jk rowling these days

jk rowling these days

Hey Psst You reading my book? Uhh Yeah, why? Hey, you know Hagrid? Uhh, yeah? He’s actually transgender What? Yeah, he used to used to go by Hergrid but he’s – but now he’s – but he’s transgender Okay… HERMIONE’S IN A WHEELCHAIR! What are you saying? Hermione Granger? Yeah, she’s actually …um… in a wheelchair the whole time No she wasn’t! I remember multiple scenes where she was running around, and you never mentioned a wheelchair once Well I just forgot to write it down! But I meant it in my heart.. How could you forget a detail like that? Hey! Don’t blame me! Do you even know how many things I had to remember for those books? Like, you know how many spells I had to write? Like so many! I can’t remember everything Um, I don’t know Ron was actually black! You said he had red hair! Harry Potter had Down Syndrome! What? What does that even mean? Professor Snape was a single mother! Alright, stop! Stop! Why are you doing this? Doing what? Listen, it would be fine if the characters were like this originally But it seems like you’re changing them after the fact so you can seem more inclusive and get good press Oh… um Ok, I’m sorry, I’ll stop… Okay Thank you. Wait, just one more thing? What is it? Guess – um… Guess which character’s actually gay? What? I said “Guess which character’s actually gay?” I don’t know… um – All of them!

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  1. Theyre all bs except the "Dumbledore is gay" one. Honestly love it and i hope we get to see more in the next Fantastic Beasts movie

  2. I understand what the "J.K." in J.K. Rowling's name means now.

    It stands for "Just Kidding"
    As in "Harry and Ginny get married, have kids and live happily ever after…
    Just kidding! Harry is actually Ginny's long lost brother, and they only learn this after having kids together."

  3. Мы в России согласны с твоим мнением. То что сейчас делает Роулинг – это полная хуйня и говно

  4. Still salty i see 😂 i mean no one ever said Dumbledore was not a gay… if i would be her i would tell you to fuck off and write your own story.

  5. no one:

    J.K Rowling: Harry actually had a gay affair with hermione who was actually a guy and made it a threesome with hedwig the bi ape. FUCKYOUITWASINTHEBOOK

  6. Harry Potter isn't woke in the books or on-screen. It's only woke on Twitter. Retroactive wokeness doesn't count.

    "… and you remember Buckbeak? Totally gay. Gayest hippogriff Hogwarts ever had."

  7. Nobodyyy- —-

    J.K. Rowling – Dobby fantasies Snape as his sugar daddy and he literally have sweet dreams all night !!!

  8. The problem with J.K Rowlings is that she is trying to get into the latest 21st century trend by embracing openness, and since she can't come up with another great story, she decided to change the only story she has by altering their genders and personalities.

  9. Funny vid. Is it just me or is anyone else sick of him: “insert quote here” her: “insert quote here” comment format. So tired and done to the point where I simply don’t read them anymore. Find some originality people.

  10. No one:

    JK Rowling: Avada cadavra actually gave multiple powerful orgasms resulting to death that's why Dumbledore wanted Snape to do it.

  11. Hey gus can you do more jk.rowling parody videos? This one was very funny I lauged a lot I'm new to the channel

  12. See the fact that Snape was a single mom is so obvious. He always looks after Harry and checks that Harry, Ron and Hermione and the other kids don't get their bums out of line. So he WAS a single momma. I know.

  13. Isnt this mainstream corporations right now trying to pander to the minorities as a front for "representation" but actually dont give a shit and the whole thing is just for more profit? And dumbass people be like "omg let people get what they want" lmao, they're using you fools to get more cash. Just like the black lil mermaid

  14. This is spot on! When she was originally speaking about this, I wondering why no one was talking about how nutty she sounded.

  15. She is an unmitigated twat ain’t she ? …. ps , I wonder how many refugees she took in ? ….. Rowling is a millionaire piece of shallow shit …. oh , btw , she didn’t take ANY refugees in …. the virtue signalling fake …. p.s. fuck Harry Potter …. someone had to say it …

  16. 0:30 Me trying to convince the teacher that I did know the answer to the exam queation but i just didn't write it….

  17. I get it but also part of the joke here seems to be that you find what she has said about the characters e.g. Dumbledore is gay and Hermione is black, are actually stunts to try to be inclusive rather than genuine. Which can be insulting as a black or gay character belongs in a story without it being a token for inclusivity, as you're suggesting.

  18. the funniest thing is a fuck ton of people are actually mobing her for being transphobic due to some shit she does on twitter.

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