Introduction to the Construction Master Pro calculator

Introduction to the Construction Master Pro calculator

The Construction Master Pro from Calculated
Industries is an advanced construction math power tool that saves time, prevents costly
errors for hundreds of thousands of construction professionals across the country and around the world. You may have seen them on job sites, in classrooms or in meetings like this or on a display stand in your local building materials
supply store. Let me take just a couple of minutes to show
you how it can improve your productivity and profitability every single day. First off, it’s a dimensional calculator
that works in all the same units that you do. You enter a value just the way you say it. For instance,
14 feet 7 inches and seven slash eighths,
just the way you write a fraction, all the way down to sixty fourths of an inch. Now you can add, subtract or multiply this number with
any other dimension or number. For instance, let’s divide by three for equal spacing. You can also combine with other formats.
You’re not locked into feet-inch-fractions, so plus 32.5 feet minus 123.25 inches plus 3 yards and let’s subtract 2 meters just to make it interesting. The answer comes back in the format we
started – feet-inch fraction. If you’d like another format you hit [convert] [feet].
There it is in tenths and hundreds, back to feet-inch fractions,
you have inches and fractions,
inches and tenths, yards, meters. You can do centimeters and millimeters, too. You can do these conversions in linear values, square areas or cubic volumes. There’s also built-in weight functions and
weight per volume functions, conversions. Solves all your on-site conversion needs quickly, simply
and accurately. The top row of keys are your built-in right angle solution keys –
pitch, rise, run and diagonal. As long as you have any two you can solve for
all the others. They’re really useful for solving square up diagonals,
for finding pitches, percent grades and slopes for drainage, but most commonly they’re used for solving rafter
lengths. Not only common rafters but hip and valley
rafters and jack rafters for both regular and irregular
dual pitch roofs. Now this middle row of keys are utility keys with
things such as circles and arcs for solving radius, diameters, cords, segments
of arched openings, windows, sonotubes, or anything round. We even have a compound miter key here for solving crown moldings. One of the most powerful functions is the stair key, which can solve all your stair layout calculations quickly and
accurately. You simply enter the total floor to floor rise,
105 inch rise
and then start pressing the stair key, which gives you riser height, number of risers, any adjustment, tread widths, number of treads, any adjustment, stairwell opening, the stringer length, the angle of incline and the total run of
the stairway. This function can save hours of frustrating
calculations and stair table lookups. The length, width and height feature can be a
real time saver. By entering the length, width and height just
once you can get up to six pieces of valuable information. Volume, wall surface area, wall surface area plus ceiling, square foot surface area, square up diagonal and perimeter. And if you look closely here you can see there’s additional second functions
for solving drywall sheets for three common sizes, footing volumes and how many bricks or blocks you need, all based on the same length, width and height dimensions that you
previously entered. The Construction Master Pro also has a paperless tape function to let you
review your last twenty entries and handy backspace key to edit mistakes.
It’s got 4 memory storage locations and it works as a regular math calculator with
auto shut off. It includes a protective slide on case, fully illustrated user’s guide, handy pocket reference guide that lives right
here in the back slot so you always have it with you, a CD with additional video, user’s guide and product
information and two long life batteries that live right here in the back. Additional protection options include our Armadillo Gear hard cases – dust, shock and moisture resistant, as well as our ballistic nylon toolbelt pouch with a spring steel clip that doesn’t let go. This concludes our overview of the Construction Master Pro. If you would like additional information on individual
features, please check our website.

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  1. you should do a demo for the rest of the world too.. lot of potentential customers that dont use imperial just look at a map

  2. More Metric videos to come! You can also check out some specific International pages we've created at calculated com forward slash uk.

  3. PITCH of a roof may be entered either by degree or inch per foot. Span of roof should be divided in half and entered as RUN, RISE is the height of the ridge from the wall plate. Hope this helps! If you want add'l help, we have live CHAT on our website or email techsupport at calculated.

  4. Am looking forward to making the most of this calculator but I think you need to slow down on the tutorial and make it longer. I can't see how one is supposed to get properly to grip with this tool in 4 min 51. I didn't have instructions with mine either. Anyway thanks for a good tool in anticipation.

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