iPhone 8 Plus Review – Best iPhone 8 Features!

iPhone 8 Plus Review – Best iPhone 8 Features!

about a week and a half ago Apple released its new iPhone 8 smartphone and a lot of people didn’t give it the attention that I think it deserves of course all the attention is going over to the iPhone 10 the top-of-the-line flagship which is about to drop in a few weeks but in this video I wanted to jump in and dive deep on a few of the features of the iPhone 8 that I think you need to know about what’s going on tech squad and whoever – you’re editor-in-chief of gearlive.com if this is your first time here this channel is all about tech gadgets and gaming so if you haven’t done so already be sure to hit the subscribe button down below along with the fella notification icon so you don’t miss any future videos I want to give you a rundown of about 7 features that I think are worth knowing about when considering your next purchase especially if you’re thinking about purchasing and iPhone now let’s kick it off right off the bat and start with something that impressed me almost immediately and that is the internal a 11 Bionic processor now you may think focusing on a processor is a little odd and I do agree with you when it’s what the a 11 Bionic allows the phone to do is the main thing that it did was maintain that battery life the iPhone 8 plus in particular has the most ridiculous battery life I’ve ever had on an iPhone device same form factor as a 6 plus 6s plus and 7 plus and in fact the 8 plus has a smaller battery than the 7 plus yet the battery life outlasted by hours I was out doing some camera tests with the 8 plus shooting video at 4k 60 frames per second taking a bunch of photos using the phone pretty much all day and I was on LTE I wasn’t on Wi-Fi because I was out of town and at the end of the day after taking it off of the charger at about 7:30 in the morning and then putting it back on the charger up at about 11 p.m. I had about 23% battery life left which is ridiculous if that was the iPhone 7 he went on day one I definitely would have run out of power somewhere in the middle of the day and would have needed to charge back up so big shout-out to Apple for what they’ve done with those efficiency cores here in the 811 Bionic processor speaking of the processor when comparing it to last year’s 810 fusion you get for efficiency cores here up from 2 and each core is 70% fast in the efficiency course in last year’s a10 fusion there’s also improvements to the performance cores those are now 25% faster than last year the second generation performance controller provides more power when you need it while delivering the same great battery life and this year the CPU is even able to harness the power of all six cores all at the same time alright up next let’s talk about the other thing that impressed me the most about the iPhone 8 and 8 plus and that is that camera especially here on the a+ that dual camera system really shines this year at first glance you may think it’s the exact same camera especially just visually looking at it but you actually have a more advanced 12 megapixel sensor here it’s a larger and faster sensor and has a new color filter as well as deeper pixels and on the 8 and 8 plus you still get that optical image stabilization for photos and videos at least as it pertains to the wide-angle lens when you’re talking about the c-plus speak of the h plus portrait mode gets even better you know sharper foreground and more naturally blurred backgrounds last year when Porsche mode launched in beta it was a little hit or miss half the time you get great-looking photos on the other half of time they would look ridiculous this year portrait mode is out of beta and looking a lot better but Apple is pushing the boundaries even further with a new portrait lighting mode this launches us part of iOS 11 with the dual cameras and new facial landmarking allowing you to create dynamic and dramatic studio lighting effects when you’re in portrait mode this is also currently a beta feature but you’ll find you can get some great shots and again some that look not so great but the cool thing about portrait lighting mode you can actually change the effects on the fly there’s about five different portrait lighting effects that you can use and even after you take the photo you can switch between them or turn it off completely if it doesn’t look good but all in all whether you’re taking photos or videos the iPhone 8 camera is pretty fantastic and this is the first camera on a smartphone that can shoot 4k at 60 frames per second and 1080p at 240 frames per second for nice high definition slow motion next up on the list is the new glass design I keep showing you the back of the phone because that is where the visual changes come in if I show you the front of the phone it looks pretty much the same as the six 6s and seven oh I’m back to get this new glass design it’s all glass front and back with an aluminum bezel around the sides Apple says this is the most durable glass ever in a smartphone front and back it comes a new space grey silver and gold finishes the front and back feature custom glass with a 50% deeper strengthening layer and a new steel substructure with stronger aerospace grade 7000 series aluminum providing additional real force me that said drop tests do confirm that the screen does still crack and the bat cracks as well so if you’re clumsy or you just want to protect your investment you’re probably going to want to invest in a case that leads me to the sponsor of this video text 21 tech 21 sent over a few of their cases for both the iPhone 8 and A+ which you can see here if you’re unaware tech 21 protects your phone drop after drop they do it by using scientifically proven impact materials innovative design and a rigorous testing methodology developed in partnership with the National Physical Laboratory Tech 21 cases are drop tested 20 times to ensure durability and long lasting protection able to withstand the multiple drops that occur in the