Is this the BEST $1350 Gaming PC…!? (3700X + RTX 2070 SUPER)

Is this the BEST $1350 Gaming PC…!? (3700X + RTX 2070 SUPER)

(slow rhythmic music) So when I did a 3900X 2080Ti build, there was some guy out
there in the audience, he was sweating. And I know cause that’s usually not what’s on the channel here. But we got a few builds coming out that are really focusing
around the new Zen 2 CPUs, because they are hitting
with really good value. And in this one, especially
in this particular case, we’ve got a B450-A Pro. And now the reason this
motherboard is so important is, because A it’s 85 bucks USD, really cheap, and you’ve got the BIOS
flashback up the top here. So this is really easy to do, in other words, you can
download the latest MSI BIOS for this motherboard, rename it to msi.rom and then insert it on a USB port, put in the motherboard
without any CPU installed, press this little button,
while the power’s plugged in, and then wait about five minutes, and then you’ll have your BIOS ready to go and then you can put, in this case we’re using the 3700X, you can put that eight-core
16-threaded goodness, or recently I’ve been messing
up the cores and threads, so you can put that eight-core
four-threaded CPU in here, and you would have some
really good value for money, in terms of CPU, motherboard, and the included Wraith Prism cooler, which has the RGB bling and does a good job of handling the 3700X. Now we’ve also got some
3600 Megahertz CL18 memory. This stuff could be had
for around about a $100. So it represents some really
good value for money too, for getting the most performance out of the new Zen 2 CPUs. Then with this SSD. SSDs have come down so much
in price it’s ridiculous. I’d be going with a one terabyte M.2, because currently they’re around $110 for this exact model, which
makes it just ridiculously cheap for that amount of storage on M.2. And yes it’s not PCIe NVMe, but really when it comes down to it, especially if you’re playing games, you’re not going to notice
much of a difference at all. And in fact the only time you’d really notice a difference is if you’re editing like me, 4k videos day in day out, and then again you’re probably going to have the extra budget for that extra $100 on the NVMe options. But we’ve also got a two
terabyte here for backup, because these can currently be had for a roundabout 50 bucks, making them extremely
good value for money. And then we’ve got the RTX 2070 Super, which is a $500 GPU, but it is coming in closer
to the high end option, and I’ve tested this one out. It’s a pretty solid performer,
the Founders Edition. And it goes really hard, especially with a Zen 2 like the 3700X. We’ve got a 750 watt power supply and the BitFenix Saber, which is their latest case
that they’re releasing. So we gotta put this whole build together, which tallies up a total
of around 1350 USD, or in Australia just a little
bit over 2,000 Aussie dollars. But at this price point I consider this pretty
much the high-end build relative to most people that don’t wanna go out
and pay those premiums for those extra cores and
all those higher end GPUs like the 2080 Super and the 2080 Ti, cause I just don’t think you’re going to get the price performance out of it after your start going
past this level of parts. But that aside, let’s get
the build montage rolling and then also put some
bling inside this case and see if it can handle the heat with an RTX 2070 Super and
new eight-core from AMD. (rhythmic electro music) So we’ve now finished
the front of the build, also the rear of the build still has to do a lot of cable management, and that’s I guess the problem when you’re mounting four
RGB fans in the build, you’ve got all these
extra wires, controllers, and it does get a little bit frustrating But what we’ve done here is we’ve used the water pump header,
the four-pin fan header, and then split that to
all these fans at the back because they have the
option to daisy chain from one fan to another,
with the actual four-pin. And so since this fan header here usually is double the power
output of a normal fan header, we can run essentially four fans off that, without having any problems. So that’s a little trick
that we’ve got there. And then up the top of the case, we’re also gonna be putting
an RGB strip inside here, just to give the top of
the build a nice glow and to match all the rest of this RGB. Let’s finish off this cable management and then present the build. (mellow music) And so here’s the build complete now. It’s got kind of like
a funny power switch, where you lift it up and it’s
kinda like that launch button. So it’s pretty cool. And then you’ve got your RGB control at the top of the case, as well as mic-in and headphone-out jacks and your two USB 3 ports. And then of course the Saber
is the actual RGB lighting. So the name of this case is referring to this right here at the front, which works off the same
controller as the fans here and the strip at the top. So, this build, I gotta say with BitFenix, they do do aesthetics, I
guess higher end aesthetics, for a decent mid range price. So before we move into
the temperature test, which I am quite worried about, since this is kinda like on both sides. This is all the airflow you’re getting into your front three fans here, maybe another ENSO repeat. We’re gonna find out right now, but regardless of that, this build right here
it’s looking really good and as long as you’re not putting too high end a component
in the build itself, the temperatures should be fine. But of course the numbers
