Intel 9th Gen Laptop CPU’s – EXPLAINED & Detailed!

Intel 9th Gen Laptop CPU’s – EXPLAINED & Detailed!

well hello good people I’m Dimitri and
the new 9 gen CPUs from Intel the coffee like refresh is finally here for the
mobile so all the notebooks are going to be getting a nice little speed bump in
terms of frequency and so if you’ve been wanting to pick up a notebook right now
should you wait potentially for the 9th gen rollout
I would suggest yes but in this video we’ll be discussing all the things that
they’re new in terms of clocks and some some features stuff that are pretty
exciting and also a little bit underwhelming so stick around let’s talk
about all that right after this for our Canadian audience memory Express is your
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thank you very much so understanding what this 9 generation calculate refresh
processor lineup for the notebook space means we first have to rewind so the
first generation of coffee like mobile processors carry the 8000 series name or
based on the 14 nm manufacturing process and were released last year and don’t
confuse those with whiskey Lake or amber Lake which are also based on the coffee
lake architecture but are a lot more power efficient and really targeted
towards the lower more power efficient ultrabooks and such and then there was
the second generation of coffee Lake CPUs for the desktop first under the
9000 series name like the 9900k and so that is the product that is being moved
into the mobile space for mainstream and gaming notebooks now don’t confuse this
with Intel’s ice Lake which has been rumored and stuff so that’s coming out
in sometime in q4 and that is based on the 10 nanometer manufacturing process
instead of the 14 and so the ice Lake is going to be Intel’s 10th generation you
know architecture and processor lineup but until then we’re stuck with the 9
generation on the mobile side and so with this 9 Gen rival to the notebook
space there are a few interesting new things like the Wi-Fi 6 module so not
necessarily for faster speeds because right now the speeds are fantastic but
for reduced latency and like allowing for simultaneous connections to the
machine the new Intel Optane h10 support so make sure to check out that
video right over here and also this is an interesting one 128
gigabytes of ddr4 support on the notebook side of things which is kind of
interesting and kind of insane at the same time and now let’s get into the
processors and this is something that until obviously wants to really put out
there as the most extreme and powerful normal processor the I9 9980HK so
eight cores 16 threads 5 G’s for tubero boost clocks and it’s also unlocked so
you can go in and overclock that thing obviously it’s for really thick
notebooks I guess a particular niche that wants something that powerful that
is still somewhat mobile but obviously is like a desktop replacement machine
then there’s also the I9 9980H so it is locked but they’re almost saying it’s
for thin and like notebooks but as we’ve seen in the past for I9 machines that
cooling is normally not sufficient and you have throttling and therefore more
performance than what you should expect from the part now of course these
percentage and improvements and performance are all attractive until you
look at the footnotes to discover what they’re comparing this unlocked 9980HK
processor to so they are comparing it to the I9 8950HK it’s also unlocked but
there’s only a 6 score 12 thread part instead of the 8 core 16 thread part so
obviously you know the much faster performance and all that comes with
additional course on the 9980HK and so here’s the full stack for the 9 gen
mobile side of things the i5 9 300h all the way up to the i9 9900HK so for core
8 threads all the way up to 8 core 16 threads they all support the Intel Optane
H10 modules which is nice they all still have the same integrated
graphics the UHD 630 we’re kind of hoping for a little bit of an upgrade
there but I’m guessing the desktop side thing still has the HD 630 so why would
the upgrade dad for the mobile side of things as you can see the i7 9850H is
partially unlocked which means you can overclock the memory and I think you
have like some Headroom for overclocking the CPU frequency but like it’s locked
at some point but I’m really excited to see the performance of the 9750H
because the 8750H the previous generation is found in so many notebooks
it’s almost seems like it’s like the mainstream
gaming processor and that is a two point two to four point one gigahertz part
whereas the the new 9750h is a two point six to four point five gigahertz
so much higher base clock and nice boost in performance too for that tuber
frequency to four point five which is fantastic and it’s still a forty five to
DP part but my concern is that noble manufacturers right now are not able to
cool the CPUs efficiently to maintain that consistent clock speeds for the
boost like this razer blade 15 and super thin and the 8750H here
boosts to two point nine gigahertz while in the gaming load and so I mean imagine
having 9750H here which is supposed to boost up to four point five there is
no way as for the availability of notebooks with 9th Gen cpu’s we’re told
it’s right after launch which is a good thing and from what we understand it’s a
simple drop an upgrade from a gen to get your new CPUs rolling and like the
gigabyte Aero 15X will have the same chassis everything identical but
and UCP and also as a filler Intel’s announcing new desktop 9th gen CPUs
most of which are locked so better for system integrators who are not allowing
that overclock to happen but there is one interesting CPU in here the i3
ninety three fifty K so it is unlocked for core for thread four gigahertz to
four point five gigahertz and that sounds like a really nice little gaming
package for under $200 of course when compared to value wise against the aim
these side of things it doesn’t really pop but against Intel’s own stack in the
i3 department it doesn’t look that bad and so this roll out of nine gen into
the mobile space is definitely welcome you get a nice frequency boost across
the entire SKU versus the agent and now we have the i9 craziness that is
happening the ninety nine eighty HK and the H CPUs which I would say like
they’re not fourth in the light stuff obviously they’re for the muscle books
to really thick things that stay in your desk and replace your desktop but kinda
cool to have that as on the unlocked front because most likely it will be
crazy expensive but I mean it still asked for a little bit of
experimentation I’m really excited about the 9850H and the 9750H because the clocks on that 24.5 and 4.6 sound pretty fantastic on a 6-quart
12 third CPU and in a thin unlike notebook I mean if all goes well if
cooling is sufficient then we’re gonna have ourselves a nice low power house in
our backpack and if you’re on the fence of getting in your notebook definitely
be slightly more patient just to see what the prices are like for the ninth
gen SKUs and as with new product launch of course the discounts will happen for
the 8th gen side which might be a good time to pick up us like the older but
still very capable notebook then I know Ebers getting the Aero 15X 9 gen version
so definitely stick around to see what the performance difference is like and
if we actually hit those turbo boost clocks I’m Dimitri thank so much for
watching make sure to check out this other relevant content and yeah I’ll see
you guys in next

