Jake’s Stressed Out by Wren’s desk, so he built him a New One.

Jake’s Stressed Out by Wren’s desk, so he built him a New One.

It’s time to clear this desktop if we don’t do this your creative growth is in jeopardy Wow For years rent has been working up with an janky old door desk He’s got all these really cool props and gadgets and things like that, that he needs, that he likes to keep on his desk But I really just cannot stand the cable management; the way that it’s a door That’s propped up on metal pieces really gets to me going to make the ultimate Wrender-ised desk a modded desk built specifically for Wren I’m warming up to the idea, but it’s just gonna. It’s gonna take a minute because I gotta clean all this stuff up That was easy But what Jake is annoyed by flagrant use of… yes? Let’s put a light yes for the extra light. Can’t wrap his mind around right. It’s this these things here My desk is C clamped to legs The legs are the C clamp yep, yeah, yeah, this is where our clamps went he’s in love with this thing I mean everything from the history of it, to the work that he’s already put into it, to the man-hours Just spent making cool stuff on this surface, so we’re gonna preserve that you might remember last year I built him this huge electric skateboard That was super fun And he likes to ride one wheel all the time we’re gonna incorporate both a place for the electric skateboard and a place for the one wheel in here in addition Bren has a Three monitor setup and is often working off of two computers so there’s gonna be plenty of room for that plenty of room for building plenty room for gadgets, and we’re gonna maintain the historical sentimental significance of this here desk I’ll stain it all I’ll get a fresh stain and a fresh coat of varnish and finish So it will all look like it’s one piece and the first thing that I have to do is sand it all down We try let me put on my hat, what do you guys think of this hat do you like it because if you do We’ll sell it. It’s not out yet. Don’t go running off to the store Just yet anyway, that’s not what I’m here to talk about. I’m here to talk about Friday’s video. We’re shooting a video gonna involve Adrian it’s gonna involve Nikko It’s gonna involve our friend Freddie coming off of the rock production Adrian and Nikko wanted to do something that was a little bit more fun a little bit more humorous So they came up with this ridiculous idea about how there’s two cops in a fight They need to do the most ridiculous extreme reloads to take out all the bad guys it’s very important that both Nikko and Adrian work together to come up with the best way to shoot those sequences because that’s gonna make the whole Piece hit home. They are unable to work together on this it’s gonna make the video fall flat There’s a girl tied up like Freddy standing there. He’s like you only have five seconds so coming On the door I’m trying to do the ropes in the person the children like Talked himself in like some dudes come in Bang bang bang Freddy’s gun locks back Empty and pretty girls Or like does that me like this is go up and lengthen I? Shoot a guy at the hostage just Like he’s into that more guys come running in we fight those guys and just I’m afraid. He’s empty. He doesn’t like a fancy yellow So that’s how it’s gonna be like an elevating game of course where we’re on the same side instead of pose neck school Today for shot I would have be a shot that sets up the pressures Banging on the door so the goons are even closer even more present then the second shot I would have be the first character introduction Which probably mean about me you see who you’re dealing with you see that but gun obviously I’m nervous you see I’m sweating See I’m a cop close, but I feel like the first the very opening shot We need to do something that hooks them like that’s super cool, so I was imagining you sliding into frame And then you finishing like two guys for already in there and Bernie’s already you know reloading maybe you know ice for the first the first opening to be like as if you’re coming into the Action sequence and you’ve missed like the first half We are now entering phase 2 of Ren’s epic desk build and today We’re gonna pick up some hardware so that we can fit the world’s largest electric skateboard on the front of it I’m gonna put the board itself like at an angle an angle in there the thing is that how wide is the board I’d have to go to It I’m going into a desk that I made out of doors gotcha All right you remember how I was worried about the sides of the best being a little wobbly Yeah, well that isn’t a problem whatsoever at all keep that off of a boat Dude, this thing’s got great bones check it check this out feel how solid this is oh Wow, this is so sturdy. Oh, don’t don’t like jump on it with all your force desk, Brenda Is that this is the bones all right Let’s move it up, right And I want to talk about What is viewing it next because I realized something. There is no chance of this desk looking pretty I Trusted you Jake, but don’t worry Ren you’re pretty enough to make up for the ugly desk, and we’re gonna go straight for function, okay crazy kids we’re gonna rename the title of this video to the Ren’s Extremely functional desk mod. It has all look at all this room in the middle I eliminated the problem of sink in the middle by adding the support beam great. You know how used to bow in the middle yeah It’s a problem of the past my friend cool your knees. I’m gonna hit it you’re gonna be fine I’m gonna run just for you surge protectors You only need to deal with two outlets at the base of the desk? So you’re so it’s gonna be super easy to take Things on and off your desk without having to fumble around on the ground mess with cables and then up here Underneath right here will be our cable management. It’s gonna be sick. Dude. How I? Originally embrace the fact that the electric skateboard the world’s largest electric skateboard was going to be ugly and not functional for time it became Beautiful and functional we’re doing the opposite here. Okay. It’s becoming more functional, but the more function we have the less Beauty we have you can see that electric skateboard video, just link below Jake when you started this you promised me It would look pretty you pinky promised it would look pretty beautiful Beauty is in the eye of the beholder my friend I don’t want to tell you because I did not break my promise it’s gonna be so functional It’s gonna be a thing of beauty remember those days when he used to shoot like the Stevens moves your friends That was cool like this is it yeah No, just like take a second. Okay. Who’s looking? Where is he getting the bags from the dead body whoops it? Here yes walking like no weights turn around and like I agree have a bag yeah And I like been Like come on I end up with both making he has a gun, and I’m just going like He read out the reloads which is the most challenging part of this I’ve broken down like action into Bite-sized chunks so many times now that like that’s not really it’s hard for me, but the creative aspect of this stuff It’s really the true challenge, which is that’s where my crazy reload. How does Freddie heaven even crazier reload? What can he do that? Special when we have the guys of rifle and he run up to him and we try to reload his right from what can we? Do with him that special like or another great examples when Freddie and I start struggling over the gun like doing the whole like trying to jam the Megan and like constantly blocking and dodging like that’s Getting creative in the moment and that stuff’s really important to come up with In concrete Oh Snap you’re drilling through that one drill through that one the desk. This is Ren’s highly functional desk. Mud you ready That is scary house dumb usually hole out of a drill but these arrived Protection I Don’t know. I haven’t totally onto it I was focused more on how it was drilling that I was on the drill itself. Well kid you made the sizzle So the key to a good cut is that you do from both sides and hang on hang on Don’t look don’t look get ready Ren’s highly functional despot is now complete ready. You could join me a Giant skateboard as the back of your desk is like the coolest thing I will actually you know when you store it the other way because the walkway to the camera room is right here But just for the looks. I have the wheels what do you need to start the other way but? My favorite features, okay You like to pull in in the morning on your one wheel well guess what got that charger ready for you right there alright? That’s my kind of parking spot pretty nifty. That’s super nifty You got power strip here and powered ship here I’m gonna replace that green hey, it’s still industrial, and you don’t have to worry about keeping it nice. You can just Do whatever you got to do desk is complete? I think it turned out wonderfully Let me show you guys what I did first and foremost rented like a smooth surface here on the top So I just sanded everything down really nicely after I found out that the stain Wasn’t really gonna take I wanted to go for just the complete industrial look And I think that really comes through with the sanding that I did here I was also able to preserve the Omega symbol Which is one of the things that Renton liked about the desk I decided not to replace this monitor stand because well It was well Built and it was working fine next thing that I did I used Carmichael’s old door desk to make the actual feet of the desk itself Now when I first bought those on there was a little wobbly So I went ahead and I put brackets here to help stabilize the legs in addition I included a large Cross beam that goes from one leg to the other does a couple things number one it Stabilizes the sides and then number two it prevents the desk from bowing when there’s a lot of weight in the middle I included an electrical hole here for the one-wheel charger included two Different surge protectors one on each side of the desk now in order to make it as simple as possible I connected the surge protectors together, which I know is kind of a surge protector fro faux pas But we’re running surge protectors into a battery protector which goes into a closed circuit So I think it’s gonna be just fine now He only has to worry about Unplugging one cable when he wants to move to death then obviously I included hooks for the electric skateboard Which makes it real easy to take off and put back on so you can actually use it however much you want included monitor holes here Which go straight down and then over to either sides to connect any electric hole that you have on top here so anyway I think we made great use of parts that we already had here. We made the thing more sturdy. It’s way more efficient It’s built for what rent actually does rather than using the old C clamps that we were using previously which obviously were super janky The point of the giant board is that this desk could in theory When the point of the joint Is that? Wren just loves his Electric skateboards to channel some super huge wall Jake built in the world’s biggest Let’s go get to work Andrew yes, we’ve important things to do I can’t be distracted by this fascinating desk apparatus Pitch deck is done. Yes What beast please You don’t know I think the worst thing into the Internet’s doing people right now It’s leading everybody to believe that everybody else is an idiot especially people that disagree with them Everybody’s first reaction is somebody that disagrees with them. It’s like. Oh you’re an idiot It’s like actually the vast majority of people aren’t idiots They just either are coming from a different background having a belief system have different reasons have different like whole variety of things assuming that somebody else they may be it especially when they’re professional in their field is like the worst mistake one person can make if Every stops just Amelie claiming every else’s an idiot. I think the world to be a better place Eliza now picks which songs she likes to listen to on YouTube in which he doesn’t like a song she doesn’t know Fine and I flipped the song Fine

