iPadOS 13.4 – The BEST iPad Update Yet! (Trackpad, Mouse Support & More)

iPadOS 13.4 – The BEST iPad Update Yet! (Trackpad, Mouse Support & More)

what’s up guys my name is Brandon and
today, Apple released iPadOS 13.4 for all iPads compatible with iOS or iPadOS
13 and while we were not expecting too much from this update at first, it turns
out that this is actually a massive update! And in this video I’m gonna
explain why. So we’re gonna be covering what’s new in iPad OS 13.4 including the
all new Mouse and trackpad support, custom keyboard shortcuts, the
performance and battery life, and much much, more. And taking a look at these
size of this update you can see here on my 2019 iPad 10.2 it came in at just
about one Giga by 1.05 gigs and that was coming from thirteen point three point
one so the size will hover around one gigabyte but of course it will depend on
your device and what firm where you came from now as far as the build number we
go to Settings General about you can see there the building number is the same as
iOS we have 17 e25 5 so let’s go ahead and talk about what’s new here in iPad
OS a thirteen point four because this is absolutely game-changing for the iPad
and it’s going to change the way you use your iPad from here on out
and the reason for that is because now Mouse support is no longer just an
accessibility feature iPad OS 13.4 introduces true Mouse and trackpad
support so I have a Magic Trackpad 2 here and I will be showing you all the
new gestures that come with the trackpad an iPad OS 13.4 but for now I’m gonna be
showing you with an actual Mouse and for this I’m going to be using the Logitech
performance mouse but of course this will work for any Bluetooth or USB mouse
this one’s actually USB so I have a USB C to USB a connector right here that I’m
just gonna plug in to the bottom of my iPad so once you hook up your USB or if
you connect via bluetooth once you do that you will see the mouse comes up
right away right here you can instantly tell that it’s a little bit different so
you can see when you go over top of applications it changes dynamically it
basically shows you that you’re hovering over something that you can change which
is really really nice and if you’re inside your settings or inside an
application if you just take the mouse down to the bottom you can see it pulls
up the dock just like so and you pull it up it goes away it’s very very
responsive and if you want to get back to the home screen very easily you just
click on the home bar right there and it takes you right back home now you can
also click on other things like the battery
so when you click on the battery you can see it pulls up the control center just
click off of it to get off and if you’re in portrait mode and you have the time
and the left hand the upper left-hand corner of the status bar if you click on
that it will bring down Notification Center but if you’re in landscape mode
you just simply drag from the far left and will pull up your notification
center like so and then you can just tap on the home bar down here and that will
go away and take you back to the home screen now I mentioned that you can
click on the home bar to go back home but there’s actually multiple other ways
to go home so you can also take the cursor right here and just bring it all
the way down once it pulls up the doc keep dragging down and it will take you
to the home screen and if you drag a little bit further and we’ll pull up the
multitasking view so there are multiple like gestures hidden inside of other
gestures with not only the Magic Trackpad but also with the mouse here
now you can also click to wake the iPad as well so you click and we’ll go ahead
and wake the iPad and of course it will look for your face for face ID and that
can make that whole process a little bit easier so you don’t actually have to
touch your iPad if you don’t want to and the cool thing about this too and you’ll
notice that the cursor will disappear here if you don’t use it for a little
while it will disappear and then you can just use your fingers to control your
iPad like you do when you don’t have a cursor so there goes that disappeared
and you just use it of course you can use it when it’s still on there as well
but it’s nice that it disappears actually if we go into our settings
right here and then you will see we have a new section here called trackpad and
mouse if you go and click on that you can see you can change your tracking
speed right here you can choose natural or not natural scrolling so if you like
it to be you know when you go down it goes down you can have that selected I
don’t like natural scrolling on so I turn that off you also have your
secondary click right here so you can right click and pull up things like the
3d touch menu so if we go back here and right click you can see it brings up our
3d touch menu like so the right-click also really helps when you’re doing text
editing and just typing and things like that it just makes life so much easier
so now let’s bring in the Magic Trackpad too and I’m gonna show you guys some of
the cool new gestures available with 13.4 so let’s go ahead and turn this on
and it should connect right away to my iPad since I already had it paired
before but if not let’s go into our settings and then go to bluetooth and
then you can see right here Magic Trackpad 2 and it will connect just like
so and so the Magic Trackpad acts just like the mouse did except we have
other gestures that we could do with the Magic Trackpad and only the Magic
Trackpad so the first gesture I’m going to show you guys is yet another way to
go home and that’s a three finger swipe up just like so and you can see it takes
you home just like that now just like when you took the cursor and brought it
down if you do the three fingers up and keep going up it will bring up the
multitasking view like that now if you use those fingers and swipe left or
right you will jump in between applications just like so it makes
multitasking very very easy and going in and out of applications a lot more
convenient than if you just use your finger or a mouse now also if we go into
our Safari right here we do also have some gestures that we could use inside
of Safari so if we take two fingers you can go back and forward like so so back
and forward to the previous or the page you went to before that it’s really
