Introduction to iMindMap 6 – Mind Mapping software for Creative Thinking

Introduction to iMindMap 6 – Mind Mapping software for Creative Thinking

hi I’m Owen from thickness and it’s my pleasure to introduce to you I’m I’m up six today so let’s have a look at what’s new in I’m I’m up six we’ve made creating maps smoother faster and more flexible and I’m I’m app six our brand new branch target is designed with different sections that you can draw branches box branches or relationships from without having to go up to the toolbar or use the shortcut keys the box branches have been jazzed up with a variety of new shapes and our relationships can now be customized to look how you want in the new format tool with introduced flow charts so you can incorporate processes directly into my maps switch between radiant my mapping and sequential flow charts in so that you can capture ideas in the most effective way unlike the dull flat flow chart you’re used to these have been given the I my map touch build colorful flow charts right alongside your maps and check them out in 3d our new multi select feature allows you to group select branches and objects in one simple gesture map snippets will save you hours of map drawing by allowing you to take parts of your maps and turning them into maps lipids you can then paste a snippet into any future maps you create like a template perfect for branches you will be using frequently such as key resources for a project or a code you use to categorize our redesigned sketch feature is packed with new drawing tools to allow you to create your own custom images we have introduced a new full-screen mode to give you maximum thinking space and declutter your canvas all you need to do is click on the full screen option under the View menu we’re now going to take a look the updated Frede view now the 3d view is no longer just about looking fantastic even though we know it does but you can also create maps just as easily as you can do in a 2d view draw branches and relationships from the new 3d branch target use the branch editor to quickly add images icons notes or links and edit the format in pan around the screen using your mouse and grab the new Frida joystick to tilt and angle you we know for a fact that visual stimulation can improve thinking so we’ve also added these stunning 3d backgrounds to create a complete 3d environment this will not only stimulate creative thinking it also makes work feel like play we’ve been lucky enough to use this feature on the big screen in our office to capture ideas and all of our meetings and make a welcome change from the usual minutes now them my mapping tool can do this this attention to detail and focus on creating a stimulating environment is what makes imindmap unique we have completely rebuilt the presentation view and I’m I’m up 6 giving you more power and flexibility to build and style your presentations in the way that suits you you can now view your presentation in slide format and dictate exactly what is shown and when the new rotating transitions let you create some awesome effects in the animation and also we’ve given you more control and freedom because honestly who are we to tell you what to present and when this is about helping you to become more creative to crank up your presentation even more switch it into 3d and take a look at those new 3d environments in action if you want to capture an audience’s attention and show them something different this is exactly what you need to use it’s obvious but people remember things that stand out and interest them and by using imindmap 6 presentations you will do exactly that now a lot of our users have mentioned to us that they deliver the same map the same presentation but in different styles well we’ve now taken that on board and in I’m I’m up 6 you can now save each individual presentation and all of its settings within your map then all you have to do is open up your map and select which presentation you want to deliver it’s that easy presentation view and I’m I’m up 6 is what you want to show and when you want to show it we really can’t wait to see what you create I’m my map 6 is not like any of them my mapping tool out there we don’t want to crowd your thinking space with complex features that honestly you’re not going to use the emphasis of the software is to give you a thinking environment where you can be inspired to cope with new ideas and remember this is just the beginning with I’m up six we’ve got lots plans so the next few months keep a lookout for the updates will be delivering [Music]

22 thoughts to “Introduction to iMindMap 6 – Mind Mapping software for Creative Thinking”

  1. I am a frequent user of Mind Mapping. In fact I used this concept to develop my thesis when I was studying my Honours Program at the University of South Australai.

  2. the 3D presentation style looks like prezi – your software looks amazing! I am a software developer, would you tell me in which software iMindMap was developed?

  3. All updates within the version you purchase are free. 6.1, .2 and so on. But major releases are via an upgrade.

  4. Great product, I can't do something valueable to me. Suppose you have your central idea, let's call it Food. Then you build a son, and call it fruit. Starting from fruit you build a whole tree with many fruits. Suppose now that you change your mind and want to get rid of the box fruit, but not of his children. That means you want to connect apple, strawberry and whatever directly to the food box. I am looking for the way of doing it but can't, when I delete fruit all children are deleted.

  5. Hi Sorfrena,

    You can do this a number of ways. Firstly by copy and paste. Select the root of the branches you want to move elsewhere (Strawberries to Food in your case), go to edit – copy, select the central idea, or wherever you would like to move the branch and go, edit- paste. Your root branch and it's children should now be moved to it's new location.

    Secondly you can also click and hold on a branch for a second and simply lift it and move it to the desired place.

    Hope that helped!

  6. Great tool guys! I really like it. However, I would find it even better if you had a simple project management tool within the software. Just to show basic stuff like duration, start / end date, resources assigned etc… 
    Exporting to Microsoft project is great, but an in-built one would mean everything in one place and future modification to the mindmap will update the project plan straight away, no need to re-export etc…

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