iPhone designer Imran Chaudrhi wants to rescue humans from technology | Fast Company

iPhone designer Imran Chaudrhi wants to rescue humans from technology | Fast Company

– The relationship we have with our devices now is overpowered by the density of information that people have to contend with on a daily basis. And it’s what we’re doing at Humane. Looking at restoring that balance, making it so that the devices
are no longer a burden, but they’re actually what
they’re intended to do, and that is to make you feel superhuman, not be enslaved. I’m Imran Chaudhry. I’m a designer. I was a designer at Apple for about two decades and now I’m co-founding
a company called Humane. Yeah, so I was blessed to be part of an incredibly small team of colleagues that brought the iPhone to the world. In effect, what we did was we brought the information age to the masses. In the power of the device to draw you in with those superhuman capabilities, you tend to lose sight of what’s immediately around you and that’s an issue. I think the reality is, is
that we don’t necessarily have a fantastic relationship with things. There are things that I really enjoy about my devices that
no other device can do. The thing I don’t really enjoy is how it makes me feel and how it makes other people feel. And what we’re doing at Humane is we are building from the ground up. The next shift in technology is gonna be led by AI, ML and CV and it’s important for us to recognize that like the impact
of the information age, the intelligence age is gonna have an equally impactful impact on all other sides. I believe that AI has the ability to augment a lot of things that people are doing and actually simplify a lot of the mundane work that they have to do to achieve the things that we want. You can do that through automation, you can do that through many ways. But AI definitely when done right has the potential to be the greatest gift to all of humanity. That, I believe, is the fundamental change that we’re going to see.

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  1. The worst device in history, now he wants force on us, a non-peer reviewed Ai.
    Calling it a gift to humanity or will it be, more like, The Terminator or The Matrix?
    best movies about AI, ranked
    My bet is with the SI-FI visionaries, they have a pretty good track record.

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