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  1. I have spent hours and hours to get the correct and simple content on Agile and literally got frustrated after a while. But then here comes this video which give me everything i needed to know about Scrum Agile in short and simple video with real time project reference. You guys are awesome and saved my lot of time. Thanks a lot keeps posting such informative video.

  2. You cannot estimate tasks in time, only difficulty relative to other tasks. The founder of SCRUM has tried for years to get people to move away from time-based predictions- humans are just not that good at estimating how long things will take.

  3. Kudos for such a useful video in less than 10 minutes. Only thing which I am not convinced is the estimation which can be debated 🙂

  4. I'm now a Scrum Master in 8 minutes. 2k of training saved, especially when you have 6k of PMP, DMAIC Sigma, and Lean training.

  5. Scrum is a micromanaging, suffocating methodology that stifles all creativity and efficiency, and should only be used by large corporations to ensure they squeeze out at least some productivity from even the most lazy and/or borderline incompetent developers. It should be avoided like the plague if you actually care about getting quality software shipped in a timely fashion – for this you need top quality developers who are granted autonomy and freedom.

  6. Estimating work in hours is against what proper Scrum teaches. Estimate by difficulty and know how many Points your team can do in a Sprint based on Velocity (which you get better at knowing as you get more experience and data).

  7. So … great … but ….

    The great missing part? Does anyone told the customer/stakeholder/user/friend/client/gizmodo/whateveryouwannacallthem…..

    The absolute very first thing YOU WANT them to KNOW and Understand before anything …. ???

    1 What is Automation?
    2 Why one automates
    3 Why one doesn't automate
    4 The ancient and unchanged essentials and principles of automation???

    No? You perhaps will rethink this. Thing is, Digital Automation is exact, for every professional and customer/stakeholder/user/friend/client/gizmodo/whateveryouwannacallthem alike. And Exact = 100% Predictable. So before you like to debate or challenge this most legal aspect….

    If you as a professional don't know the essentials and principles of automation and you are not school your customer/stakeholder/user/friend/client/gizmodo/whateveryouwannacallthems, and you don't line them up how matter automation is behaving and is to be treated, you as a professional in any part or discipline of the digital automation, are 100% accountable and liable…

    Perhaps you like to think this over since 99% of all methods basically comes down to the same, which to me is just fine however, not KNOWING the essentials and principles of automation, not conveying this to your customer/stakeholder/user/friend/client/gizmodo/whateveryouwannacallthem… will turn in to a nasty pitfall in times of mediation or settlement.

    Just so you KNOW…. now …

    Start with the essentials and principles first, then you build …

    Perhaps the good folks, professionals of all feathers in IT, ICT, IoT, AI, prince 2, itil, scrumtydum and all want to $hare this with one and other???

  8. Scrum = endless pointless meetings sucking the life out of everyone until all the best people get sick of the micromanagement and leave.

  9. Such a great video
    I had no clue about scrum and after watching this video I feel like I know so much. Thank you, for the future videos can you please make the background sound a bit softer?

  10. I'm an executive and If I ever hear anyone say that I get in the way, I will fire their arse right then and there!

  11. Scrum is a framework! It's nothing but a set of rules or guidance to ease the effort for better results. It's a list of norms to abide for accomplishing every increment. It involves planning, effective utilization of resources, lessons learnt to avoid similar mistakes in future, Receive constructive feedback before acting upon the subsequent iteration.

    Please have a look at the below blogs which covers the basics. After which let's take a deep dive into the concepts.






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  12. Post it notes are better – "If the glue on the back of a post it note wears out, it's been on the backlog too long" – valuable lesson though – thank you for the explanation!!!

  13. I already practice most of that, and so does every developer I know of. Scrum sounds like nothing more than giving different names to existing practices.

  14. absolute, crisp and clear, feeling lucky to have come across this video on youtube !!!! Thanks a tonn!!!

  15. Estimating in hours is very problematic for a number of reasons. The reasons behind story points is that we are not good in absolute estimations but relative estimations. Measuring in hours does not reveal data about how we improve our velocity over time, and if we make improvements we are then expected to ask people to adjust their estimation to those improvements. By estimating in points, the meaning of those points reveal themselves over time (our velocity). Using our velocity we will know what we can reasonable get done in a sprint, and we will have the goal of removing impediments in order to improve our velocity as well. So, over time, we should see that number increase – something that would be very cumbersome to try to track if we were using hours.

  16. Ah the reason why you focused on burndown chart as most important is because of selling a tool. Of course, the are many other, probably more valuable, aspects to scrum and the agile philosophy that scrum aims to support.

  17. Such a perfect video. I first discovered this while I was studying the unit Project Management in uni and I am now watching it before my job interview to brush my memory! Thank you.

  18. Can u put this same video without disgusting music which is unnecessary disturbing us and we can not pay attention to your words what you are saying.. very bad unnecessary music on backside.. put same video without music will be best 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  19. Good job, but Some few small mistakes in the video will be noticed quickly by an agile coach during any interview process.

  20. Thank You for this excellent professional presentation. It's clear, concise and engaging. Great work!!

  21. Great video, but as someone with ADHD, the super upbeat, kinda obnoxious music really distracted, and I had to pause and rewind several times. Otherwise, great explanations and breakdown.

  22. Crappy commercial video. It's not really about scrum but it's about a piece of shitty proprietary software.

  23. OrangeScrum and OpenProject are much better alternatives available for a cheaper price as well as for free

  24. Really amazing overview of scrum at high level and would like to hear from you regarding devops as well now. Thnx

  25. Your explanation was good, it gave me overall understanding of scrum, I have a query, who decides which technology to use for application development , for example a code needs to be developed, which one to use either java or python, does the scrum master decide that ?

  26. Thank You! Good refresh and understanding of Scrum and the components involved. Loved your C-Level Exec's comment!

  27. Succint, Clear and informative. Great job, helped me get ready for my (possibly) next workflow type. Thank you.

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  29. scrum meetings !!! amazing, i will invent a new methodology it will allow you to finish planning while you are sleeping and i will call it Sleepcrum,

  30. Hi, great video! Our prof shared this in class and was really helpful. On a side note, what graphic software did you use to make this video? I'd love to learn how to make these animated videos one day.

  31. Interestingly enough for the current job I have, the interview had quite a few questions on the agile process, so for the overall tech process questions, this is a good video for folks coming up on an interview.

  32. Read a great article on whether you should adopt Agile:

    It outlines some of the pros and cons of whether you should adopt agile. There are some other good management articles there too.

  33. I really understood. I am marketing for a Scrum client and it helps to understand terminology. Thanks April Christian-Davis , Breakout Marketing Group

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