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  1. 8:37 guaranteed that the other side got busted lol Hey Jake, if the stain wouldn't take, use a gel stain instead. You could have gel stained over the existing varnish then apply varnish over the gel stain to protect it. No need to sand.

  2. this is legit the nerdy version of my dad. he builds ugly super functional shit its great. one birthday i was like… 12 i think.. he made me an armoir dresser/display case for my comic books and model cars. it was fucking MASSIVE, raw framed, painted turd brown, and TOTALLY BEAST. we ended up leaving it when we moved because it was simply too fucking huge he put the final build together in the room itself i wonder if some kid has my armoir dresser display case from hell… it was built to last a century i bet. hideous… just hideous though.

  3. The key to a good cut is not doing it from both sides, because that leads to a misaligned cut. What I believe your objective is with that statement is to avoid burring on the underside of the cut. The best way to prevent that is to tightly clamp your piece to another piece of wood behind it, so when the bit exits the back, it doesn't burr. DO NOT cut from both sides unless you want a misaligned or misshapen hole.

  4. That is the worsted desk I have ever seen.. fire him.. fire him now.. infact kick him in the balls smack his head on that abortion of a desk then fire him.

  5. Why does Jake’s voice remind me of Jon Favreau’s when he’s explaining to Wren how his desk isn’t going to be beautiful lol

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  10. I think Jake has a soft spot for Wren. There's a father vibe that comes through whenever Jake builds something. It's a special thing.

    All these guys are kind of sweet like that actually. There's a whole brothers/best friends feel about the whole crew.

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