iPadOS 13.4 is Out! – What’s New?

iPadOS 13.4 is Out! – What’s New?

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
today Apple released iPad OS 13.4 this is the latest version which adds a lot
of cursor functionality and things to the iPads all the way back to the oldest
supported iPad so if you have an iPad air 2 like this one you’ll get all the
same features that you will with the new one with the exception of some of the
new accessories that are available for the newly announced two 2020 iPads Pro
now this particular update came in at 2.8 4 gigabytes on my iPad air 2 and is
similarly sized on all of the different iPads now if you are on the developer
beta or the public beta with iOS or iPad OS 13.4 beta 6 or GM you will have the
final version already so there will not be an update for you you already have it
you just had it a week early so you can either delete the beta profile or just
continue with it installed but either way you’ll already have it and you can
see that by going to the build number so if we go into settings then we go to
about and tap on the software version you can see the build number is 17E255 and that means you’re on the latest build now let’s talk about everything
new in this video and if you want to know what’s new in iOS 13.4 I’ll link
those videos as well and I’ll also do a video on watch OS 6.2 all of those were
released today and have some significant updates now the first thing that’s major
with the iPads and goes back to the oldest iPad is new support for mouse and
trackpad now with the newest 2020 iPads pro we get a new keyboard with a
trackpad and things coming out in May but this particular device supports it
as well so for example if you have a magic mouse a Magic Mouse – magic
trackpad or any third party Bluetooth or USB mouse you have support now and so
this is a magic Mouse – for the Mac Pro and you’ll see I already have a cursor
let me zoom in a little bit so you can see it closer up now in order to pair
your Magic Mouse to or Magic Trackpad or Magic Mouse whatever you have just go to
settings go to bluetooth and you’ll see Magic Mouse it’ll show up under devices
here and it works just like a normal Mouse so now we have an all-new cursor
and we can use the gestures and right-click so I can just scroll through
using the touchpad on the top and you can adjust these settings in XS a bill
so they haven’t moved it to its own separate category yet but you can adjust
it here so for example we can go to pointer control and we have increased
contrast automatically hide pointer after two seconds you can adjust this
turn that off if you don’t want it to hide and as you can see I’m moving
through it’s actually highlighting things like accessibility we also can
change the color of the pointer so maybe I want it to be white and change the
stroke size as well the thickness of the line around the pointer as you see I
move this it changes it and then if we go back to pointer control we can turn
off pointer animations so if we don’t want it to have an animation to
highlight accessibility we don’t have to have that and then we have pointer size
so you can see we can change the pointer size we also have scrolling speed as
well so all of these things are really nice and then we can go back home we can
bring up the dock we can go back home it’s a little tricky to get it to work
on non-face ID iPads but if we want to go into a different app you can see a
highlight here and it works really well so you can use not only the Magic Mouse
but the Magic Trackpad so let me show you that as well because
we have some new features with that so I’ll set the iPad air 2 aside and we’ll
switch to the iPad pro now this is the trackpad to my Mac Pro so if I want to
pair it to my iPad pro I just go to settings and you’ll see it says other
devices I’ll turn on the trackpad we’ll give it a second it shows up tap on
Magic Trackpad and it’s paired so now I have the same cursor I can swipe up or
down with two fingers swipe with three to go home we can swipe side-to-side to
go back swipe up again and if I bring the cursor down you can see it
highlights things so if I go in I’ve got the same actual settings under
accessibility so if I go to pointer controls then go to color let me change
it to blue so it’s a little easier to see and then go back and pointer size
will make it a little bit bigger so you can see it on the display so you’ve got
the same exact thing so now again if I swipe up with three fingers you can
close that I can go to the app store and navigate the entire iPad just using the
trackpad so you’ve got all of those same gestures and as I highlight over things
you can see that there’s a bar I can highlight over the home bar swipe
up and if I swipe up and hold I can get all of my multitasking views so it’s
really nice to use just with the trackpad and of course in things like
photos and things you’ve got pinch to zoom so if I go into photos and here’s a
photo I took from the Mac Pro if I want to zoom in I can just pinch and zoom in
zoom out swipe up go home so it’s really nice we have all of these things and you
have all those multi-touch gestures where you can zoom in and out you can
tap secondary click so if I want to right click on this for example two
finger click gives me the 3d press menu as well so you’ve got all of those
features right from a trackpad or a mouse it’s really really nice now Apple
has also added quite a few other things to this as well now with iPad OS 13
point for Apple finally added folder sharing with iCloud drive and so if we