everyday use of a smartphone the case allows you access to your function buttons to your camera to your charging port and fit the iPhone 8 perfectly big shout out to tech 21 for sponsoring this video next up we’re talking about the iPhone 8 and 8 plus is charging in the new types of charging the Apple is built into the phone first is wireless charging Wireless charges been around for a while many years for some of the Android devices out there this is the first year though that’s available on the iPhone you’ll find it here in the iPhone 8 and 8 plus as well as on the iPhone 10 Apple has been moving to a more wireless device getting you free from charging cables and headphone cords with the glass back and embedded wireless charging system the iPhone 8 and 8 plus are designed for that wireless future that I think we’re gonna see sometime in the next four or five years where there’ll be no ports on the device at all everything will be Wireless but there’s also another type of charging that’s new to the iPhone this year and that is fast charging now a fast charger is not included in the box and I think that’s a shame Apple actually still includes the five watt charger in the box which is pitiful because phones as far back as the iPhone 6 maybe even the 5s to charge faster than what that’s five watt charger can output but now this year fast charging is a thing for the iPhone if you already have a macbook charger that’s USBC you can plug in a USB see the lightning cable and charge your phone that way it goes from about zero percent to 50 percent in roughly thirty minutes but if you don’t have a macbook charger or don’t want to buy an extra one you can actually go to third-party route now we’ll leave some links down in the description below some great third-party fast chargers that won’t break the bank next up new on the iPhone 8 when compared to the 7 is the speaker system Apple saying that the speakers are 25% louder I don’t know if I can hear that big of a difference where it’s 25% louder speakers definitely are louder though when I have music or podcast playing right from the speakers again I don’t know that it’s 25% louder but it definitely is an improvement over the speakers on the iPhone 7 all right the next feature that Apple made a big deal about is a our augmented reality and the fact that the a 11 Bionic chip can chew through augmented reality apps if you’re unaware augmented reality uses the camera on your smartphone in conjunction with an app in order to overlay things into the real world so some examples that we’ve seen from Apple are you going to a park and placing a dinosaur in the middle of the park you can walk around look at your camera walk around and see the dinosaur of all sides of it you can point your camera at the night sky and have constellations show up right on the screen covering up the stars in the skies you can see where the different constellations are and I saw one cool one today that’s less of a toy something very helpful it’s one where you can do a two-way conversation through an AR app and one person can look and the other person can draw so an example of where that would be helpful is let’s say you just bought a new coffee maker and have no idea how to set it up but you have a friend who’s does you can contact them through the app point your phone at your coffee maker and your friend as you’re looking at the coffeemaker then draw on its own.you here’s what the press here’s what to do and you can go and look at the coffeemaker and see exactly what it is you need to do so AR is gonna be a big deal we’re still in its infancy right now over the next few years though expect it to ramp up significantly and with the iPhone 8 8 + + 10 Apple is jumping in with both feet and last on my list it’s last but certainly not least it’s actually one of my favorite features of the iPhone 8 and that is the true tone display true tone launched on the 9.7 inch 2016 version of the iPad pro and since that launch I was hoping we’d see it incorporated on the iPhone 7 but Apple left it off here on the iPhone 8 + a + though it finally comes to the iPhone true tour technology uses an advanced 4 channel ambient light sensor to subtly adjust the white balance on screen to match the color temperature of the light around you so images on the display look as natural as on a printed page reducing eye strings so as I’ve said in previous videos what it’s supposed to do basically is mimic a piece of paper it’s paper white if you will you have a white piece of paper and you walk into a room where the light is very yellow that paper is gonna take on a yellowish hue you then take that paper into a more cooler light like a blue light that paper is gonna then change from it’s not gonna be yellow anymore and then reflect back that blue light that’s what our eyes our brains expect from the color white and that’s where Apple does with automatic white balancing on the iPhone with the true tone display if you haven’t used it before once you start using it it’s hard to use a display that’s not true tone anymore so they have it guys that was my review or mini review really more of a here’s some stuff you need to know about the iPhone 8 if you want to make an informed purchasing decision but let me know what you think did you pick up an iPhone 8 are you on the fence or do you definitely know that you’re going with an iPhone 10 of course if you’re buying Android devices your response is none of the above but I want to hear from those iOS buyers out there who picked up an iPhone 8 or 8 plus and who’s planning on picking up a 10 comment down below I’ll meet you down there for further discussion please do drop a like on this video if you enjoyed it and if you haven’t done it yet you can click or tap on my face to finish you at the bottom of the screen in order to subscribe for free to the channel so you don’t miss any future videos thanks so much for watching as always guys I appreciate your support I’m Andrew Edwards and I’ll catch you in the next video [Music] you [Music]

