Italian Vocabulary: Computers

Italian Vocabulary: Computers

It’s Professor Dave, let’s surf the net. We live in modern times, as is evidenced by
the fact that you’re probably watching this on a computer, tablet, or smart phone, or
something even more advanced, if you’re watching this decades after I’ve spoken
these words. For this reason, we may want to learn a little
bit of vocabulary regarding computers and the virtual world, or il mondo virtuale. The word for computer is simply taken from
English and pronounced as best as Italians can muster, as they have difficulty ending
words with consonant sounds. That may not be everything you could ever
need to say regarding a computer or the internet, but it’s a pretty good start, so make sure
to cliccare the next clip!

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  1. My professor gave us a problem .
    The problem was lile these : A person walks along a straight way with a constant speed . He noticed that every 6 min a bus from the back passes by and avery 2 min e bus from forward passed by .we have to find the time between 2 stations

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