go into the files app we can go to our folder that we want to share maybe the
platform tools I’ll press and hold then we go to share and now we can add people
so we can add people to share this folder to change files within and
control to limit access only the people you explicitly invite or grant access
and you can give them a link to share this folder also you can change the
permissions for who can make changes upload or download or view files so you
have full control over who can see these files modify them and help you work
collaboratively now the next update is with memo G so if
that’s something you use with an iMessage they’ve updated that and
they’ve updated it with momochi stickers there’s nine new momochi stickers
including smiling face with hearts hands pressed together and party face so
there’s a few new ones if you use these they’re available it’s not anything I
really use that much but they’re here if you want to use them now they’ve updated
mail as well and I’ll talk about all of the bug fixes and things like that a
little bit later on mail has a lot of fixes to it but they’ve also updated the
interface just a little bit so if we go into mail there are now always visible
controls to delete move reply or compose a message in this view so you can see we
can reply here and we’ve got our different options for things like flag
and mark as unread or move messages and then we have delete
folder and compose in the upper right now this is more of a big deal on the
iPhone than it is on the iPad since the iPhone sort of limited it to two
different things now they’re just all visible all the time so that’s been
updated they’ve also updated it if you use s/mime for encryption so if you use
that you can now reply and it will automatically encrypt any emails that
are sent when you have that configured but you will need to have that on the
server side configured so everything’s encrypted now they’ve also updated the
App Store and within the App Store a developer now has the option to give you
universal purchase support so what that means is maybe you purchase an
application such as procreate they can allow you to have that on your iPhone
iPad iPod Touch or Mac or Apple TV all for free and this applies to apple
arcade as well as any app throughout so now you can just have that on all of
your devices for one fee if the developer chooses to do that of course
sometimes they’re very different so you don’t want to necessarily do that for
all apps but the option is there they’ve also updated it so that recently played
arcade games will now carry across different devices so maybe you start
this new game spider on say an iPad and you want to continue on your iPhone you
should be able to do that across Mac and Apple TV as well so all of those things
should be here and then there’s some new list views to show all of your games and
things like that so you’ll have those options and they’ve
just updated it to make it a little bit easier to see your games or different
categories and things along those lines so some nice little changes nothing
major now there’s additional controls if
you’re using the keyboard within photos to switch between different tabs so if
you hold command you can see those and some of the controls were there before
but they’ve added additional ones so for example if I hold ctrl and hit one I can
switch to this tab I can go back to my favorites by holding ctrl and hitting
three so we have the ability to just switch between different tabs very
simply again control one three and then switch between with shortcuts now
they’ve also added a small change in the TV app where we now have family sharing
and so if you have family sharing setup with different family members you now
have that available so they can see all of your purchases you can see there’s
and share TV and movie they’ve also added some settings for TV
as well so if we go into settings and then we go down to TV let’s find that
under TV we now have download options for Wi-Fi or cellular if you have a
cellular iPad to allow for high quality or fast downloads so it just depends on
your internet connection what you have and the same is true for streaming
options with data saver or high quality and then there’s additional options down
here as well so all of these things are really nice that they’ve added and we
have those options now there’s also an option in shortcuts so if you use
shortcuts for example we now have the option to create a shortcut and Shazam
it so we can tap an icon to Shazam that and listen to the music around and
determine what’s playing now you could use Siri to do that before but they’ve
added it in this and then finally they’ve added a our Quick Looks support
for audio playback so if you’re using augmented reality it’s not something I
use a whole lot but if you’re using augmented reality maybe to look at
furniture around or things like that they’ve added a quick look support for
audio playback in the file itself the USD Z file now with the keyboard they’ve
added a couple things and I’ll just run through those pretty quickly but if we
go into notes you’ll see the keyboard here they’ve added an on-screen keyboard
layout for the 12.9 iPad pro that now matches the smart keyboard so if you
have a smart keyboard you can now match it so for example here’s a smart
keyboard with it and you can now match the exact same layout they’ve also
updated Swiss German keyboard layouts for the iPad pro 12.9 they’ve added
