24 thoughts to “Japanese home computers | Database | Thames Television | 1984”

  1. If your hated brother is in handcuffs – and your dog turned into a turkey, then it must be springtime in baghdad (who knows this married-with-children-referrence?)

  2. Its nice how the narrator stated "brands we dont know" and then they showed NEC – a company that gained fame also in Europe and US, later..

  3. I have no idea how or why i got here, had absolutely no interest in the subject but Mr Bastable made it very worth while viewing.

  4. Shenzhen in China was just a small fishing town when this programme was made. Today it's a giant megalopolis of millions of people and the electronics capital of the world, with massive bazaars selling any piece of electronics you want just like in this clip. Check out the Vice Motherboard video on YT from Shenzhen that's nearly the same as this 1984 video. How times change.

  5. A Russian spy buying a Sinclair chip to do 'something devious' with it….what, like playing Chucky Egg?

  6. Quite ironic that a programme about computers being the future is now being watched nonchalantly by us on computers and is viewed as quaint history.

  7. Now in days everything is copied and cheap and doesn’t matter how expensive it is it’s still slow or laggy unlock back in the 90 and 2000s that wasn’t a problem

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