of the battery. But when i connect the multimeter, i don't get any voltage. Please tell me sir how to emable the battery or how to get the battery BMS to work.

    The battery is a COMPATIBLE BATTERY FOR COMPAQ 610.

    Thanks sir.

  15. dear arshad patel sir i have RFNT2 universal charger how i can charge fully discharged battrey by universal charger

  16. I've been studying battery repairing and discovered an awesome resource at Magic Mender Wizard (google it if you're interested)

  17. Thanks
    My loptop battery not charging
    But iam directly put charging with adaptor it charging ofter my battery putting laptop its work
    But cheging put its not charging

  18. Hi I already subscribed to your channel, can you please tell me what is the name of device you are using on testing battery

  19. Hi Harshad good video clip ,but what is the total price of the RFNT3 charger, due i have a abandunt lap top where the batteries need to be revied again , can you please help

  20. bhai help karo maine sabhi battery ko ek ek karke chk kia .sab battry ka voltage 3.6 aata hai or phir bhi laptop se charge ni ho rhi battry 0% esa kyu

  21. hi thanks so much i have important question i found many adapters but i don't know which one should i buy









    which one ? is that all of them is same?

    if yes so all of usb I2C Adapters should work. is it true?

    i know i should buy from be2works but if the above 8 models is suiteable so i can find that in my own city

    i searched in my city i found these tree




  22. Mr Patel it is verry intresting and thank you. Could you please tll us what is the battery tester and charger name and where to purchase.

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  24. Sprecken si Deutch? Parlevou Francuey? Se Habla Espanol? No, the universal language is English, like in the title, "Laptop Battery Test". Now we know how Pakistan and India can keep their significant lead in computer repair from spreading world wide.

  25. Sir battery ka + aur – pin connect karne se kya battery charge hoga agar data aur clock pin connect na kare to… Sir 13volt supply dene se kya charge hoga pls help kare..

  26. Sir meri battery voltage nahi bata rahi +or – m multimeter lega ker dekh per koi response nahi aa raha ha kya keru sir😵

  27. Sir dell e6520 leptop hai usme charging vali led blink kr rhi hai kbhi weight or kbhi orange ho rhi hai charging bhi nhi ho rhi battry isko theek kaise kre..? Help me

  28. Sir i repaired my hp Compaq 6270s laptop battery…. but on end terminal shown me 0.09 volts .. please tell me what went wrong.

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