do all the talking. Let’s test this thing out, with the glass on versus off, to see what the temperatures are like. (“Rachel” by Particle House) So after running through all
the numbers on this build, we pretty much decided to not really overclock this system at all because we had the Wraith Prism cooler, which does an absolutely
fine job on the 3700X, and I’ve tested this out in the past, handling it with a
Precision Boost Overdrive 2 out of the box. And on these settings out of the box this CPU jumped up to 4.1 gigahertz on the B450 motherboard, the A-Pro. So the motherboard is doing
an absolutely fine job handling this eight-core and it’s as we said before
you don’t have to worry about it not supporting
the new Zen 2 CPUs, so you can just use that
BIOS flashback feature, really handy to have, and then the 3600 megahertz CL 18 stuff, that worked absolutely
fine on this as well. So what you have to do with
this build when you get it, is pretty much just go into the BIOS and then change the AXMP profiles to the ones of the memory
manufacturer, the 3600, and then exit and save
changes, jump into Windows, and you’re pretty much
ready to play games. Now with the numbers we saw here, 1440p with the new
Wolfenstein Young Blood, we were getting pretty much
over a 100 FPS at all times, and this was on the max
uber detail settings. So the 2070 Super’s definitely got a lotta juice in the tank, and I believe with this
title in particular Nvidia have implemented adaptive shading, which they claim gives an extra
15 to 20% performance boost for their new GTX Turing
and RTX Turing cards. So it is pretty good to see that if you wanna build a PC
to play this Wolfenstein game, then this build will be more
than capable of handling it at 1440p high refresh rate settings. But another thing I noticed too was with the new Wolfenstein Young Blood was I didn’t really get into it straight away as much as the previous games. I thought it was like weeaboo culture meets these two young chicks and it sorta just is starting to go off in this tangent that’s a little bit too much for me, especially the voice acting, it didn’t feel as normal as the
other previous installments, where I much preferred
the female voice acting in the previous franchises and because you’re playing your main characters as
females this time around, you have to pretty much
listen to these chicks that sound like weeaboos all the time. It’s not really my thing. I’d like to choose the voice
of the chick if possible. That would have been making
the experience a lot more and that’s a weird thing cause I’m not really much of an audio guy as I more prefer the visuals. And in this game in particular, the visuals are very good, the gameplay is really smooth and it actually takes a lot more skill to play this latest Wolfenstein where the enemies have
different sorts of armor and you have to use different tactics to get through the levels. When I first joined it, I
joined someone else’s server and I didn’t know what was going on and I just got absolutely hammered. So then I created my own server and started to get into it. But it’s sort of like an active game where you’re leveling up. So it’s a different sort of play style to the previous Wolfensteins. It is pretty enjoyable. Just as I said before, the voice acting was a
little bit off for me. That’s the first thing I noticed, but other than that, this build here with the BitFenix Saber, we’ve tested the ENSO in the past and that really had restricted airflow at the front of the case. This time around with the case, it was I guess decent. It’s an improvement over the ENSO. And one thing I did like about the ENSO, was the ease to build in it. And so they’re using the same chassis as the ENSO in this case and you can then mount
the bling at the front. The three front fans, and then we put an RGB
LED strip at the top, and with that glass panel on
the side, it’s not tinted, so you can see all the
bling coming through. And I must say with the
Saber lights at the front and all the RGB bling installed, this thing actually looks pretty good, and coming in at 80
USD you can then go out and get three extra fans for it, and it’s going to be quite
a good looking build. In terms of airflow and performance, I really wouldn’t put
anything over a 2070 Super. This is sort of edging into
the high-end territory, but when we did the temperature test, we saw a three degree lift with the glass side panel on versus off, in a 24C environment. So even with the glass panel on, which is most likely what you’re going to wanna keep your case
in this configuration, the temperatures weren’t so bad, at least compared to the ENSO in the past, where the GPU was getting a lot hotter. The CPU temperatures as well, since we’re using a
top-down blow style cooler with the Wraith Prism, that was about three degrees warmer again with the glass side panel on. So leaving it on is not going
to be too much of a detriment. The fans can still spin up absolutely fine and give decent airflow. But of course there are
better cases out there in terms of airflow as we’ve
tested the ideal scenario would be with the glass panel on, or at least the side panel on, to have temperatures a little bit lower than when they would
with the side panel off. So the airflow on this case
could use a little bit of work, but everything else on the build, the aesthetics, the cable management room, the buttons on the front, as well as the fact that at this price tag it includes the RGB controller
in the rear of the case, so you can go and get
a three-pack of fans, at least I think it’s a
BitFenix RGB controller, so you can go and get three BitFenix fans and the RGB strip and you can run that all
