27 thoughts to “Introduction to Classic and Vintage Broadcast Microphones”

  1. Confession: I am such a fucking nerd. I just got off a sound gig where I brought my brand new 421's just for fun and came home and watched this video. Thanks for the history lesson!

  2. I'm with Josh Sitar…wish I could have an RCA ribbon mic. I can't justify the cost, as I'm not an audio pro. Thanks for a great & informative video.

    Tim (WT1IM)

  3. This was a fabulous shootout. I love the old RCAs. How close did singers stand to those in the old days?

  4. Very interesting to see all these particular mics compared head to head. Stop by my page sometime and have a listen to a 1947 year model RCA74B ribbon mic. I use it to record most of my videos.

  5. I thank you very much for this video. Finally I could get the possibility to ahve such comparisons among several known mic types.

  6. Thanks for posting this video. It's amazing how each one of these microphones has a certain character that can easily be recognized when you're listen close enough. I love the sound of the RE20 because for me (being from Germany) it has the typical "american" broadcasting sound I love. The most amazing sound experience is the RCA 44BX. I mean, you just talked into it and immediately sounded like a newsman or announcer from the 50s. Too bad they are so expensive, I would love to own one…

  7. The video is great but as a sound engineer how is it that you'd allow the intro music and the narration volume levels to be so wildly out of synch?

  8. hmm what is "THe Sennheiser" ?  IT IS THE MD421.   You don't call the other mic the Electro Voice or The Neumann, u call it the re20 or the u87.  So now you know the name of the most widely used and famous percussion mic,the MD421 BY "SENNHEISER."  

  9. Very enjoyable, as I have used all of those mics in my broadcasting career. I spent a lot of time with the dx-77, but it has been over 40 years. I was surprised at how thin it sounds in your recording. I've spent the most time with the Sennheiser – 25 years at the last job and I'm using one even today. Always thought it to be a great sounding mic.

  10. As grateful as I am for you doing this your preamp must be absolutely awful with the noise floor so high with the dynamics, it's rendered their testing obsolete. Only clean mic was the u87, which wasn't a fair test

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