IK Multimedia iLoud MTM Monitors – #NAMM2019 – Clever, Neat Home Studio Monitors?

IK Multimedia iLoud MTM Monitors – #NAMM2019 – Clever, Neat Home Studio Monitors?

– We’ve got a really cool
little speaker to show you here. It’s the iLoud MTM, from IK Multimedia. And it’s one of those things that So come and have a closer look at this. Now we’re a big fan of
another small speaker, from these people called the iLoud, but this is kind of a step up from it. And it’s got lot’s of features
that for those tiny spaces, are going to be really appealing. So the first one, is
just a physical feature. This nice, big, foot, which
pushes the whole thing up and points it at your face. When you’re sat down at a desk, any speaker that’s going to point
vertically out into the room, is going to be pointing at your chest and not your eyes, right? So, why more people don’t
do this, I don’t know. You can buy wedges for speakers and stuff, but this has got it built right in. I think this is really nice. So clearly we’ve got a
little bit more power here, they’re actually 100 watts these speakers, so there’s a lot of oomph in them. And unlike the little,
smaller iLoud speakers which have the master slave set-up, these are independent, so
you plug one mono source into the back of a pair of these and split the incoming signal, that way. So on the back here we can see we’ve got the kind of things
which are pretty normal on a speaker like this. So for instance, we’ve got the ability to change very very slightly, the incoming frequencies,
to match your room. And other bits and pieces there like that. The one volume control of course. But an interesting feature is the mic in. So this comes, if anyone’s ever set up something like a Sonos System that has a listen to your room and then
adjusts the EQ accordingly, this does that and it
also adjusts things like the phase with the other speaker, so that the delay between the two is right for your sitting position. And all other kind of of computer stuff, and there’s a computer port there as well. So in other words, these are a pretty high
technology speaker. DSP built in, anti-fatigue
and all that stuff. But the bottom line is,
for the smaller studio, these are lightweight,
repetitively light weight and they’re just cool, little solution. Somewhere between computer speakers and full on, professional monitors. They are kind of good for
the portable musician, and good for someone who wants that smaller set up, for whatever reason. So these are from IK Multimedia, we’re hearing NAMM 2019. Like, share follow and we’ll see you soon.

6 thoughts to “IK Multimedia iLoud MTM Monitors – #NAMM2019 – Clever, Neat Home Studio Monitors?”

  1. Are there any splash proof portable blue tooth speakers at NAMM 2019 ?
    Anything like the Bose Soundlink Revolve Plus or the JBL Xtreme 2 etc.. ??

  2. These look really great, but at £700 + VAT, per pair I'm not sure what the target audience is. Considering the new KRK G4 series has just launched, which also includes DSP correction, and the 7's are under £500 a pair. These IK's will have to be amazing if they are to succeed.

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