off the same controller, so you don’t have to go out and get another controller. And even then I will say
going with all this RGB there’s gonna be a lot
of extra cable management on your hands. I was just shocked when
I put it all together and I was ready to start
doing cable management how much extra cables
there were to manage. Did get there in the end. And of course the extra
room at the back is going to be no problems for doing
all the cable management. You’d be able to fit pretty big
power supplies in this case. But as I said before, you’d kinda wanna cap it out with what we’ve done here today, maybe an eight-core and a 2070 Super, that’s absolutely fine
for this build right here. But lastly looking at a build like this, if I was into building a new PC, this would be definitely something that would be on the top of my list, where you got that 2070 Super coming in with not such a bad price, at least when you compare it to the higher end cards out
there, like an RTX 2080Ti, where they’re just getting into the ridiculously expensive territory, but you are getting high end performance and then of course the Zen 2
CPUs, eight-core 16 threads for 340 bucks with a
really bling-worthy cooler that does a decent job, this is where I would be
definitely putting my money, in terms of going for a new rig that can play all the latest
titles at 1440p in 2019. Now in terms of punch for your dollar, we just did a build for
$3000 on the channel and we can see comparing the two together, that this build right here, it has pretty much better
aesthetics in my opinion, and that’s mainly due to the MACUBE 550 really not impressing me at all. So we got better aesthetics here today and we’ve also still got
really good performance. And some other things that did impress me, with this build, was surprisingly using that M.2 SATA solution from a Crucial, the MX500, I bought this at the store. It was pretty much the cheapest one terabyte M.2 I could find. And it’s got a little light on it which does let me know when the hard drive is being utilized. So that was really good to see, especially if you’re diagnosing problems, and for instance if there’s
FPS stuttering and what not, you can then look at that light. If that light’s on while your
FPS is stuttering for example, could be a problem with your drive. So I do like that little light there, especially when you can clearly see it through the side panel. And wrapping up today’s build, the 2070 Super and the 3700X, they go really well together. Definitely go for this if you’re looking to
get high end performance without breaking the bank too much. As well as all the other components. That 3600 CL18 memory, you can get that off Amazon, at least the Vengeance Pro stuff for around about a 100 USD. So that’s not bad at all. It’s not gonna give you any
detriment to performance, at least compared to some
of the Samsung B-Die stuff. Yes you will get slightly higher FPS, but you will be paying quite
a bit more for that memory. And everything else in this build, especially the B450-A Pro. This thing impressed me in
terms of its price point and how it could handle the new Zen 2 CPU. Though one thing I did
notice was the idling voltage was a little bit high. In the BIOS it was saying 1.45-ish volts and then when I was doing stress tests, it did max out at those voltages, that when there wasn’t a
load going through the CPU. So basically this means that when we put a load on it, the V droop is going down
to around 1.31 volts. It’s not a problem in the long term because what you gotta look out for is when the CPU’s loaded up is if the voltage is going through then, then that’s the worst parts. So basically when it’s idling and there’s no current going through it, you don’t have to worry so much about the voltage being this high, at least from my experience. So it is one thing that could alarm you if you get this combo, but I don’t think it’s
anything to worry about. And at this price point, this B450 with its convenience and its features is definitely
an impressive purchase. And also the last piece in this puzzle, the BitFenix Saber,
it’s got the aesthetics and the performance of in
terms of airflow is pretty meh, but definitely the aesthetics makes this a decent buy at $80. I definitely like this case a lot better than the MACUBE 550 that came in there, where I didn’t really see
the direction of that case. But in terms of this, this case here it’s going
for convenience and bling, and it’s got the features at the front like that RGB controller included, which you can control
from the top of the panel and does a good job of
quickly changing the bling. Or if you wanna turn it off and you don’t like any RGB at all, you can just simply turn it off with a few clicks of a button. And you guys with that aside, I hope you enjoyed today’s build. If you did then be sure
to hit that like button. Also let us know in the
comments section below, would you change any of the
components in today’s build? I know a lot of you guys will probably go for the 5700XT over the 2070 Super. And don’t worry I do
have a 5700XT coming up in the next week or two. So stay tuned for that one. It’s definitely gonna deliver, probably even better price performance than today’s build. But we will have to wait
and see with that one. And also you guys have requested that I put an Arctic Accelero on a 5700. So I’ll be doing that too and comparing that before and after. So stay tuned for some juicy content coming up here on the channel. And with that aside, I’ll catch you in another
tech video very soon. Peace out for now. Bye. (playful electro music)

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