91 thoughts to “Intel 9th Gen Laptop CPU’s – EXPLAINED & Detailed!”

  1. I wanna see how Dell pulls of the XPS 9580 with an i9-9980HK. Maybe they'll take a page or two out of Razer or Asus's book for efficient cooling.

  2. I'm more excited for the next gen AMD mobile CPUs.. 7nm should result in much cooler processors and less throttling on laptops and should beat Intel easily. Roll on Zen 2!

  3. Why are most laptops using intel instead of amd?
    I'm thinking about buying a thin gaming laptop. And right now i'm waiting for next gen ryzen amd cpu. But am i wasting my time? Will laptops use these chips or will they continue with intel cpu? Im thinking about a razer blade 15

  4. is z370 intel chipset MOBO still supported for 9th gen Coffee Lake Refresh mobile CPUs? or will laptop OEM thankfully upgrade their gaming notebook MOBO's to z390? I'm skeptical about the z370's VRM and mosfits handling, let alone overclocking the 8C/16T i9 9880H/HK. Also that sweet native support for USB 3.1 Gen2 instead of slow USB third party controllers, plus Integrated Connectivity (CNVi). Z390 or bust OEMs it's Q2 2019 not Q3 2017!

  5. I have the razerblade 15 2060. repasting with liquid metal and elevating the laptop 1 inch + undervolting the CPU stays at 70c on csgo 75c on metro Exodus and 85c on bfv at 3.9 on all cores with default fan profile. I think it's a safe bet that when the new CPU is turboing on all cores it will max out at 4.2. but seriously without taking all those measures thin&lights are seriously unable to cool these mobile processors

  6. The i9 9980hk is just the worst binned 9900k's put into a mobile form factor. Same with the 9980h. Just the worst performing locked down 9900.

  7. 4.5 single core boost
    4.0 all core boost
    no way in hell these clock speed can be sustained in such chassis, and really Intel has to shine with their Ice Lake otherwise they will have to think about their future as AMD is on the horizon with great mobile chip.
    But coming back to this refresh, no manufacture can cool these chips good enough!

  8. I really like these explanation video's you've been doing lately. The product in this case isn't that interesting but that's not your fault. Just another mediocre step from Skylake to Icelake. But I do hope you keep making these video's.

