Keyboard and mouse on Nintendo Switch Fortnite

Keyboard and mouse on Nintendo Switch Fortnite

– We’ve talked before
about using keyboards on the switch, but today is
something a little bit different and takes it a bit of a step farther. This is the GameSir VX AimSwitch. Now the GameSirs made a
number of keyboards like this that are paired with mice that are used for PC and mobile but the VX is different in that it actually works
on PS3, PS4, Xbox One, and the Switch, now when I
say this works on the Switch I don’t mean it in the same
sense that we’ve talked before with keyboards where you
can hook it up to the Switch and use it for typing
which doesn’t really have a whole lot of use in the US right now. There aren’t any games that need that. This actually maps itself on your switch and works like a regular controller, enabling you to play games with a keyboard and mouse setup, now we’re
gonna talk about the full possible ramifications of something like this a little later, but for now let’s just
look at the product itself. So this is the left half of a keyboard you can use it just for your left hand and it has all the buttons you would need along with these four buttons on the side. Now what these are used
for is for adjusting the sensitivity of the mouse
for whether you’re doing hip shooting or for whether
you’re aiming down sights. Specifically the idea is this is what it’s being used for, in
first person shooter games. So when you’re not holding
down the aim button. This button here is going
to affect how easy it is to look around and move with the mouse. Whereas if you are holding
down the aim button. These ones are gonna
adjust the sensitivity while you’re in that mode. Meanwhile the mouse I do have all the traditional setups
here, we have the left and right click, a center scroll wheel that can also click down,
two side buttons which are normally mapped to
the front shoulder buttons on most controller and then there is also a DPI adjustment back here. The built quality of both
of these is pretty solid and in fact the keyboard
itself actually uses blue mechanical switches
so it’s giving you that little bit of pushback
and that very satisfying clickity clack sound. Now setting this up is very simple, it varies a little bit
from system to system and the switch in particular is actually one of the easiest ones that you can do. All you need to take is the
wireless dongle attachment that comes with this,
plug it into the switch, put the keyboard into Switch mode, and that’s it, you’re done. Now I’ve only played with this enough to really make sure that
it works that the setup is working properly and that
I can use it on the switch. Let’s go head and actually do a real test and try it out in Fortnite. (upbeat electronic music) Alright so we’re in a match,
before we start dealing with having to survive other players, real quick for the setup that I’m using I’m just using the
preset key configuration this guy has, you can customize it using a separate mobile app, but by default. The layout actually for
the most part makes sense. I don’t know if it’s gonna
apply to every single game you try, but everything I’ve
done so far it works well. But of course you can always fine tune for personal preference. Yeah moving the mouse
actually feels pretty natural, it doesn’t, you don’t have the same sense of actual mouse acceleration but it’s just acting like a control
stick but yeah that feels not weird, not as weird as it should be. Wow that person was really not good. You definitely need to use this guy for awhile before feeling
really comfortable because even when your brain is like yeah, you just have to press
like B to pick something up or it’s not B it’s like X. But you see that prompt, if
you haven’t been using this long enough it’s like wait,
which key is that again? But I mean it’s all very snappy and responsive, I’m playing right now and nothing it doesn’t feel
like there’s any real input lag I have good refined control
of just looking around. I’m honestly really
surprised that this is going as swimmingly as it did, I really expected there to be some kind of
more noticeable input lag or I don’t know just more
confusion on my part. But it’s, it really works. I need to find more people. – [Man] Is it just like
playing on a computer at home? – It feels like it, I mean there’s maybe a tiny, tiny bit of input lag, but it’s pretty minute and
honestly that’s probably more due to the TV that we’re using than this. Okay so I finally died and
I’m still not very good at Fortnite but the important point here is while I was alive and still playing. This felt normal, like entirely. Like if I didn’t know
that I was on a Switch, this just felt like a standard keyboard and mouse setup without any problems. I mean I had a few mix-ups
with my inputs where I would forget which key was bound to which switch input
but once kind of getting that stuff you know
just through repetition. It just felt like playing normally, there wasn’t really any
kind of real input lag or weird issues at all. Even just looking around and
using with the mouse felt fine and even if it felt a
little slow or a little fast I could still adjust it on the fly with these buttons over here. Like using something like
this isn’t going to just flat out make you better at the game. Because you still need to
know how to play properly and have proper awareness
and map knowledge. As far as just helping
with the straight up use of aiming, moving and firing
I mean this felt better for sure, now of course
we can’t talk about a product like this without
bringing up a pretty big issue that a lot of people
have which is the debate of whether or not using
something like this, a keyboard and mouse for console is considered cheating
in a competitive game. I mean if you wanna buy
this to use on your switch with Skyrim, playing single
player great, go for it! Do what you want to do, but
if you’re playing something like Fortnite is that an unfair advantage and is it technically cheating? There are some very heated arguments about this very idea and
what it mostly boils down to is the idea of is it just
another expensive product that’s giving you an advantage like anything else you can get? I mean after all people can get advantages by buying nicer headphones,
using a better monitor or TV, using a pro controller
instead of a standard one, is this just another step
in that same kind of logic? And after all there are
a lot of games out there that are even now supporting cross-play. If you’re playing Fortnite on Switch but you’re going against people on PC that are using keyboards,
why can’t you too? Where this can get a little dicey though with the fact that you’re using keyboard and mouse on a platform
that’s designed to well, honestly handicap players a little bit because they are
traditionally use controllers. Oftentimes console
versions of games do have some degree of aim assist
to help balance out the fact that a control stick is
not as precise as a mouse. So if you’re playing a
console version of a game while still getting the precision of a mouse is that unfair? Now me personally, I do
lean towards the idea that if you are using something like this for a online competitive game
you’re not it just for fun you’re not doing it in
single player stuff. Yeah that is a pretty
significant advantage and borders on cheating. But the circumstances of
that are starting to change, because once again the
whole problem with this isn’t that you’re using
a really good controller it’s that you’re using
a controller that has this kind of precision while still having the benefits of handicaps
built into the game for you know traditional controllers. So if we hit the point
where more gamesters are going to embrace the
idea of using a keyboard and mouse and just gets
rid of those benefits. Then something like this
is honestly super cool, and you’re already seeing
this start to happen with a lot of other systems. I mean Xbox specifically is
already running a program where you can use
keyboards on the Xbox One and you can use it for specific
games that are designed to allow it to be used, right
now that is only Warframe, but that list will supposedly
increase with time. And to me that’s something
that’s really exciting because I love the idea of being able to embrace using all kinds of controllers on console, not just traditional ones. Don’t get me wrong, I love
using a traditional gamepad and I still use it most of the time. Because I find it to
be the most comfortable especially if I just
want to play something really laid back, but if I’m
doing something competitive why not use something
that’s a more precise tool. I mean after all if I’m
playing a fighting game, I’m going to use a fight
stick most of the time, not a gamepad, why can’t that
apply to FPS games as well? Either way this is a
really cool little keyboard and mouse combo, it was
super easy to set up, it was really easy to switch
between using it on the switch versus the PS4 or the Xbox
One, I think it’s a really handy controller it’s just whether or not you feel comfortable using
it in a competitive game. Single player, awesome pick this thing up. Multiplayer, let us know,
let me know down below in the comments what do you think? Is it cheating to use something like this? Is it not cheating, why? Let us know, see you guys later.