48 thoughts to “iPhone 8 Plus Review – Best iPhone 8 Features!”

  1. What's up #TechSquad? Let me know what you think of my iPhone 8 review – and also, weigh in on which you like more – iPhone X vs iPhone 8? Comment and let me know!

  2. Best iPhone to date just like always when a new phone is launched but nothing really great and iOS 11 except for bugs.

  3. Got the iPhone 8 Plus 256GB …… Upgraded from the iPhone 7 Plus 265GB. Not really impressed with the iPhone X; by the time people get it in their hands it will be outdated in 9 months by the iPhone 11/11 Plus. I can wait until the iPhone 11 Plus.

  4. Best features are 1.Expandable battery 2. Chipping with pieces flying everywhere especially from the back of the phone in drop tests 3. It looks like the iPhone 7 iPhone 6s and iPhone 6

  5. I think I will be getting the Iphone 8+ because i've heard that the X won't really be available till well into 2018. what do you think?

  6. I have an 8 Plus and totally love it, I love True Tone because I have dry eye and True Tone helps my eyes. I also love wireless charging because I don’t have to deal with wires anymore. Way to go apple👍🏻😁

  7. I upgraded from the 6S to the 8 Plus. I’ve watched a few video reviews and this may have been the best yet. Well done Andru I just subscribed to your channel.

  8. The 10 really isn’t all that. I played with it and it’s just an iPhone lol I have a 7 so I’m not upgrading to an 8 either but it does look nice tho

  9. I purchased the iPhone 8Plus the day it came out in space gray and 256GB because I’m the type of person that hates change. “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” Getting the iPhone X with no bezels got to me because I’m used to the fingerprint scanner and have grown to love it. I have not had any buyers remorse and wished that I had the iPhone X because the usable space in the iPhone X is about the same as an iPhone 8Plus but it has no chin’s however it does have a unibrow.

    I am very happy I stuck with the original iPhone style and the look. Waiting for he iPhone X wasn’t worth it for me and I upgraded to the 8Plus from he iPhone 7.

  10. I prefer iPhone 8 plus. Its a really cool phone and I love it's big size. The iPhone 10 is also cool, but the only problem is that some things are cut off from the screen due to its screen size.
    Basically I'm in love with the 8+😍💯

  11. Great review. We decided on going with the 8 plus. My wife is ping from the 6S plus and I am coming from the S7. Getting g the phones next week

  12. Andru, I got the iPhone 8+ and couldn’t be happier. Upgraded from a 7 so this is my first plus. I had wanted the X but several videos caused me to reevaluate the 8+. Glad I did. I still like Touch ID better than Face ID. It works and does so fast! Got the 256GB while on sale so I really saved over the cost of the X! 8(+) is great!

  13. I have a iPhone 6 right now but I’m thinking about getting a iPhone 8 Plus this weekend. Is it a good buy? Your video gave some good info by the way.

  14. if your looking at this video debating getting an iphone 8 or 8 plus, i HIGHLY recommend you get the product red, sexiest iphone ever

  15. At least they should include 12W if they are so cheap…. Dumb Apple…. Oh well Still love the 8 plus!!! <3 <3 Love it more than X

  16. Although i have the option to take the iphone x for free i took the iphone 8 plus 256gb space gray and iam happy with my choice.
    (Very nice video)

  17. I’m so scared the iPhone 8 that I might be getting will be my last iPhone because I hate the no home button on the others

  18. Great video, really good info. I've always been an android user i currently have the lg aristo 2 but I'm finally ready to switch.i like the xr,xs&max but it seems that more people seem to prefer the 8 plus.and after watching your video as well as some others it's really pushing me in that direction I'm going to buy one this week….thanks

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