KENSINGTON Pro Fit Comfort Keyboard, Internet/Media Keys, Wired, Black

Hi, I am Kelly with Ochimp. Let’s take a look
at this Kensington Pro Fit Comfort Keyboard. Now keyboards have come a long way over the
years and this is one has some really fantastic features. Let’s talk about its ergonomic design.
It actually has legs that are adjustable to nine different settings I will give you a
better look here and that’s gonna make this the most comfortable keyboard for you. It
also has one of my favourite features which is this built-in wrist rest and wrist rest
are important for wrist help because that’s gonna help to relieve wrist pressure and tension
and to prevent things like carpal tunnel syndrome in the feature. Now it has these buttons at
the top that give you easy access to the internet and your multimedia and this keyboard is very
easy to use. You just plug it in with this USB connector and you are good to go. Now
we all know that accidents happen in the office jungle and this keyboard is great because
its spill proof. It resists things like coffee, water, and sodas so no worries if you have
a spill. Now all of these great features would make any chimp a happy chimp and this would
be a great addition to the office jungle so if you have any more questions about this
at all or would like to place an order please give us a call or visit us online.

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