iPhone 12, iOS 14, Apple TV and more

iPhone 12, iOS 14, Apple TV and more

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
over the past week there’s been some interesting news about iPhone 12 iOS 14
Apple TV more recently and a few other things as well and so the first thing is
iPhone 12 and the 2020 iPhones are supposedly going to have a new sensor
which is a little bit larger megapixels we sort of expected this we’ve talked
about this a little bit before and with that new sensor apparently there will be
a new sensor shift stabilization and so basically what this does is similar to
the gh 5 that I’m recording with right now it could use the sensor along with
lens information to make the whole image more stable as you’re recording video
and taking a photo so it would be able to move the sensor around based off
information it has from say the gyro inside the phone moving around and
stabilize the footage even better than it can now so that seems like a likely
little bit of information so I would expect something along those lines and
the camera is already pretty good but with competition from people like
Samsung and other manufacturers with larger sensors a larger sensor in the
next iPhone makes sense now whether or not it will be better or not it’s hard
to say but we’ll have to wait and see now with all the things going on people
have been concerned that maybe you won’t be able to get the next iPhone maybe
they’ll delay it or things like that but according to the manufacturer
Foxconn it says they’ve hired enough workers to handle the normal demand that
you would expect with an iPhone launch so assuming everything is back to normal
by that time whether or not it will be it’s hard to say and people still want
the next iPhone there should be more than enough to go around if this
information is accurate now along with this information it looks like Apple may
still be working on their own wireless charger or air power and so Apple
cancelled it last year and just said they weren’t going to make it but I use
wireless charging all the time and with wireless charging devices such as the
iPhone along with the Apple watch and even maybe the new air tags it looks
like they really do need their own wireless charger so if they are going to
make one it makes a lot of sense to have their own version now whether or not
you’ll be able to place your phone anywhere on that wireless charging that
and have it work like air power is hard to say
hopefully Apple figures this out and does release something that works
extremely well now there’s some information that I think would be really
useful in iOS 14 and that’s some updates to the find my app so find my something
that I actually use quite a bit on my iPhone to help locate family members and
sort of figure out where people are and my entire family shares their
information so let’s take a look at what I’m talking about now I’m in the find my
app and zoomed out on my iPad pro twelve point nine and you can see the location
of or a general location of people in the Carolinas and in New York and so
what I normally do is have family members if I need to figure out where
they’re at locate one you can get directions to them and things like that
but in iOS 14 it looks like they’re going to add additional options for
alerts so for example you can actually alert yourself to someone if they leave
a location and I use this at times to figure out when people have arrived at
my location as well well there should be a new option so let me show you what I
mean now here’s a family member of mine and you have the option to contact them
get directions to them or notify yourself of when they arrive or leave a
specific location so if I add a notification I can say notify me and
then it will notify me of when they arrive leave and then you can pick a
location or use your current location or their location but there’s going to
apparently be a new notification that allows you to know when they don’t
arrive at a specific location at a scheduled time of day so for example if
you have a child going to school and they don’t arrive at school by say 8
a.m. you could be alerted that there could be an issue or maybe someone’s
trying to skip school so you can have that option apparently in iOS 14 also
you can have it notify you if they’ve left a specific location before us that
time so again I think this applies more to school so maybe you had someone that
left school at 12 p.m. and they shouldn’t until – it would notify you
that they’ve left now of course you would have to turn this on have their
permission or have it be a child so it’s an interesting way to do that and I
think that would be a nice addition if you have children or someone that you
care about that should be in a specific place most of the time now there’s other
information that’s come out that says maybe you’ll have a R or augmented
reality that you can use within the find my app so if you do have a device that’s
in fine mile I do there you can locate it using
augmented reality or even augmented reality within say a headset so we
haven’t seen any Apple headsets yet but it’s possible that they could do that or
you could use your phone to go and talk mint in reality use your camera pointed
a building and figure out where your device is or maybe where your air tag is
if you have that so that would be really helpful to be able to use your device to
pinpoint within a building where somewhere specifically or where
precisely that device is so you can use the U one chip along with some other
things that would be really interesting to see now there’s some additional
information by I update and the verifier that came out today about Apple TV and
the next generation Apple TV apparently is going to have a faster processor
which makes a lot of sense it’s quite a ways behind now so maybe in a 12 or an a
12 Z like we see in the new iPads Pro and then 64 and 128 gigabytes storage
options and that makes a lot of sense when it comes to downloading a lot of
games making a big push with Apple arcade and things like that now along
with TV OS 14 we would expect a new kids mode and now some of this information
came out about a kid’s mode similar to screen time but a kid’s mode for your
phone but will also seemingly be getting kids mode for Apple TV which makes a lot
of sense you have accounts in Apple TV now that you can switch between and if
you sign in with a kid account you can have a kid’s view with specific content
for children based off age and things like that so that makes a lot of sense I
would definitely expect that probably with iOS 14 and then finally with Apple
TV a new remote now I’ve said I’m one of the few people that actually likes the
current remote but a lot of people don’t and I would think that Apple has heard
that and it seems like they have because there should be a new Apple TV remote
now this was also information that had already been leaked now and it seems
like it’s definitely coming for sure with the next Apple TV I wouldn’t expect
any hardware differences with Apple TV though and that’s really it for this
information not a ton to go around this time but I’m looking forward to iOS 13.4
tomorrow along with watch OS 6.2 maybe Mac OS and other things as well
I’m really looking forward to iOS 14 and however WWDC goes or whatever happens
with that that should be interesting as well and be sure to check back for other
new hardware and things as far as videos go later in the day or later this week
if you’d like to get your hands on this wallpaper though of course I’ll link it
in the description as I always do and if you haven’t subscribed please subscribe
and if you enjoyed the video please give it a like as always thanks for watching
this is Aaron I’ll see you next time

