Install Chrome OS On Old Laptop Or Computer For Free | 2020

So what’s up guys i’m mash from tech mash
and today i’m going to show you how you can install Chrome OS on any old computer
or laptop or you can also install it any recent computer or laptop or desktop so the process
is really simple and I will show you all the methods ok at first you have to just open
any browser and here I am using Google Chrome you can use any browser does go to your browser
and search for neverware ok they are the company that provided the free Chrome OS for any laptop
so then just go to their website ok just go to the website and here or to go
to cloudready edition and here select option third option and here in the fee download
section you have to just scroll down and here click on download USB maker ok now the USB maker will be downloaded
and just take any USB pendrive and insert it in your laptop and just remember your pendrive
need to be more than 8 GB or at least 16GB that would be better or at least minimum 8gb. so just inserted and then here select 64 Bit and if you think that your PC before 2007
then select 32 bit and then select next ok so now again you have to here just you don’t
need to worry about that just select here next ok now just select the pendrive you have just
inserted and then here again select next and now you have to wait for a bit I am obviously fast forwarding this video for the convenience of your time but for your case it may take
a while ok please be patience it would be like around 20 minutes I guess. just for the ready
ok so now as you can see they would say extracting compressed image just
wait and then it would say that this process may take up to 20 minutes so just be patient
so after finishing the process then just click on finish ok so now just take out the pendrive
from your PC and just take the pendrive and insert the pendrive into the computer that
you want to install Chrome OS on then just turn on the computer and just keep pressing
on boot Menu key. For my case the boot Menu key is F10 and it depends on your manufactures. so just search the manufacturer boot key and keep pressing the boot key and then you would be redirect to this page So here you have to just here come to system configuration ok so in system configuration
just go to boot options and then click enter and now just here is scroll down to uefi boot
order ok just here come down to uefi boot order and here you have to select USB disk. so just press enter ok just press enter and then select yes now your PC will reboot and the PC will reboot on your pendrive ok so everything now from now on will happen on your pendrive
so here you can see the cloudready Window just wait for a bit and here they would say
welcome after a bit and now you have to connect to your home wi-fi or any Wi-Fi or
any network obviously so just put the password and then just connect and then Here they would
say checking for updates now here just wait and then just click continue and just here
just wait for a bit and here you have to just put your email to sign into your Chromebook. This is a mandatory option obviously. you have to wait again and now as you can see we are now finally
in our chrome os. so now just press on windows and L on your keyboard at the same time and then click on this time icon. here just click on install OS and then here you have to just select on this blue icon and
now they would warn you once installation start you cannot cancel. so just click on this blue icon if you agree with them and then just wait for a bit just wait and now as you can see your pc should stop or shutdown so now just turn on your PC again now you can just eject your pendrive and
you don’t need your pendrive anymore and if you are having any problem with your
pendrive then just follow my another video in the i button that should fix your pendrive ok
so now as you can say they will welcome you like howdy and everything just cross
everything so this is the basic desktop of your chrome os. so as you can see this is the control
panel or whatever action Centre I don’t know what it is called. so as you can see here you
can control the brightness and your volume and Wi-Fi and everything so you should know
that chrome os is really basic you can’t install basically any offline app you have
to use everything in their online version so you can use the Google Chrome and that is the main
point of this os ok. this operating system is really snappy. if you have an old computer
or PC lying around and you can’t really do anything basic browsing is almost impossible
there then I think you should try the chrome os on that kind of hardware ok so hope you guys
in this video I tried to make this video as short and as fast as possible so please hit
the like button to show me some support and please let me know in the comment section if it
works for you or not and I am mash from tech mash and please subscribe to my channel and also
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