predictive text or typing support for Arabic so if you’re using an Arabic
keyboard you’ll have that and then they’ve added live conversations for
Japanese and I apologize I don’t know how to say this other language here but
it automatically transforms into the correct characters without pressing the
spacebar to convert text or select candidates and so if someone knows how
to say that Xion or Zhu Ian I could look it up but if someone knows how to say
that please let me know in the comments below now aside from that there are a
ton of bug fixes and so I’ll run down those bug fixes one by one and there’s a
lot to cover here but I’ll go quickly through them so the first thing is it
fixes an issue in the camera where the viewfinder may not show up when you open
the camera so if you open the camera it could show a blinks
that’s now fixed so thankfully they’ve fixed that they’ve also addressed an
issue in photos where it may appear to use excessive storage so I saw that on
my iPhones they fixed that now they’ve also resolved an issue in photos that
may prevent sharing an image two messages if you have I messaging
disabled so if you’re not using iMessage it will now work properly
they’ve also fixed an issue in mail thankfully where messages may appear out
of order they’ve fixed an issue in mail where conversation lists may display
empty rows they’ve also fixed an issue in mail when tapping the share button in
quick look it could crash so maybe you’re trying to share something here it
could crash they’ve updated that as well within the app and then they’ve updated
an issue in settings where if you go to cellular data now this is not a cellular
iPad but it may show the data as off even though it was turned on they fixed
that they’ve also fixed an issue in Safari where web pages may not be
inverted if you’re using both a dark mode and smart invert together and yes
you can use them together and if you were that problem has been fixed
they’ve also fixed an issue in Safari if you’re using CAPTCHA tiles – maybe
verify you’re human they may display incorrectly that should now be fixed if
you’re on a website that users capture to verify that they fixed a couple
issues in reminders as well so if you use the stock or standard reminders app
it addresses an issue where reminders may not issue new notifications for an
overdue recurring reminder until it’s marked as completed they also fixed an
issue where reminders may send notifications for completed reminders
they’ve fixed an issue with iCloud Drive as well where it may appear to be
available even if you have it signed out when you’re in Pages Numbers and Keynote
so it will no longer be available if you’re not using it of course also fixes
an issue in music where if you’re watching music videos and things like
that they were lower quality they’ve fixed it so it may show in high quality
now and then they’ve also fixed an issue in the home app so if you use the home
app and you have security cameras set up with it and I currently don’t but if you
have security cameras and maybe you receive a notification that someone’s
walking in your yard or something like that you tap on the notification it may
open the wrong camera maybe it shows the backyard instead of the front yard that
has now been resolved they’ve also fixed an issue where
if you take a screenshot and then you share the screenshot the shortcuts menu
may not appear they fixed that as well and then finally they fixed an issue
that improves the Burmese keyboard so punctuation symbols are now accessible
from numbers and symbols so all of these things have been fixed and probably a
lot of other things as well and if you’re on iOS they’ve fixed some things
with carplay now all of those things have fixed been fixed and I would have
to say that after using iOS 13.4 betas for a while this is by far the best and
most stable version of iOS 13 I’ve seen so far that’s based on a lot of feedback
I’ve heard as well so battery life and things like that seem to be greatly
improved if you’re on the previous version of iOS 13 point three point one
and so over the last ten days I use my iPad mostly as consumption for things
like YouTube but you’ll see three hours and 56 minutes of screen on time with a
little over 50% of my battery usage and the screen time is hard to say what it
really is because I use this for ethically and I don’t charge it for many
days in a row but 10 hours of battery life is not unrealistic on this iPad and
if you have an iPad air 2 you can expect it to be nice and fast so for example
the iPad air 2 everything seems to be nice and fast and I would not expect a
whole lot of slowdowns it does take a little bit to load but that’s the first
time I’ve opened mail on here and then of course you have mouse support on all
of these devices which is really really nice so I think it adds a whole level of
functionality we didn’t have before and I highly recommend updating to this
version unless you want to stay on an older version for maybe modifying it in
other ways so that’s really it for this particular update but let me know how
your experiences in the comments below and be sure to check out my other videos
of iOS 13.4 and watch OS 6.2 I’d love to hear what you think of those in the
comments below if you’d like to get your hands on this wallpaper of course I’ll
link it in the description as I always do and if you haven’t subscribed already
please subscribe and if you enjoyed the video please give it a like as always
thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you next time