convenient for just getting around and going back to the webpage you were just
also found it much easier to just navigate around websites with the nav
bar so with dropdowns like this then using your finger it’s just so much more
convenient and so much more like an actual desktop or laptop experience when
you can actually go through the menus very easily like I’m doing here with the
trackpad another huge benefit to having something like the Magic Trackpad too is
with something like lumen or GarageBand or wherever you have like a timeline
where you’re editing audio or editing video or even editing photos this could
come in handy as well so if we go ahead and do this right here I’m just gonna
add in a blank clip right here and by the way I love just being able to use my
finger when I want and my mouse when I want but anyways the thing I like about
13.4 is that you can actually now skim back and forth throughout the clip like
so or you could use two fingers to pinch and zoom or zoom out just like so it’s
very much like the touch bar on the macbook you can really control projects
really easily with 13.4 and the true mouse and trackpad supports now since we
have the trackpad connected we can also go into settings and see some new
options in there as well so if we go to our settings go to general and then go
to trackpad you can see we do have a couple of different ones right here we
have tap to click and that’s actually the only other one we have to finger
secondary click there as well so you can enable these if you want to you can also
of course change the tracking speed and of course you have natural scrolling
which I have disabled now also if we go to our settings and go to accessibility
and then go down to point our control you can see we have
some new options in here as well so we have the automatically hide pointer you
can change the setting the duration on this in terms of seconds
I like the two-second default setting we also have color so if you want it to be
easier to see you can change it to something like blue or green or yellow
to be a little bit easier to see on the screen especially for you guys watching
this video you can also change the pointer size if you want it bigger or
smaller you could do so I like mine being as small as possible you can also
change the animation so if we go ahead and hover over accessibility you see how
has that animation there do you want to turn that off you can and then it just
has this really subtle gray background over top of it instead but I like to
have the animations on I think it looks better it makes it look a lot more
dynamic and like it’s actually meant to be used this way you also have trackpad
inertia right here which allows the pointer to continue moving after you
lift your finger I would highly recommend having this enabled you also
have your scrolling speed right here I’ll probably up this just a little bit
but you can change all these settings now inside of your accessibility
settings and I just think that the support for this is going to get just so
much better as third-party applications you know pick up on this and you know
adjust their applications to work better with trackpad and mice now that they are
actually truly supported in iPad OS and it’s not just you know an accessibility
feature that you have dig through the settings to get to now iPad OS 13.4 also
introduces full keyboard access if you have a smart keyboard so if you go into
our settings and go to accessibility and then down to keyboards you can see you
have this option right here full keyboard access if you turn that on you
can go ahead and have full keyboard access where you can basically control
your entire iPad from the keyboard alone you won’t need to touch it you won’t
need a mouse or a trackpad you can control everything from the tab keys
arrow keys and things like that now what’s really cool is this section right
here called command so this will allow you to have custom keyboard shortcuts on
your iPad so once again this is becoming even more and more like a Mac this is
like literally Mac OS now so you can have custom keyboard shortcuts for
pretty much everything as you can see here tons of different commands you get
set up and the fact that you can control your whole iPad with the keyboard I mean
this is just nuts so I don’t have a magic keyboard right now but I will be
getting one and I may show this in a future video as well but if you do have
a keyboard definitely go ahead and check the
out and set up some custom commands you will absolutely love it so these are
just absolutely huge features especially for a point for release this is
something you would expect to see and like iOS 14 or something like that or
iOS 13 but no it’s in thirteen point four so this makes me even more excited
for iOS 14 honestly but anyways let’s move on to some of the other smaller
changes in iPad OS thirteen point four now if you watched my iOS thirteen point
four video you’ve probably already seen most of these features but I am still
going to quickly cover them because they are also in iPad OS thirteen point four
so the first thing of course is going to be iCloud folder sharing so if we go to
this folder right here and right click or two finger click to pull up the
contextual menu right here you can see we have share and we have share you also
have add people so this is where you can add people as like collaborators if you
want people to add things to a folder or be able to edit them or you can also
have permissions so that that person can maybe only view only and you can see
these different settings you have right here that you could change which are
really nice and this is really making files the files application more of a
competitor to things like Dropbox and Google Drive now also inside of the mail
application we not only get a lot of bug fixes so there were a lot of bugs and
thirteen point three and thirteen point three point one we got a lot of bug
fixes but we also as you can see from the toolbars right here we have
everything available to us to see at once we have our reply our compose our
delete our folders everything is just available at once instead of being
hidden and having to go into these menus to get to certain things it’s all right
here right now and you can see here flag is a lot easier to flag an unflagging
now than it was an iPad OS thirteen point three point one just a lot of
