I’m QUITTING Warzone because of THIS…

I’m QUITTING Warzone because of THIS…

What’s up guys? NEW MIC HERE! and welcome back to some Warzone I still been trying really hard to get that Wars on the wind, dude The struggle has been so real. I played a little bit more over this week, and I got some really close calls I’m still not exactly sure what to do with the highlights. I mean I could post them here I could post in a nerd play so well, not 100% sure Yeah, but other than that when it comes to modern warfare, there actually is some new stuff coming out very soon I think it’s happening at like 2:00 a.m. On Tuesday It’s a completely random time, but we’re getting a new 66 map for multiplayer. It looks pretty cool I think they’re also releasing a new operator and then there’s gonna be four more weapons that you can get in warzone I think it’s like the 725 the deagle the EBI or 14 and then there’s something else but I’m completely blanking but yeah These weapons are gonna be added on Tuesday They’re just gonna be random drops that you can get before if you wanted to get them You know, you have to put them on a custom class. I’m gonna follow these guys and see if we can get a win. Oh, Shit you all might hunt the zoo down. Come on. Oh My god is all revoking come on dude follow some more fall somewhere You know you want to come on he thinks he’s safe, but he is not safe Okey guy he got away man. I’m really far away from my squad, but they’re dying. Anyway stopping power has on the shotgun sure Why not? Okay, definitely not ready for that The RPG cheese, I what are you gonna do about that see a dude in the ghillie suit looks like a sniper button He’s turning the corner with an RPG. But yeah aside from me sucking at warson I wanted to talk to you guys about some changes to the setup Obviously as you could see and could probably hear in the intro I have a new microphone but to be fair. It’s not actually a new microphone I’ve had this thing for quite a bit but over the weekend I made some pretty drastic changes to my setup because I couldn’t get this mic working with Elgato on one of my Mac computers it Was a relatively older computer and you know, I couldn’t get any more OS updates I couldn’t get Elgato to update so I couldn’t do a mono down mix if you don’t make youtube videos or you don’t stream this Probably makes no fucking sense, but it’s okay. Make a long story short. I couldn’t use this microphone with my older setup So this week and I spent a couple hours completely redoing my setup up here and again to make a long story short I basically am now using my streaming PC to record my videos as well I might sell to do some tweaking with the mic You know, I don’t know if I’m gonna be too loud for the interface or if it’s actually gonna be at a decent level I did do some testing over the weekend, but you know I have to actually record a video to see how it’s gonna turn out So yeah guys definitely let me know what you think about the audio right now I’ll be curious to hear from you guys if you think it sounds better, maybe it sounds worse I don’t know but for quite a while I resorted back to the blue Yeti because you know I had tried out a different setup before Okay way to just if you guys have been around for a few years You might remember when I moved I tried doing like a new audio setup I didn’t have it quite figured out but ultimately this set up I went with just kind of sounded weird There was too much echo, so I scrapped it and went back to the blue Yeti And I think that’s because I had some software going that added some effects before hands like a compressor and stuff So it was making the room sound a little bit more equity than it should have been Well right now this is just a flat setup. Everything should be sounding fine So yeah, those are the changes to the audio I also have a new camera that’s gonna be coming in sometime this week Hopefully shipping for certain things has been pretty crazy around this time, but hopefully on Thursday I think I’m gonna be getting a new camera It’s capable of doing 4k 60 and I also made the decision to get Modern Warfare on PC So that way I can also, you know record and upload in the higher quality for the game, too So yeah, I’m pushing to make some pretty big changes as far as it goes for upping the quality Without catching my computers on fire. I’ve never dropped at prison. Let’s go to prison. Why not? That should be a Super HD quality pip now, but on a completely unrelated note I wanted to talk about the last video I did which was talking about call duty 2020 in the leaks And again, I have not finished the modern warfare campaign But I saw some people saying that Modern Warfare is not a prequel to the you know Original call 34 the original modern warfare and seeing comments like that Honestly just had me wondering how is it not I’m probably gonna spoil the campaign a little bit here But you know I have to to mention this for where I’m at and the campaign as far as it goes for what I’ve played so far Sergeant Griggs is in the modern warfare campaign and I’m gonna spoil Call of Duty for for people who haven’t played it quite yet But you know and golden before sergeant Griggs dies. Now in fairness. I saw a comment saying that it’s an alternate timeline So yeah, it’s kind of like a prequel but not really because it kind of changes the storyline. I don’t know god. Damn I’m so lost Like I don’t know why this is so hard for me to follow but I just figure I mentioned that because it is really interesting I’ll get us off red wine on today want me? I think they want me to drop money Uh, you guys want to drop someone Yeah, if you wanna yeah, what are you guys trying to pick up on the mutations box in your bullets on oh gosh. Yeah Yeah, I don’t really need all my cash. So I’ll just drop it you guys can take it I’ve seen people get mad at me before because you know, I like to do the squad film for battle Royale, even if I’m not necessarily fully communicating, but honestly, it just depends I like to go in a game chat and try to work with people and even if I don’t feel like talking I still being I still try to follow people around do my best to be the best random teammate that I can be You know you’re here Fuck I miss the c4. How did I miss the c-4? Few cold nights You’re out I’m trying to crawl away. I don’t fuckin fuck. There’s a there’s a three vehicle chase going on over here Oh shit better get the nades. Are they all together Oh get an it off. No, why did that not eat? How was that missing? There we go. There’s a head Come on Eric He’s down There we go There we go. All these never shots are paying off. There we go. He’s down And he’s out people that are gonna die in the circle, man Come on guys knock’em the helicopter Nope, come on guys get in the fucking heli. My team is not getting in the heli. That’s for sure else We can grab another load out I did not want to grab the brush II. Uh, oh, I’m so upset that I just changed to a 25 around breccie on accident They want to take this things about to fucking explode I hate how this is going down this is going so unlucky Hey, we’re even what wait I have sulfurous. How did I forget that? I have soul phrase man. I’m so stupid fucking hell Something gonna matter now cuz I’m already dead. Mm-hmm. How did I forget that I bought sell phrase I swear I’m the dumbest worst war zone player ever. I don’t know why I’m panicking and making the dumbest decisions at the end I wonder why my brain decides to turn the dial down from ten to one when it’s the end of the game Boots and Derrick, let’s play I brought you by accident then not use the sulfur eyes that you bought earlier. I’m trying use Nothing here there’s a dude already just camping in this room What Be shitting me fucking unbelievable who drops in this location. Why do they mark that everyone knows random field number? 37 is the best place to draw Let’s do it And I wonder why I have a sore throat why I feel sick I don’t know how much more my body can handle playing war zone Sick death dude, rains and field number 14 really is the best place to drop. I want to go to game chat Let’s see what they’re saying What even is that these are my teammates oh shit wait, nope. He’s MLG he plays on 14 cents. Come on Okay, I blow dry his knees. Let’s wait and see if he buys us back Oh nah buffer overflow. Come on No This isn’t happening a bit. Thank God the new cameras coming soon my god, and I’m being redeployed I’m gonna play it out with it without a face cam This isn’t why is the recon drone not going through the window who made this? I hate this I don’t even want it always being chased by the circle guys. We got a vehicle Do not fucking nor that vehicle I hate myself. What a fun death. What a fun way to die in get out of the game At least my teammates, you know third they seem pretty good. At least I don’t make complete buffoons of themselves I don’t blame these guys If they don’t buy me back, you’re basically buying a pea brain monkey back into the game recruiting a harmless bot into the squad I hate how I play this sometimes I don’t know why I didn’t throw a c4 at that jeeps you I’m so stupid all that Stuff with all the free shit you grab it your cluster strike free kill Street. Well, I Think I know where this one’s going. Come on, you know you want to join me in the trash can all right Yeah, there we go solid games today, but that’s gonna do it for this video. I thank you guys very much for watching I’m sorry that my face cam died and that I’m so shit at war zone But if you guys did enjoy this video and you’re excited for the new content coming to modern warfare Make sure to drop a like I’ll see you guys later