100 thoughts to “iPadOS 13.4 is Out! – What’s New?”

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  2. So many are exited about the new trackpad/mouse support. I think most of us have lost sight of the iPad’s purpose. I love navigating the UI with my finger/Apple Pencil. I work 100% off of my 2017 iPad Pro 12.9 and I am far more productive and efficient with touchscreen (and I do real productivity work, not strictly consumption). Perhaps I am missing the true purpose of blurring the lines between tablet and laptop. Eventually, they will be so much alike there will be little distinction ( a bit rhetorical, I know). None the less, I wish Apple would focus on making the tablet more efficient as a standalone touch device. Ok, I have vented and now feel better. Thanks for your always helpful (and well produced) content, Aaron.

  3. I have a 2018 iPad Pro with iPadOS 13.3.1. When I update my iPad Pro to iPadOS 13.4 it only came in at 885mb not 2.00GB. Do you know why is that happened?

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  7. honestly don’t like it. It doesn’t work properly in most of the apps. Even in safari when I want to edit in Google Documents it doesn’t work properly. And even in APPLE PAGES, it doesn’t work properly when selecting text. Don’t believe me? Go test it out!

    It also lags very often, altough that might be because of my mouse.

  8. My Magic Mouse 2 cannot be found in Bluetooth settings. It is 100% charged and turned on. I have turned it on and off and still the iPad won’t see it. I updated the iOS first before trying to connect it. Tried to submit support question to Apple. Got a message that says they can’t take the question now and to try again later. 😩

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  12. i connected a magic mouse and keyboard to my ipad, everything is working perfectly fine except for scrolling on the mouse. i actually considered using my ipad with old magic keyboard and mouse, but only will if scrolling support is added

  13. I had an awesome idea! With the next update they could make it possible to use your iPhone as a virtual trackpad for the iPad, similar to how you can use it as a virtual remote for an Apple TV.

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  20. Hi Aron
    I really appreciate your sincere efforts.
    I downloaded iPadOS 13.4 and paired Magic Mouse 2 with my iPad pro, but in Pages the shape of the cursor did not transform to enable me to precisely select the text, but it does that just fine in Notes. Kindly check that out.
    Best regards. Yousef

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    Have you noticed this defect too?

  25. I don’t understand why the magic mouse 2 doesn’t have support for 2 finger gestures. I hope this gets added on the next update. Would really be helpful to close apps with 2 fingers swipe up, bring up notification center with 2 finger swipe down and switch apps with 2 fingers swipe left/right. That’s how it mostly works with macOS and I thought it’s a no brainer to implement that on this official mouse support for iPadOS. But I’ll take it. I will try an iPad Pro only while working from home and see how ideal it is. Thanks for the great video, Aaron!

  26. I love the new gestures and the new additions to the mouse support but I’m having big issues with my mouse, it’s a Satechi M1 and I can’t scroll now, I used to be able to do that with the previous OS version. It only works if I turn the mouse off and on again, but only for a few min. After 5 min or so it won’t work again :/

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