IP Addressing in easiest way-Hindi/Urdu|Youtube पर अबतक का बेस्ट लेक्चर,IP address पर

IP Addressing in easiest way-Hindi/Urdu|Youtube पर अबतक का बेस्ट लेक्चर,IP address पर

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100 thoughts to “IP Addressing in easiest way-Hindi/Urdu|Youtube पर अबतक का बेस्ट लेक्चर,IP address पर”

  1. I 'm NEPAL🙏🙏🙏
    Sir, you are the most talented teacher in networking field as well as others🙏🙏💗💗💗💗

  2. Bhupinder ji – Superb explanation – thank you very much for such a outstanding video…do you have any video on MPLS,leaseline etc concept

  3. main kis mou se apki tareef karun …kia samjhaya hai ..me chahta hun k ap CCNA k saare k saare topics samjhayen one to all …kia baat hai apki..sawal zehen me ata hai aur ap wohi sawal ka jawab dete hain..great MASHA*ALLAH

  4. I belong to an educationalist family but I would like to admire that you got pretty good skills of teaching! At the state of art!

  5. Very nicely explained, I have watched it from Sydney, Australia. I bet that after watching this any other source to understand IPv4addressing is not required. Thanks.

  6. Rajput bhai
    Aap video bahut ache se bana rahe ho
    Or bahut ache se samjha bhi rahe ho
    Aap ke board pe light pad rahi hai
    Jiski wajah se kuch dikh nahi raha hai
    Pls solve it

  7. this is one of best lecture in networking, very easy to understand.thanku so much.please host ko subnet mein kaise convert karte hai please share video.IP address Kaise banate hai wo video share krna.

  8. Simple n best .. Sir, i'm following ur Videos for AWS & each n evry concpt is explained in detailes.. Thanks !!

  9. Hi Sir,  you have one of the best class in YouTube. tons of thanks my friend. My concept get crystal clear cause of your explanation and I share your video with bunch of my colleagues and friends. From Toronto, CA

  10. Hi I'm from London. Best lecturer and easy to understand. I just started ccna sir can u please explain bit more about decimals value how to convert in decimals

  11. Sir you r so great and your way of teaching is so nice.. I appreciate your efforts for all learners. Hopefully u will upload more useful vedios regarding networking..thanx..me from Pakistan

  12. Sir mera ek sawal hai aap jo number of usable ip address me host ke jagah pe 255 kaise de sakte hai kyoki ki yah alg alg class ip h phir v

  13. Your teaching is just awesome bro….. Keep up the good work… All the best… We will be expecting more useful videos like this in future…

  14. Private IP Addresses.

    Class Private IP Address Range Subnet Mask

    classA to

    classB to

    classC to

  15. Good after Sir i had seen your videos its awesome. iam understanding all the things very clearly.plz upload some more videos regarding networking course.

  16. welldon sir really inspired to you great method of teaching it helps me a lot.. love from pakistan ,balochistan

  17. GOD Bless you….all the concept were clear due to you Dir….such an amazing video….thanx for your sooo much concern in a manner each student can clear their minds and concepts…..from Pakistan

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