48 thoughts to “Jarrod McClean: “Quantum Computation for the Discovery of New Materials and […]” | Talks at Google”

  1. quantum mechanics is actually from satan, its not real but in fact the work of the devil. this man is demon possessed and his soul is rotting of the so called "chemistry" or "science" and his computer is not from god. jarrod, you must find jesus again or you will be sent away from god forever and wind up in hell, which is the place away from god, so beware. quantum computers, you may think is from science but actually you are not harnessing the natural world power (which is from god from whence all creation is from) but are communing with the devil, who will control and use you for his dark agenda to make everyone turn away from god using such things as communism, homosex, or other unnatural such things. please, WAKE UP before its too late and the world will be destroyed by satan.

  2. I bet Quantum & A.I. will operate airspace surveillance by drone, forecast based sea navigation & real time data discrimination…

  3. This is a spectacular presentation, bravo Jarrod!
    What he says could be extremely useful in the area of drug designing, for example, validating the results from a new drug and clarifying specific interactions of said drug to certain targeted entities, like receptors in cells for example.
    And all that with a couple of clicks in your computer, that's impressive!

  4. Well I guess you can see where the paycheck is arriving from : The US military just love project-nomenclatures like "Quantum Supremacy"

    – Super-Ordinate Tech-master Ultra-Control!

  5. Just watched Linus's unboxing of a quantum computer which got me wondering how exactly quantum computers work.. And then I found this video!!! Thanks Google!

  6. On a serious note though, this is the best talk about quantum computers i've ever seen. Thanks google!

  7. Very informative and amazingly amuzig, an amazing talk all together. More talks from Jarrod McClean please!

  8. Deep Thought Computer + life the universe and everything = 42 + planet Earth computer + quantum computers = feedback loop + reality system reset = my brain hurts just thinking about it all, cool video 😉

  9. Just for the record: http://smbc-comics.com/comic/the-talk-3

    Very nice talk. I wish there where more at this quality available…

  10. quantum computers have been around since 1997 its nothing new they are telling you about them now because its old hat to the military installations. they have way more advanced machines than quantum computers now im sure. Marianas web is real and has been active since 2001.

  11. This is really really amazing and wonderful video. This solved plenty of my research work (https://github.com/krishnakumarsekar/awesome-quantum-machine-learning) . Google you are really amazing ,as everyone is doing marketing you are coming up with plenty of super applications. As Fate or poor family background ,Not able to get a degree from a big university for this wonderful job. Anyway i am happy as my work in this emerging field will resemble like an Ant in the world 🙂

  12. "Why now?" Because the time is ripe to attract VC funding to a vague, poorly detailed set of solutions for impressive-sounding problems.

    "Discovering new materials" is typically not hampered by absence of computing power in specific subsets of the computation that are amenable to quantum computing. "Discovering new materials" is hampered by people understanding the physics and proper premises that guide such computations; and, centrally, the experimental skills and physical insights that achieve such new materials (as in past).

    This reality does not fit the desperately needed narrative, however.

    There is not a huge backlog of materials modelers waiting on the supercomputing facilities, because this is not the bottleneck.

  13. Have Google used quantum computer to dig bitcoins yet ? That would kill regular miners and centralize cryptocurrency just as it did the internet.

  14. so… BITCOIN BUSTER coming? That's why banksters and general politico-oligarchical establishment criminals are not that worried as one would expect (normally they launch their holy parasitic jihad on anything that can disrupt their main criminal methods – daylight robbery called taxes, inflation, money printing etc.)

  15. How can you find " new materials" in this dimension? you can't, every material has already been discovered, what this person is saying ( along with founder Geordi Rose) is they're attempting to reach into other dimensions and try and harness a new " material" the question arises could the new materials being harnessed pose danger to us, they can't answer these questions because these exotic materials haven't been vetted , there's no way to know what these people are bringing into our time and space, the book of Revelation speaks of an angel of the bottomless pit and he releases demons on the earth that kill a third of mankind, could these people be tearing open dimensions ( along with CERN) do your own homework

  16. ummmm……my brain melted due to terminology overload. I'm gonna go make a peanut butter and jam sandwich. Cheers.

  17. Hopefully they use a quantum computer to discover a room temperature superconductor and/or a method of producing room temperature qubits.

    Then they can dismiss all of the vacuum pumps and refrigeration. Quantum computers could then be the size of my smartphone.

  18. So it’s answering problems in different ways then it was taught. You could’ve led with that, in English, like I just did. Then you could’ve dropped the microphone and walked off.

    God help us.

  19. "It's unheard of in classical probability that two people interfere with each other"

    LOL .. ever heard of Quantum Monte Carlo?

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