improvements to the mail application that may seem small on the outside but
once you continue using it you will see that mail is just a lot more stable and
easier to use than it was in previous versions now also if we go into the TV
application we have some changes in here so over on the left hand side you can
see we have a whole new section now for genres instead of just having to go to
TV shows and sort by the genre up in the top right that’s all available to you
right there and that sub menu on the left hand side and if we go into our
settings and go to TV down here you can see we have some new changes here as
well so we have the Wi-Fi streaming options you could change that from high
quality or data saver you also have your download options
Wi-Fi and cellular if you have a cellular version of the iPad as well and
then the device preferences are bundled together now instead of being spread out
you also have your video definition for your purchases there as well so just
some minor improvements to the TV application and the TV settings there’s
also nine new meme og stickers so if you use new emojis in iMessage or wherever
you want to use them there are now nine new ones to express how you’re feeling
towards something and that’s pretty much it for the main changes in iPad OS
thirteen point four I covered some of the smaller ones in my iOS thirteen
point four video so if you want to watch that I will leave it linked down in the
description below but as far as the bug fixes there were also a lot of bug fixes
in iPad OS at 13.4 I mentioned mail earlier but Apple also
included all of these as bug fixes for iPad OS thirteen point four I’m not
going to cover every single one of them but we can read a few of them here just
briefly cover them so this one right here it says address is an issue in
Safari where web pages may not be inverted when both dark mode and smart
invert are active so I had somebody mentioned that to me on social media on
thirteen point three on their iPad specifically so you can see there that
has been fixed and we have all these other ones right here with iCloud Drive
Safari issues in the home application Apple music or music videos may not
stream in high-quality fix is an issue where iCloud Drive appears to be
available and Pages Numbers and Keynote even when not signed in fixes an issue
in Safari where a CAPTCHA tile may display incorrectly so just a lot of
really minor things that most people probably have not run into at least not
all of these but they are fixes that you should be aware about and are just
another reason that you should definitely upgrade to thirteen point
four as soon as you can just because this is a huge update and it’s also very
stable which I’ll talk about here and the performance section of this video
now I should also mention how much more convenient iPad OS 13.4 makes typing and
selecting text highlighting text anything to do with text editing is so
much more convenient and fluid just so much better on 13.4 you get in and out
of things you could double tap to select a word like that and it’s just very easy
to drag you know things like this you can pull it over you can put the text
somewhere else just like so it’s just so easy and just really awesome especially
compared to iPad OS 13 point three point one it really feels like you’re using
Macbook when you have a Magic Trackpad to hear paired with 13.4 now as far as
performance goes iPad OS 13.4 is super super solid it’s probably the most
stable version of iOS I’ve seen yeah and that’s really saying something given the
fact that we got all these new features introduced everything runs super smooth
super fast of course I am using the iPad pro but I also use the budget iPad 10.2
here and everything performs super super well games web browsing video watching
you name it performance is very solid on this update it is definitely more stable
than thirteen point three point one and four coming from an even earlier version
of iOS 13 or iPad OS 13 they’re gonna notice an even bigger difference in
terms of performance and as far as battery life goes battery life is
probably gonna be about the same as thirteen point three point one I’ve not
really noticed a huge difference so far in iPad OS thirteen point four but
honestly that’s a good thing like I said all the new features added and
everything like that it’s a good thing that the battery life has not decreased
so I think it’s increased but we will be able to tell in about a week when I
bring you guys my follow-up video I will let you guys know how much better
battery life is and there’s a little bit hard to gauge on the iPad pro though or
the iPad in general just because I don’t have to charge it every single night
like I do my iPhone so it’s little bit harder to judge but I will give you guys
an update next week in my follow-up video so now should you update to iPad
OS thirteen point four and to that it should be a no-brainer absolutely you
should definitely upgrade to iPad OS thirteen point four the new true Mouse
and trackpad support is quite literally a game changer I mean the iPad is now
closer than ever to a laptop replacement and makes me even more excited to see
what iOS 14 brings in a couple of months but the fact that all this came in a
thirteen point four update is just crazy I mean it’s very unexpected it’s
probably because the new iPad pro is coming out with a new magic keyboard
which I will be getting in May but the fact that this has also brought to all
the older iPads as well even without that Magic Trackpad is just awesome so
yeah if you have not updated to iPad OS thirteen point four yet go ahead and do
so ASAP because you will absolutely love this update especially if you have a
Magic Trackpad a keyboard or a mouse in general really
anything to take advantage of these new gestures and the new true Mouse and
trackpad support but anyways guys if you enjoyed this
I would appreciate it if you give it a thumbs up and of course subscribe so you
don’t miss my follow-up video on iPad OS 13.4 coming next week where I’ll touch
upon the battery life from performance and things like that things I’ve noticed
over a week of using it and of course stay tuned because tomorrow I will be
unboxing the brand new 20/20 I pad Pro and comparing it to the 2018 here as
well but anyways guys thanks again for watching and I’ll see you soon

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