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  1. every LIKE this video gets will get me 1 step closer to winning Warzone… ᕕ( ཀ ʖ̯ ཀ)ᕗ

    Btw, my interface gain needs to be lowered and my Elgato color range settings set to standard, so ye. This video is little bit funky, but I hope you're all excited for some BIG quality upgrades to the videos reeeeeeeeal soon!

  2. You can get one load out with overkill on for two primary’s and then you can swap to something with better skills, and just pick up the weapons.

  3. Sounds good bro….no echo a little static but it mint might br because my phone is on blast….and we totally burped in tandem while im dropping a fat deuce watching your video…yes i watch you when i poop! Lol

  4. The Modern Warfare Campaign is weird and complex, and the best way to describe it is a retelling of the story, some things happen at different times and some things dont happen at all (i.e. Sgt Griggs death) characters aren't who they seem, some hint at a prequel game and some at a sequel game that takes place between COD 4 and MW2, but certain characters and things prevent both of those things from being true, I really want to explain it more but I dont want to spoil the campaign for you, but its kinda hard to explain without evidence from the end, but from what we know, this game is a retelling, a reset, future games might tell a new story, or a retelling of MW2 and MW3, we just have to wait

  5. Hey M3rk did you know you can execute people when they’re downed,all you do is how you would normally execute someone

  6. M3RK there is a assassination that you can do to knocked people all you do is go behind someone and hold click the right stick and you do the assassination

  7. Call of duty modern warfare is not a prequel because cod4 takes place in 2011 and call of duty modern warfare takes place in 2019


  9. I literally got my first win with my brother and best friend from school who are the biggest retards ever not even 2 days after the mode came out, yet merk doesnt even have one win

  10. Mr. Music it’s not that hard to undertand that Modern Warfare and Call of Duty 4 are different timelines just using the same characters.

  11. Regardless of a new setup or old setup, I'll still splooge when u hit those nasty feeds and those filthy clips

  12. Don’t mean to flex, but I won my second game of warzone and now I’m depressed because I can’t win any more

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