35 thoughts to “Jonathan Wilson – US Social Club Session (Live on KEXP)”

  1. This is wonderful… I've been getting into the music of Jonathan Wilson over the past few years as the man is a great talent… When you combine his class and that of his band with the professionalism and quality of a KEXP production you know you are in for a helluva ride…  Thankyou for this ..

  2. Sharp set, impressive performance. JW is a talent, and moulds his influences into new classics. New album looks interesting too

  3. Who puts a commercial halfway through the first track?? Awful! Nice set tho, but the commercials prevented me from enjoying it.

  4. just discovered this band this week .kexp..its about nov 11th -17…..i am 59 an not permitted to jam anymore for i am old and slated for the put me to sleep room–for seattle only loves the youth–SLU–THANK GOD FOR THIS AWESOME MUSIC–6 thumbs up

  5. My father died 6 Oct 2014 who lived 92 years. We weren't all that close but I tried to share music I liked. He was an old man but not a stuffy old man who didn't like hearing new tunes. He enjoyed this set of Jonathan Wilson. And that's coming from a man who thought the Beatles was a passing fad. Two weeks before he died he sent a video of the Ross Sisters dancing and singing in 1944. He said he wished he was back there. Dancing with the Ross sisters.

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