91 thoughts to “iPhone 12, iOS 14, Apple TV and more”

  1. Do you know if part of the update is to correct the problems with connecting keyboards to the iPad? (Ex. Logitech)

  2. China is slowly getting back on track which is good news for manufacturing including electronics. Hopefully the rest of the world follows China's curve soon🤞🏼. Practice precautions and stay well and healthy everyone!

  3. In my opinion iphone 12/12 pro/max will be unnecessary update from the 11 pro max. The battery won’t be close as good due to 5g lte and pro motion display. This will ruin the extremely good battery I bet.
    5g lte, pro motion display, bigger size iPhone, and new borders on the iPhone is not a leap forward in my opinion. It’s not a new redesign. I’m going to say this, to the people who said to wait for the 12 pro max this year, “it’s not worth the wait and I told you so…), if it’s what the leaks have shown.

  4. Great video! Is the new Apple TV HD or 4K? I have a Apple TV HD from 2015. Will this TV support TVOS 14? Should I consider upgrading from the 2015 Apple TV?

  5. I’m so glad all of this tracking stuff as well as smart phones were not around when I was in school and growing up lol.

  6. Apple better not make the Pro Max better than the Pro, they should be equal like the XS series and 11 Pro series

  7. I have read in a couple of websites that Apple is working on a 64 megapixel camera and they were already testing them out. I’m keeping my fingers crossed

  8. @Zollotech I’d install it right away. But I expect y’all to have the developer beta update for iOS 14, so much leaks flying out already to not expect it in the coming weeks

  9. like really? are ppl really concerned about if and when the new iPhone will Be? …out of all the things going on..

  10. We have to remember, China is running towards the end of the virus and are we better off than America, so manufacturing shouldn’t be hindered at all in May

  11. I actually like the Apple TV remote too, my wife despises it and uses the remote in control center on her phone with arrows instead of a trackpad.

  12. Honestly the iPhone 11 Pro really is everything i could ask for. Personally. I am done upgrading for now until we are tron level at least HAHA I say all of that to say I still love the speculations and details. Can’t wait to see what it looks like! NOW iOS, however, that is the thing that will change the iPhone hopefully!!!

  13. So about you tracking your family does that means everyone of your family member have your Apple ID? Obviously i am talking only about the members that live in the same house like your wife and your children.

  14. All these adults here lucky that their parents didn't have this technology. Just killing all the fun in my idea, not really letting us live life like the teens before us.

  15. Apple will need to do more than a camera for people to part with 1,000 dollars ……… hope people still have jobs by then

  16. The new iPad refresh is so weak such a minor upgrade I wonder if anyone would call it gimmick like they say about Samsung

  17. my iphone 11 just randomly shut off while i was using it when the battery was no where near drying.. should i be worried ?

  18. We’re considering skipping the 11 Pro Max, and going for the 12, since our provider AT&T, hasn’t been issuing any significant promotions on the 11. When we got our 7, and 8 Max’s respectively, we were showered with promotions, too many to mention.

  19. Its major issue I am also facing right now.
    So whats your opinion about latest update should I install it on iphone 6s as ios 13.3.1 drain battery faster.
    Please suggest do you face the same problem

  20. With all that Apple does and creates with their amazing devices, why oh why do they still persist with the same, years old launcher. It's so old and past it now. I'd have an iPhone again if you could customise the launcher how you wanted it.
    Come on Apple, sort your launcher out.

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