  9. Why does everyone use that render of Crisis protagonist holding a bow.

    Isn't that from Crysis 3, the one you can only play on console?

  10. I work at Best Buy, and right now they are selling a ryzen 5 and Vega 8 equipped 15" HP envy x360 laptop for $600 usd. Worth?

  11. Strangely enough, the Dell G7 17s are cheaper with the 9th gen i7-9750H than with the 8th gen i7-8750H – all other specs being equal. 9th gen it is then!

  12. Crysis to this day can stress my 1600x 1070 system at all maxed. Its incredibly telling about how hard the game industry has stalled out. And the direction major creators have taken.

  13. Buy new Dell G7 17 3.5 weeks ago with 8750h and 2060. Yesterday Dell scraps the 8750 and offers 9750 for same price. Damn you Dell !!! Reminds me of the early 90's when New CPUs were appearing every three or four weeks! System's antiquated before even removing it from the box.

  14. I wish you could put some real live examples of performance. Like boot time / application start time / Alt tabbing etc . 22% faster coming from Intel is nothing , we all know that real performance gains are under 5% now.

    I mean , i get it , you guys get the $$ from Intel but come on , help the customer a bit also.

  15. Just a hint. The laptops are not hindered by cooling but by the current. Todays intel CPUs are configurable by OEM on how much power they can draw. We are now in the era again that the same hardware from different manufacturers can vastly difference in speed. Never have it been as important to read reviews. Intels 9 series CPU draws over 100% over "TDP" with all cores turbo. So.. not cooling on laptops. But how the manufacturer configures the power draw.

  16. do you think the difference between ice lake and coffee lake refresh will be more significant than the diff between coffee lake and coffee lake refresh. And what do you expect from the 10 nm architecture will it be really a big advantage to the 14 nm and if yes where are the pros in detail.

  17. should i wait on getting a gaming laptop until these come out? i’m currently eyeing the msi gs65 and was planning to get it soon, will i regret buying that now as opposed to waiting for the new cpus?

  18. Have you seen Intel's roadmap that leaked yesterday? I was shocked that 2020's H-series mobile CPUs are STILL going to be based on the 14nm architecture, not the 10nm, and apparently they're called Comet Lake, not Ice Lake! Does this mean we won't get to see the H-series in 10nm until 2021, possibly with 12 cores for the Core i9?

  19. Dimitry is wrong, the current 8750 doesn't necessarily have a cooling problem. Many laptops with great cooling run into power limit throttling problems. There's something else wrong with the 8750.

  20. @1:23 you are missing a few ++
    @1:39 10nm is been shutdown for 14nm+++++++, only 2 fab will be 10nm for testing/fixing/problem-solving.

  21. Maintaining 45W but pushing the boost clocks.. = POWER THROTTLE MESS! Even the 8th Gen chips did not have enough power to run ALL cores at MAX clocks (100% utilisation)

  22. Imagine laptop manufacture start to put liquid metal it would be nice cpu and gpu would be cooled better less throttling

  23. its fast – so wait – simple as that – and for rest of the world – get an old one and save for your pension fund 😉

  24. mine is the 7th gen and he is working perfectly so i will save money until the 12th generation i think by that time a new windows will lunch

  25. for gaming :
    only P870tm-r with 9900K 5.2ghz+3000mhz 32GB+rtx2080 135W + raid 0 evo 970 + ….
    for lighter gaming+3.5kg weight:
    only N970TF/N960TF 9700K 4.9ghz + rtx 2070 + ….
    for Professional content creators who need Quadro:
    only P775TM-r with 9900K 5.1ghz +3000mhz 32GB+quadro P5200 16GB + …..

  26. Why can't they just make it a little thicker for that extra performance? Like, come on. It doesn't have to be THAT thin.. and you can get a lot more cooling out of an extra 3mm or something.

  27. got the Lenovo Legion Y540 with 9750h, RTX 2060, no Windows 10 and 144 Hz Panel for 1.120€ in Germany, adding a 2nd Ram Module and an extra SSD and am really happy with that. Not too expensive for what you get imo.

  28. My 8th gen i7 8559u (intel Nuc) handles 61-75hz/fps on LOW-MEDIUM specs for games at 1080p. If i rock 1440p with HIGH i only get 35-40fps. Not bad at all if I am looking for a middle ground MOBILE gaming rig for LAN parties.

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