100 thoughts to “Keyboard and mouse on Nintendo Switch Fortnite”

  1. I honestly just want to use a keyboard for games like Diablo where the controller is just not so great. Personally wouldn't use it for competitive online games like Fortnite because I'd much rather use a controller for those.

  2. No, it's not cheating. It's not even bordering on cheating. It's just a controller.

    It is, debatably, unsportsmanlike conduct to use such a controller to compete against others using the intended control setup.

  3. Especially with some games on the Switch being cross-platform, I agree… it's not cheating. Why should I go against people on Fortnite that have way more of an advantage over me?

  4. I'm glad this is a thing. I have hand issues, and for some odd reason controllers causes a ton of issues for me, but a mouse and keyboard usually don't. I'm definitely purchasing one so that I can play Bayonetta without messing my hands up again for day, lol.

  5. Minecraft. Minecraft always worked on Minecraft Bedrock on Xbox One. Since Day One in late 2017

  6. In my opinion it's not an unfair advantage because PC gamers play Fortnite with keyborad and mouse and Fortnite has cross playing with consoles, phones and computers.

  7. Hey guys please help me can you connect a USB receiver to the switch dock to use the keyboard and mouse because I bought a keyboard and mouse the keyboard and mouse doesn’t connect! Please help!!

  8. Well that’s like saying using a GameCube controller is cheating in a tournament because somebody could be using joycons

  9. If u use keybord and mouse on switch because it will put you in a pc platform i use my ipad and controller and it sends me to Console

  10. As of when this comment comes out this us not a cheating method in fortnite at least because with the recent updates they made it so if you are using a keyboard and mouse you will be paired with keyboard and mouse players

  11. Why would this be cheating? If you only have a console but feel more comfortable on keyboard and mouse? Then Play keyboard and mouse. It doesn't give you an advantage anyway (unless you've played on pc for a while) because if you're used to console, you may not be as quick on keyboard and mouse on console as pc players.

  12. Cheating, I've been a PC gamer longer than some of the kids in your comment section have been alive. I've also been a console gamer too. Mouse is much more accurate and responsive, you have your whole wrist and fluid movement of your arm up to your elbow to control a mouse you also cant flick around with a controller. Many of these kids never heard of a game called Shadowrun an FPS from back in the day that let consoles and PC play cross platform and even mediocre PC players demolished controller users

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  14. Using a keyboard and mouse on Nintendo switch is not cheating cause you play with other players using keyboard and mouse on consoles or pcs

  15. Honestly, its not cheating. Everyone has access to this product and can use it so its not just one person getting better controllers than others

  16. Has anybody tried this with warframe? the Pro controller has soo much deadzone it makes it hard to play fluidly.

  17. This isn't cheating fortnite allows this fortnite allows you to plug in a keyboard or anything as long as you don't hack

  18. It’s not cheating because some PC players use a PS4 or XboxOne controller so why can’t a game console player use a Keyboard an mouse I don’t think it’s cheating 🤘🏻

  19. I don’t think it’s cheating, so many controllers have come out over the years. Its like saying a driving wheel is cheating in a racing game.

  20. I wanna buy it but the shoulder buttons on the mouse? If I were to buy it for overwatch could I change the key mapping?

  21. here's my question…..if you were to use a USB to type c adapter, would connecting this directly to the switch to play in handheld mode work?

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